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  1. Paper Flower Power in Gallery 966!

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    The Gallery has been full of colour this week as the groups make bunches and bouquets of paper flowers! We’ve had carnations, tulips, roses and more.. Our teacher Vanessa started us off with some basic flowers and then group members used their creative licence to make some beautiful new designs!

    These floral creations have all been made with wire, glue and a mixture of card, crepe paper and tissue paper. They will make great Mother’s Day presents – and will stay bright and colourful all year-long!

    Some group members are going to create wreaths using the flowers they have made.. watch this space!

  2. iPads and Strawberry Tarts?

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    Week 7 of learning how to use IPads for our seniors group looked more like a scene from the Great British Bake Off as they tucked into a platter of strawberry tarts for Roberts birthday!  The mood was buoyant, so it was a great opportunity to have a creative session, brainstorming ideas for a music video to accompany the groups self-penned song, “the Govan Town Rag”.

    Their creative ideas were flowing just as quick as the cups of tea with enough great suggestions for the music videos, this group really know their stuff!  Looking at the history of Govan through the power of google opens up access to a plethora of images and historical detail on the area which fits perfectly with the song.  Everyone is looking forward to the next stage where they will be learning how to put together the various elements of a music video using, of course, the ipads.


  3. Seniors internet adventures….

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    The seniors group internet adventure continues, this week travelling the world using google maps.  We looked at satellite images of where we are now then expanding it to destinations further afield like Liverpool and India.  After zooming into street view, we used google to calculate the distance to travel using a variety on methods including how far it would be to walk it!

    Always an important thing to know when in Scotland is, “what will the weather be like today?” so our intrepid seniors used the BBC weather app to plan their activities for the week ahead.

    Introducing the google app to the groups was a real eye opener for them and some time was spent finding out about things they had always wanted to now but, didn’t know how to go about it.  There was a real “wow” moment when they realised that literally anything, they wanted to know about was “online” and accessible at the touch of a button well, several buttons!

    After refuelling on tea and biscuits, they looked for images of hobbies or things that interested them.  The group were then tasked with searching for specific images relating to a song that the group had previously written called “The Govan Town Rag”  which is about the diverse Govan community e.g. kids playing, the people who live here, what they do, what the area is like.  One of the group found a picture of herself as a young child at primary school, you can imagine her delight!

    There is no stopping them now, roll on next week…..

  4. Creative Steps – In the Community

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    As you may know, as well as all the activities in Gallery 966, the Creative Steps programme also includes jewellery classes which take place in mental health resource centres and health centres all around Glasgow. Led by our lovely and multi-talented Project Manager – Tina!

    Running classes out in the community means we can provide activities in supported groups for people who find our base in Govan a bit difficult to access. Many people start off at these classes and then join an ongoing group at the Gallery when the course is finished – they catch the crafting bug as we say!

    Three courses are running at the moment and they are coming towards the end of their 8 weeks! The groups have been busy learning all sorts of skills making necklaces, earrings, bracelets.. Tina took some snaps yesterday at the Stewart Centre in Castlemilk to share what they’ve been up to.

    If you would like to find out more about our classes and how to get involved please contact

  5. Seniors – iPad

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    Plantation Productions senior group are only on week 5 of learning how to use Ipads for everyday things and we are struggling to keep up with them!

    After recapping on what they learnt last week, this week they picked up the pace and learned how to take photos, make an album and how to move photos to different locations.  They’ve learnt some tricks too like spotlight search and using photo booth which is a photograph filter app.

    The room fell silent at points due to the intense concentration of the group only to be interjected by the tutors instructions and some members egging each other on by saying “have you done that yet, I’m onto this bit”,  all meant in good faith!

    Not forgetting a friend who has off through illness for a few weeks, the group wrote a heartfelt message on a flipchart board and took a photograph to send their best wishes all using their ipads.


    Cant wait to see what they do next week