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  1. The Seniors Have Stars in their Eyes

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    With the completion of their radio drama, 12 Angry Men and Wimmin, the Portal’s Seniors Club are now moving on to their next project, music videos. Each member has selected a track from their favourite musician’s catalogue (choices ranging from Judy Garland to Oasis) and will record their own rendition of the song in a recording studio. With those recordings, the club will then perform in front of camera to produce their very own music video, dressed as their chosen artist.

    Below are some images taken from our dress rehearsal last week.

  2. Mental Health Awareness Week 2016 with Creative Steps

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    This month the Creative Steps programme is celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week by bringing the outdoors inside!

    Working on Our Tree

    We have been working together to create and decorate a beautiful tree, and have been inspired by this year’s theme of ‘Relationships’.
    We have been looking at all kinds of ways that people can relate to, and understand, each other. We have been especially influenced by our own relationships to nature!

    Mental Health Awareness Tree



     To learn more about Mental Health Awareness Week and other campaigns visit The Mental Health Foundation.

    Contact us to learn more about our classes and events.

  3. That’s the Way to Do it!

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    Coming soon to a video-hosting website near you….

    It’s the Kidz Club Puppet Show!

    The young puppet-masters recently spent time performing scenes featuring their hand-made, one-of-a-kind, amazing glove puppets. Filming their scenes in front of a green screen…or rather a blue screen.. means that all sorts of backgrounds can be added, and they really used their imaginations choosing these, so expect some weird and wonderful locations in the film.

    This week they will be doing some voice-acting to really make their characters come to life. We’re sure they will bring the drama, and we can’t wait to present their final film! Spoiler alert: It’s going to be awesome!

  4. See 12 ‘Angry Men & Wimmin’ Live

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    Tomorrow afternoon, The Portal Seniors’ Club proudly presents a performance of their new radio comedy, ’12 Angry Men & Wimmin’, live at Plantation Productions.

    Since last October, the group have collaborated with Bryan Tolland in creating the original musical comedy, envisaged as a radio play.The piece is very loosely based on the stage play ’12 Angry Men’ by Reginald Rose, which was immortalised in the film starring Henry Fonda. ’12 Angry Men & Wimmin’ developed following a song-based musical recording project which the group created with Bryan. Tomorrow will be the first chance to hear ’12 Angry Men & Wimmin’ in it’s entirety. There will also be a live performance of the play’s soundtrack by Bryan and the club.

    So come along to The Portal tomorrow afternoon at 2pm for a bit of live music, comedy and maybe some strawberry tarts.