Banner making at AIR with Bead ‘n’ Blether

Artist in residence

The AIR Space has been seeing a lot of Bead ‘n’ Blether’s Gillian, Katie and Phyllis of late, and it has been an absolute pleasure, as always, to have their company and do another creative project with them.

We have been making a set of banners for the group, and as this is the second set of banners that we’ve made together, we’re becoming quite the pros!

The banners were made for an event on Saturday in Govan, as part of the Govan’s Hidden Histories Project, celebrating strong women of Govan in the Women’s Histories and Protest on The Clyde strand of the project.  The banners led a group on a tour of significant locations around Govan, honouring women like Isabella Elder, Mary Barbour and Helen Crawfurd.

We looked at The Co-operative Women’s Guild for inspiration for the design of the banners, drawing parallels between the aims of the Guild, which are to improve the status of women, and the benefits that Bead ‘n’ Blether brings to it’s members today.

Saturday was an amazing day in sunny Govan, and the banners received a great reception from all those who saw them.  Bead ‘n’ Blether now have a striking set of banners for future use, so not doubt they’ll be back out on show again soon.

For more detailed info about the banners and the wider project, visit the blog Govan’s Hidden Histories, there’s lot of fantastic stuff on there about Govan and it’s heritage.

By Geraldine Greene

  1. Great photos, well done, it was worth the hard work! Phyl did a fab job on the sewing!

    Comment by Alex Bowie on 24/11/2013 at 9:48 pm -

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