Crafts Programme

  1. Paper Flower Power in Gallery 966!

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    The Gallery has been full of colour this week as the groups make bunches and bouquets of paper flowers! We’ve had carnations, tulips, roses and more.. Our teacher Vanessa started us off with some basic flowers and then group members used their creative licence to make some beautiful new designs!

    These floral creations have all been made with wire, glue and a mixture of card, crepe paper and tissue paper. They will make great Mother’s Day presents – and will stay bright and colourful all year-long!

    Some group members are going to create wreaths using the flowers they have made.. watch this space!

  2. Creative Steps – In the Community

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    As you may know, as well as all the activities in Gallery 966, the Creative Steps programme also includes jewellery classes which take place in mental health resource centres and health centres all around Glasgow. Led by our lovely and multi-talented Project Manager – Tina!

    Running classes out in the community means we can provide activities in supported groups for people who find our base in Govan a bit difficult to access. Many people start off at these classes and then join an ongoing group at the Gallery when the course is finished – they catch the crafting bug as we say!

    Three courses are running at the moment and they are coming towards the end of their 8 weeks! The groups have been busy learning all sorts of skills making necklaces, earrings, bracelets.. Tina took some snaps yesterday at the Stewart Centre in Castlemilk to share what they’ve been up to.

    If you would like to find out more about our classes and how to get involved please contact

  3. Sewing in the New Year!

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    At the moment we have 3 sewing groups a week at Gallery 966, led by our fantastic teacher Morag!

    We are halfway through and there are already some amazing creations coming from the groups – from aprons to chickens to daffodil pouches…



    Watch this space to see what other crafty projects come together over the next 4 weeks!

    In other news – check out this budgie that Colin from our ‘Wooly Wednesday’ group has designed and croqueted.. so cute!

  4. Getting creative with pasta!

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    The Creative Steps groups have been cooking up a storm in Gallery 966.

    We have been making tomato and basil ravioli. It’s the first time we’ve been able to eat one of our crafty projects and hope it’s not the last – the results were delicious!

    First we made our own pasta with flour, eggs, oil and water. Then made a sauce with fresh tomatos, basil, onion and garlic. After rolling out the pasta and cutting it into pasta shapes, we filled these with the fresh and tasty sauce. We took this home to cook up and eat with any of the sauce that didn’t fit in the parcels.

    It was great to be reminded that we can use our creative skills in the kitchen too!


    Below is the recipe if you’d like to try at home!

  5. Creative Steps – Our Visions for 2019!

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    Hello and Happy New Year from Creative Steps! We survived the festive period, enjoyed a break and are now looking forward to an exciting year ahead at Gallery 966!

    The groups have started the year by making vision boards with their intentions, hopes and dreams for 2019. Taking inspiration from old magazines and books they have made gorgeous collages of words and images which will help to inspire positive thoughts and give a wee lift at the start of the year.



    Stay tuned for updates about what we get up to in the Gallery in 2019!

  6. Wishing you a Merry Xmas from Creative Steps!

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    We have been full of Christmas cheer for the last couple of weeks at Gallery 966. Last week we were crafting away like wee elves in preparation for Govan Loves Xmas and this week we have been recovering and celebrating the festivities with christmas parties and some more casual craft sessions.

    First of all to thank everyone involved in Govan Loves Xmas! All of the groups worked so hard to get all the beautiful items ready for the sale – the stalls looked ace and that is thanks to you! Huge thanks to the members that volunteered to help to set up and work on the stalls despite the cold and wet. Thanks also to everyone who made it down to the fayre and visited the stalls – the funds from the sale will contribute directly to all the amazing activities and groups that take place in the gallery.

    After recovering (and defrosting!) from Govan Loves Xmas, we’ve had lots of fun this week eating delicious snacks, making gorgeous smelling orange pomanders (had to look up the real name – before it was ‘cloves in oranges’), swapping presents and cards, and giggling away together.

    What a great way to round off the year.. Groups will finish this week and recommence on the 14th Jan 🙂 see you then!

  7. Gettin’ Spooky in Gallery 966

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    Today Bead ‘n Blether got their hands dirty carving pumpkins to celebrate Halloween.

