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  1. Upcycling – canal boat style!

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    Bead ‘n Blether art group saw an opportunity not to be missed when they spotted a pile of old wooden crates lying around in Home Bargains this month…

    They asked staff if they could take the freebies, and in just 2 classes they totally transformed them!

    First they painted the crates in bright colours, then looked at traditional canal boat painting for design inspiration…

    And built up layers of paint to create beautiful flowers and colourful patterns:










    The finished crates are gorgeous! Upcycling at it’s finest!

  2. King and Queen on Green

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    Final day of our D.A.F.T. Media Summer sessions.  Filming, acting and fun.  Thanks to our amazing Amanda for her brilliant workshops and planning.  A great time had by all.  Wishing everybody happy holidays, and look forward to seeing everyone when the clubs start back on Wednesday 15th August.



  3. How Now Brown Cow?

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    Fantastic final day of our Kidz Summer Club was spent seeing how many folk could squeeze into a glass box at Kelvingrove Museum and Art Galleries….. as you do!

  4. The Kidz Spark a Fire!

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    The weans were oot on another summer day trip yesterday to Moogety Garden learning how to make a fire and cooking fresh food! We learned how to spark a fire using steel & stone, discovered wild animals & smelt lovely flowers in the garden.

    Thank you so much to Roisin & Moogety for hosting a beautiful day!



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    Treat your ears to a wee listen to BBC Radio 4 at 1655pm this Friday, 6th July.  “The Listening Project” will broadcast the first of 6 conversations between the young people from D.A.F.T. Media, and their parents. (Repeated Sunday 8th July at 2.45pm).  First up is Faith and her Mum, Funmi.