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  1. Well Said is Cookin Now!

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    So… update on the Well said project. This Tuesday the group formed a cast and crew for two productions. The first was the incredibly talented Govan based actor Andrew McIntosh with his gripping portrayal of Mick from Harold Pinter’s “The Caretaker”. Not only did Andy perform the piece with a certain playful menace, the group took the production roles of Camera Operating, Directing, and Sound Recording.

    Then we moved onto Gino and his Cooking on a budget show where he showed us how to make three different kinds of omelettes. Gino’s larger than life and engaging personality provided a comic tone to this show, showing us how to cook delicious meals on a low budget. The crew again, switching roles took to their given tasks like industry professions, and as a treat… got to tuck into Gino’s delicious cooking.

    Well done guys. DC

  2. 3D Music and Art

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    Great session with our talented Kidz Club tonight as the budding artists created 3D sculptures of their favourite musical instruments … before an inspiring songwriting session with Bryan Tolland.

  3. With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility!!

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    Being a super hero fan, I often think on the lessons that these men in tights teach. Spiderman’s lesson is one of my favourites. This young kid who as the song says…”Can do anything that a spider can” always states…”With great power, come great responsibility.” For tutors, youth workers, parents, and anyone else who works with young people, that power is great. So great, that it can change the course of a young person’s life. These young and very talented artists are among those, and I hope that we hold up our responsibility to show them the heroes they truly can be.  DC


    Jack is working on the skyline, he's

    Jack is working on the skyline, he’s



  4. The Kidz Club are some real Characters of Govan

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    The Kidz Club had fun giving Govan’s Hidden Histories new card game ‘Govan Trumps’ a try, and learned about some pretty impressive Characters of Govan.  There was plenty of weird and wonderful facts to learn about some great Govanites, though perhaps the most surprising thing they learned about was gallusness** – which most of them had never heard of.

    They also made some cards featuring the most gallus Characters of Govan around; themselves!


    **chiefly Scottish – Bold, cheeky, or flashy.

  5. Creative Steps – Sewing Enterprise

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    This week members from our Creative Steps sewers began a new business venture! This sewing enterprise group forms a collaboration between Plantation Production and new interiors business ‘Outside In’ whose ‘plump up your life’ ethos fits with what we do here. We are busy learning the skills to ultimately assemble and sew stunning cushions produced and retailed by ‘Outside In’ featuring spectacular images of the Scottish environment. We are all very excited to start this new creative collaboration!

  6. The Sound of Music – Kidz Club Style

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    Noisy, fun, and full of musical expression! The Kidz club Music Project started with a bang, toot, rattle, jingle, and clang. Bryan Tolland led the band in their first session of a project which which will result in them writing, performing and recording their own song/CD!

     There are still a few spaces left in the Wednesday Club if your child would like to get involved.  Please contact Jayne Henry on 0141-445-1666 or pop in to see us at Plantation Productions, 978 Govan Road, G51 3AJ.