    We had a great time and there were big smiles all round…

    The scariest part was tidying up!

  8. World Mental Health Day

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    Happy World Mental Health Day readers! To celebrate we thought we’d do a wee post to say a bit about our work towards positive mental health at Creative Steps.

    The Creative Steps programme is a highly successful programme which has been developing for several years, drawing on our experience of working with mental health service-users.  We believe that joining a peer support group with arts and crafts activities can have a big impact on mental health. It’s a chance to get out of the house, make friends, have a blether, get the creative juices flowing, overcome personal challenges, and to spend time with others who are in the same boat.

    What do our members say?

    It is important for us to get feedback on the project from our members. We’ve organised a few sessions over the past month for the groups to have a wee chat about the project and the effect it has had on their mental health. Here are some highlights:

    • ‘I feel safe and secure in class and supported by everyone. I’m so pleased that I started this class because I find it therapeutic doing crafts, especially in a group’
    • ‘I feel so much better after the group. I try to remember that good feeling when I don’t want to leave the house’
    • ‘I feel like I’m part of the world now’
    • ‘I used to think that I was the only one with mental health problems, but I’ve realised lots of people struggle and that I’m not alone’
    • ‘Being part of this project has given me the confidence to volunteer running craft groups myself’

    These comments speak for themselves! It’s clear from these powerful messages that everyone in the groups can be proud of their journey and the support they provide each other every week 😊.

    What can I do if I’m struggling with mental health problems?

    Mental health problems can affect anyone, at any time, the good news is that there is lots of support available for those who need it.  Here are some of the services you can contact for support:

    Breathing Space – a free, confidential phone and web-based service for people in Scotland experiencing low mood, depression or anxiety.
    Call 0800 83 85 87

    – for counselling, stress management and group work
    Call 0141 552 4434

    Samaritans – offer a safe place for you to talk any time you like, in your own way – about whatever’s getting to you
    Call 0141 116 123; Email

    Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) – support for men
    Call 0800 58 58 58 – 5pm to midnight every day; Visit the webchat page

    Join Creative Steps!

    Entry is by referral if you are currently experiencing depression or anxiety or any other mental health condition. Contact Gallery 966 in Govan Tel. 0141 387 2596, Email

    Members making wreaths in the group this morning!

  9. Pawm-Pawm Patrol

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    Pawm-Pawm Patrol has arrived at local nursery thanks to Bead ‘n Blether members Katie and Gillian.

    This month Broomloan Nursery came to ask Katie and Gillian whether Bead ‘n Blether could get crafty to help brighten up the school. Katie got busy and started making pom-poms! In no time at all, she produced a bag full of gorgeous multi-coloured decorations. Magic!

    The pom-poms will help to decorate the Macmillan Coffee Morning the nursery are hosting this month.
    The event will take place 9-11am and 1-3pm, Friday 28th September at Broomloan Nursery, 635 Govan Road. Please come along and show your support – EVERYONE WELCOME!

    In pom-pom world, I’m sure there’ll be no rest for the wicked with the festive season just around the corner..!


  10. Sew with Mo!

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    Gallery 966 is buzzing with sewing bees every Friday at the moment as our teacher Morag is running a 6 week sewing course, with one class in the morning and another in the afternoon.

    The morning class is for beginners and they are practicing different sewing machine techniques on cushions and bunting.

    The afternoon class is for improvers and they are working on all sorts of incredible independent projects! Watch this space to see the finished products! And meet our new mascot..


  11. Green fingers in the Gallery!

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    One of our regular tutors Vanessa brought the outside-in at Gallery 966 yesterday. In the morning Cre8 group made sculptures out of moss and in the afternoon Well Crafty were flower arranging. Bloomin Marvelous!

    Check out these moss sculptures – made using chicken wire and fresh moss that the group collected throughout the week! The moss will grow and spread over time, just need to remember to keep spraying it with water. The group made a wreath, a stag head and a mushroom to name a few of the creations. They even popped in a few succlent plants to make themselves at home in the sculptures!

    The gallery smelt amazing as the group in the afternoon arranged flowers in a tea cup first and then made free standing bunches!

