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  1. Don’t Hate, Animate!

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    Our latest Well Said project is in full swing, this time using the timeless art of animation to raise awareness of Hate Crime.

    The project aims to provide an introduction to all aspects of the animation process, with our participants researching and brainstorming ideas, writing their own scripts and producing their own short animations.

    The group is currently having fun experimenting with different forms of animation. We’ll keep you posted on their progress. Watch this space!

    (Click on the image above)


  2. A Chilling Message from the Kidz Club

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    The minute Halloween passed the Kidz Club started thinking about Christmas, and have been working hard on their festive project for the last couple of weeks.

    They thought they’d take a quick break this evening though, to make sure you’ve all started getting ready for the big day. Only 37 days to go after all!


  3. Christmas Crafts are Coming!

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    As we move into winter weather, Creative Steps is gearing up to prepare for the festive season!

    Last week Bead’n’Blether started to lay plans for some jolly projects and today Well Crafty joined in on the fun by hand crafting sparkling Christmas bauble decorations.
    Next week Time Out will make a start on Christmas cards.


    We predict widespread Christmas cheer and activities across all of Plantation Productions in the weeks to follow!

    Keep an eye out for where to buy our finished crafts: Bead’n’Blether and Wooly Wednesday will be at Govan Loves Christmas at Govan Cross on the 2nd of December, and Well Crafty will be at Ibrox Library’s Christmas craft fair on the 3rd of December.  Come along to see all of our hard work in a range of unique festive gifts and ornaments!

    To find out more about Creative Steps and our Christmas crafting, contact us.

  4. Creating Leatherwork Keyrings at Well Crafty

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    Today, the Well Crafty group was very lucky to have a master-class in leatherwork, taught by Linda.

    We were first given a step-by-step demonstration of how to make a leather belt from scratch in under 20 minutes!
    Linda then helped us to create our own leather keyrings, each with a personal flourish of our own.


    This leatherwork class will also be repeated with the group Bead’n’Blether this Wednesday, the 4th October 2015.
    Creative Steps would like to say a big thank you to Linda and the rest of our many talented members for their time!

    Contact us to learn more about classes, groups and events at Plantation Productions.