    Thank you Vanessa and the groups for bringing a burst of colour into the Gallery on a cloudy Tuesday!

  12. Meet our new Creative Steps group – the Happy Crafters!

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    A new art and crafts group has recently started in Gallery 966 on Thursday afternoons, the Happy Crafters!

    They will be focusing on jewellery making at first and have already made some gorgeous necklaces and bracelets…
















    We made floating necklaces this week using crimps to keep the beads ‘floating’ in sections along the wire:

    Welcome to the new members!
    Stay tuned for more jewels from the group…

  13. Book Folding with Katie!

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    Blog post from Katie – a member of the Creative Steps ‘Time Out’ group:

    Hi, my name’s Katie and I attend Plantation Production’s Monday morning Time Out project.

    I have mental health issues, mainly depression and anxiety.  Before joining the project I would isolate myself, but the group has helped me make friends with like minded people.

    Very often I would feel empty and didn’t know how to fill my time.  My CPN, Maureen would often suggest I try a hobby and on one occasion suggested book folding.  I’d never heard of it before so she showed me pictures (courtesy of Google).

    I went home, did some research and now I’m hooked.  I watched YouTube videos and searched for Facebook groups.  I joined a group ‘Don’t Judge A Book By The Cover’.

    The owner Michelle has uploaded some patterns and so I tried my first book fold, a simple heart.

    I also found a website that has free patterns to download ‘’.  They also have a Facebook page and, for a small fee to join, gives you access to a pattern maker.

    If I have any questions or are looking for advice, both Facebook group’s members are available to help.  Or there are many YouTube videos to watch.

    So now I’m able to create my own book folds and enjoy making customised ‘thank you’ gifts for friends, family and more recently Plantation Productions.

    Book folding has helped my concentration and confidence.  It’s a cheap hobby, all you need is a pencil, ruler and scissors.  I buy the books from Charity shops so they benefit too.

  14. Upcycling – canal boat style!

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    Bead ‘n Blether art group saw an opportunity not to be missed when they spotted a pile of old wooden crates lying around in Home Bargains this month…

    They asked staff if they could take the freebies, and in just 2 classes they totally transformed them!

    First they painted the crates in bright colours, then looked at traditional canal boat painting for design inspiration…

    And built up layers of paint to create beautiful flowers and colourful patterns:










    The finished crates are gorgeous! Upcycling at it’s finest!

  15. I’m Dreaming of a Crafty Christmas

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    Our latest crafty group who meet on Tuesday (who are so busy crafting that they’ve not decided on their name yet!) have started thinking about Xmas by designing these super trendy chokers. With the Govan Loves Xmas event in mind, the group began a ‘make one and donate one’ with a choker being made to contribute to our annual craft table at the event.


  16. Creative Steps Programme – Frames & Glitter

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    We’ve been having a busy week here in Gallery 966 with our lovely canvas display still proudly sticking (just about) on the wall.

    Thanks to the skills sharing of Katie, Gillian and Donna of the Bead ‘n’ Blether group, the Time Out group made these fabulous frames yesterday morning. Everyone involved loved the end result!


  17. Bead ‘N’ Blether’s Macmillan Coffee Morning

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    Our Bead ‘N’ Blether group hosted a wonderful coffee morning a couple of weeks ago and collected over £600 for Macmillan Cancer Support. Thank you to everyone who attended and well done to those who won in the raffle.

  18. New Craft Group Needs a Name!

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    We said hello to a new arts & crafts group starting at Gallery 966 today. Two groups from the Govan Health Centre and Brand Street Health Centre have joined together for a new group every Tuesday 11am – 1pm, but they need a name! Can you suggest some crafty names for us? Puns and wordplay are welcome!


  19. Canvas Project: The Finished Display

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    Our groups have recently finished working on their large canvas display just in time for Self Management Week and it’s looking smashing up on the wall at Gallery 966! Everyone worked hard and put a lot of emotion into their pieces.

  20. Celebrating Change

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    We’re starting off our Celebrating Change project working across all our peer support groups to produce one large artwork for Self Management Week, which kicks off the week starting October 2nd!

    We’re looking forward to working together on this project and can’t wait to see what everyone will make!

  21. Glass Painting with Well Crafty

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    Last Tuesday at Well Crafty we were given the opportunity to make some lovely glass coasters thanks to Highland Glass and their glass painting workshop. Everyone had their own unique ideas on what to paint, so we have everything from birds in the sky to fish in the sea!

    Many thanks to Highland Glass for this opportunity, if you want to find out more about them the link to their website is here.

  22. Mental Health Awareness Week 2016 with Creative Steps

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    This month the Creative Steps programme is celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week by bringing the outdoors inside!

    Working on Our Tree

    We have been working together to create and decorate a beautiful tree, and have been inspired by this year’s theme of ‘Relationships’.
    We have been looking at all kinds of ways that people can relate to, and understand, each other. We have been especially influenced by our own relationships to nature!

    Mental Health Awareness Tree



     To learn more about Mental Health Awareness Week and other campaigns visit The Mental Health Foundation.

    Contact us to learn more about our classes and events.

  23. The puppets take shape

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    So this week our Wednesday and Friday Kidz Clubs took to designing their puppets. They decided on colour, shape and more importantly naming their puppets and deciding it’s personality. Don’t want to give too much away but we have a dog that’s super power is farts that make him fly and a frog that can leap into the sky. Some great ideas so far. I for one cannot wait to see these designs come to life…. Kidz Club Style!

  24. Meet The Puppet Masters

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    On Friday our Portal Kidz Club got started on their brand new project, Puppet Making led by Chani and boy did they get involved. By the end of the first session not only had everyone completed a finger puppet of their own but we also got a little show. Have a look at some of the pictures of them at work.

  25. Friday Kidz Rock Fashion Show!

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    Our Friday Kidz Club gave the youth Team a treat by showcasing their new T-Shirt line in the form of a fashion show. Have a look at how our talented young artists transformed their drab white tee’s into this years must haves.


  26. Move over New York Fashion Week! The Portal Kidz Club are hot on your heels.

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    Over the past 6 weeks our incredibly talented Portal Kidz Club have been working alongside artist Sarah on designing their own T-Shirts. We did not expect to find ourselves green with envy at not having our very own tailor made design. Check out what these smart fashionistas have come up with!

  27. Christmas Crafts are Coming!

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    As we move into winter weather, Creative Steps is gearing up to prepare for the festive season!

    Last week Bead’n’Blether started to lay plans for some jolly projects and today Well Crafty joined in on the fun by hand crafting sparkling Christmas bauble decorations.
    Next week Time Out will make a start on Christmas cards.


    We predict widespread Christmas cheer and activities across all of Plantation Productions in the weeks to follow!

    Keep an eye out for where to buy our finished crafts: Bead’n’Blether and Wooly Wednesday will be at Govan Loves Christmas at Govan Cross on the 2nd of December, and Well Crafty will be at Ibrox Library’s Christmas craft fair on the 3rd of December.  Come along to see all of our hard work in a range of unique festive gifts and ornaments!

    To find out more about Creative Steps and our Christmas crafting, contact us.

  28. Creating Leatherwork Keyrings at Well Crafty

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    Today, the Well Crafty group was very lucky to have a master-class in leatherwork, taught by Linda.

    We were first given a step-by-step demonstration of how to make a leather belt from scratch in under 20 minutes!
    Linda then helped us to create our own leather keyrings, each with a personal flourish of our own.


    This leatherwork class will also be repeated with the group Bead’n’Blether this Wednesday, the 4th October 2015.
    Creative Steps would like to say a big thank you to Linda and the rest of our many talented members for their time!

    Contact us to learn more about classes, groups and events at Plantation Productions.

  29. Card Making at Creative Steps

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    To celebrate this year’s Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival we’ve had an extravaganza of card making!


    With a vast variety of materials we’ve decorated, embossed, embellished and arranged our way through cards to celebrate Birthdays, Christmas, Thank You notes and more.
    We’d like to give a big and warm thank you to Julie-Anne and Elizabeth for teaching us such wonderful techniques and tricks.

  30. Beginners Machine Sewing Class

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    This Friday, we start our brand new Beginners Sewing with a full class of eager beginners! So between now and the Festive Season (yes it’s on its way folks) we will be busy picking up the skills to make those gifts ourselves.

    When: 10.30-12.30
    Where: Gallery 966
    Dates: 25th September – 18th December 2015

    Funded by Glasgow City Council Integrated Grants Fund, through Glasgow Clyde College.

  31. Creative Steps Celebration

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    To celebrate a year of our pilot Arts & Well-being Programme, Creative Steps, we held a Participation Day in Gallery 966. We filled it with examples of our work and enjoyed expert tuition in mixed-media canvas art and clay work. Over the past year we have delivered over 200 creative workshops, with additional exhibitions, fayres and events! Working in partnership with Mental Health professionals, we have used creative participation to reach individuals suffering from enduring mental health conditions.
    Along with our Mental Health partners, and most importantly our participants, we are convinced that our approach supports people to realise their potential and make a contribution to the community. Many people, formerly very isolated, have entered the programme through workshops in centres where they receive treatment and from there have developed the confidence and resilience to try creative activities, make the step of attending community classes, connect with others, and ultimately improve their quality of life. How to sum it all up? Maybe just use the words of one of our participants?

    event 1

    and just share some of our work and good times …


    b&B people bracelet

    ceramic sun




    2014-09-16 15.37.37


    2014-09-17 13.23.43

    2014-05-01 14.53.47


    2014-08-12 16.10.12

  32. Time Out’s many skills

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    Crafting really is a joy that keeps on giving, here at Time Out we’ve recently finished a block of 4 master class craft sessions with Anni from Glasgow’s own Damselfly Crafts.

    We’ve learnt:

    • How to make our own paper beads, and use them in a bracelet
    • How to make ornamental flowers out of old books and paper
    • How to make stylish flower brooches out of organza and felt
    • How to make fab pop up ‘box’ greeting cards

    And we know that we can still learn so much more!

    To find out more about Time Out’s classes and events, contact us.

  33. Floating Necklaces at Time Out

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    Floating Necklaces – it’s all an illusion!

    Last Tuesday Time Out took a master class from Tina in making ‘floating necklaces’.
    We also had some new additions to the class, and so the final outcome of our beading work is even bigger and more colourful than ever!

    Contact us to learn more about our classes and events.

  34. Making dagger necklaces at Time Out

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    This Tuesday at Time Out we were shown how to make colourful ‘Dagger Necklaces’ by Tina. There were so many ways to mix and match the bright beads that everybody ended up with something unique to their own style.

    Contact us to learn more about our classes and events.

  35. Brooch making at Time Out

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    Here at Time Out we’re fabulous at multi-tasking; not only are we learning rag rug making but last Tuesday we also tried our crafty hands at glitter resin brooches too!

    Every day really is an exciting chance to try something new.

    Contact us to learn more about our classes and events.

  36. Willow Weaving at Wooly Wednesday!

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    Last week at Creative Steps we celebrated Mental Health Awareness week with an exciting variety of workshops, including a Willow Weaving workshop for Wooly Wednesday – Wonderful!

    The workshop was led by Joan and lasted the whole day, and everyone had something to take away by the end of it.


    IMG_20150513_122101822 (2)

     To learn more about Mental Health Awareness Week and other campaigns visit The Mental Health Foundation.

    Contact us to learn more about our classes and events.

  37. Creative Steps Outreach @ Stewart Centre

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    Congratulations and celebrations to mark the end of our Jewellery Course at the Stewart Centre, Castlemilk. Thanks to all the staff who dropped in to see our display and tell our group just how fabulous they are!! Since March we have been busy bees producing projects in wire-work, beading, cord techniques and much more. As we said – it’s sad when a good thing comes to an end, but look forward to seeing you at Time Out on Tuesday afternoons at Gallery 966 – so it’s just the beginning really … well done everyone !!!

  38. Mental Health Awareness Week with Creative Steps

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    This month the Creative Steps programme will be celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week with all of our lovely participants!

    The classes will be running from the 11th to the 15th May, and include our usual programme as well as some exciting additions to celebrate.


    Mon: 1.00-3.00 – Dagger Necklace Workshop

    Tues: 10.30-12.30 – Inside Out Cushion Enterprise

    1.30-3.30 – Rug Rolling

    Wed: 11.00-1.00 – Bead n Blether Willow Weaving Workshop

    1.30-3.30 – Woolly Wednesday Willow Weaving Workshop

    Thu: 10.30-12.30 – Machine sewing

    1.30-3.30 – Machine sewing

     To learn more about Mental Health Awareness Week and other campaigns visit The Mental Health Foundation.

    Contact us to learn more about our classes and events.

  39. Rag Rug making at Time Out

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    Time Out is learning a new skill!

    Yesterday at Time Out we welcomed back Flora, who has taught with us in the past. She is working to teach us the techniques to create ‘Rag Rugs’, which we could also make cushion fronts, bags or even brooches out of!
    The workshops run from the  14th of April and culminates at the start of Mental Health Awareness week on the 12th of May.

     To learn more about Mental Health Awareness Week and other campaigns visit The Mental Health Foundation.

  40. Wooly Wednesday celebrates Easter!

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    We hope you all had a good start to spring!

    To celebrate the chocolate-centric occasion, Wooly Wednesday went very “Wacky Races”!
    The group had a table top race between wind-up chicks, wind-up bunnies and even wind-up babies. The mechanical athletes had a mind of their own as they sped towards the finish line, or sometimes away from it and in circles!

    The competition was fierce, but no toys were hurt in the making of this event.

  41. Creative Steps – Sewing Enterprise

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    This week members from our Creative Steps sewers began a new business venture! This sewing enterprise group forms a collaboration between Plantation Production and new interiors business ‘Outside In’ whose ‘plump up your life’ ethos fits with what we do here. We are busy learning the skills to ultimately assemble and sew stunning cushions produced and retailed by ‘Outside In’ featuring spectacular images of the Scottish environment. We are all very excited to start this new creative collaboration!

  42. Woolly Wednesday Celebrates!

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    Happy Birthday Woolly Wednesday peer support group!! Two years and still going strong and welcoming new members! Phil would like to thank everyone for attending and especially Katy and Gillian for all their hard work. To everyone – your support, your ideas, and your banter make the group what it is! Our planning session today will bring lots more activity ideas for the year to come! Keeeeep knitting …… !!!!

  43. Xmas Fayre & Kids Activities

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    Roll up – roll up – get your Christmas gifts here tomorrow!! Free craft activities for all the kids and festive face painting!!
    Doors open 12.00 noon so get here sharp to bag the best gifts and get your raffle ticket for fabulous prizes. Kids will be making festive lanterns and decorations to take away.
    12.00-3.30 pm The Portal (978 & 966 Govan Road)
    Ho ho ho !! See you there …

  44. Creative Steps Outreach

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    Our Craft Course at Florence Street Resource Centre reached its finale and exhibition of work and two new course have begun at Brand Street and Stewart Resource Centres. View a tiny taster of work produced at Florence Street.
    Busy classes and a great fun atmosphere for our new Jewellery Courses. The last course participants are joined by new jewellery makers – get set for a frenzy of festive pressie making!

    Theatre and work images steps 016Images 035
    Art work for Steps 14 001

  45. Creative Steps Outreach

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    Florence Street Resource Centre will hold an informal display of work following their Crafts Course with tutor Liz Shepherd, as part of our Creative Steps programme. The course covered a wide range of all things crafty from card-making and paper crafts to mosaic. Goodies will be displayed at 12 noon, Thursday 30th October, Florence Street Resource Centre, Florence Street, Gorbals. All welcome!

    Mix images June Sept 2014 267

  46. Bead ‘n’ Blether


    A short break in the blethering for a Masterclass in cluster-bead-work with Tina – we are thinking statement necklaces – big and bold! Master-classes are part of our on-going commitment to our peer support groups through the Creative Steps programme. Job done! Blethering can re-commence! Great work!
    Skills sharing from members of the group is another great way to try new techniques – thanks to Ellen for the Kumihimo technique – so many talents in this group!


  47. Creative Steps – Time Out Class


    Time Out class – so many crafts so little time! Our community class which links to our work in Resource Centres began a new course in ceramics yesterday. But so keen were people to finish off the patchwork project we opened early and closed late for busy bees to get through 2 crafts in one day! We think the results were well worth it! More will be displayed at our exhibition as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival on 10th October at the Portal, Gallery 966. Look out for our blog about that soon …

  48. Creative Steps – Sewing Class

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    The Thursday sewing group goes from strength to strength … I know we look like we’re about to enter Bake-off, but our beautifully sewn aprons are not ready to get dirty just yet! Every machine is in use on Thursday mornings with the progressors group and again a full group of beginners every afternoon. Great work from our lovely tutor, Morag, and as our first block comes to a close … popular demand brings about block 2 from October-December. We’ve got it all sewn up!

  49. Creative Steps – Outreach

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    Aw the end of our Beginners Jewellery Making Courses at Brand Street and the Stewart Centre … fantastic work done by everyone and we’ve really enjoyed getting to know each other. Cheryl – great to hear all the comments your gran got wearing your jewellery to the wedding – and Anne-Marie getting all those likes on facebook about your jewellery – and Kathleen your friend who never wears fashion jewellery changed her mind and wore yours! We did good! (Great to see some faces at our Time Out class at the Portal.)
    Due to popular demand we will continue with Progressors level jewellery Oct-Dec. A festive frenzy of present making is planned ….

  50. Creative Steps – Outreach Classes

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    We are looking forward to welcoming new crafters into the programme! Our first block of workshops at Florence Street Resource Centre in Gorbals starts on Thursday 28th August for 10 weeks. Working with tutor, Liz Shepherd, our first session will be card-making, with lots more crafty techniques to follow … It’s the first block of a year-long partnership so welcome on board!

  51. Creative Steps – Outreach classes


    A great day experimenting with wire-work at Castlemilk. We transformed beads into pendants and embellished with wire-work for an individual piece. All it takes is a little bit of practice and confidence using the round nose pliers and no two pieces are the same! We think they look pretty classy. Well done!

  52. Creative Steps – Ibrox Library

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    Come along and visit Plantation Productions at our Commonwealth Craft Zone at Ibrox Library on Saturday 26th July 1.00-4.00 pm. The Commonwealth Family Day, hosted by Glasgow Life, will be full of fun for all the family. Visit our zone to try your hand at crafts from India, New Zealand, Jamaica and all the flags of the commonwealth in clay jewellery! See you there!

  53. Creative Steps – Masterclass

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    2014-07-16 15.03.13
    Re-cycling at its best! Woolly Wednesday had their first Masterclass in rag-rolling today… Take a stack of cut up t-shirts, assorted materials, and a few special tools – and check out the results we are aiming for! The tutor had everyone practicing a smooth and a fluffy texture and the look is perfect for touchy-feely cushion fronts, wall hangings or even a full size rug if you get carried away!

  54. Creative Steps – Resource Centres


    2014-07-10 15.07.34Jewellery making at Brand Street Resource Centre & the Stewart Centre is really getting into full swing! We have been busy getting to grips with double stranded beading and combining wire and cord. It always seem to be a sunny day when we meet so finished pieces seem to have that beach vibe! Great work! And loads of chat – an hour outside and still chatting I hear!

  55. AIR Space Ceramics

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    The AIR Space has been a hive of dusty creative activity recently, since the community ceramics project has got underway.

    Through a series of talks and discussions, local walks and hands-on ceramic tile making workshops, people have been investigating the historic use of architectural ceramics such as tile and mosaic work in traditional buildings in Govan, discovering original features still existing in tenement ‘Wally’ closes, shopfronts entranceways and significant public buildings in the area.

    People have also been designing and making new tiles, experiencing the entire ceramic production process through the stages of designing, sculpting, mould making, pressing, glazing and firing the clay to make the finished tiles.

    The project will be running over the next few months – look out for an exhibition of the ceramic work made in the Autumn at Gallery 966.

    The ceramics project is run by Portal Artists in Residence Sarah Bland, Fiona Fleming & Geraldine Greene, and is part of the Govan Cross Townscape Heritage Initiative, funded by Glasgow City Council and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

  56. Creative Steps -Time Out Class

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    We love ‘time out’ and our new class got off to a great start last week producing crafty wall-hangings in hessian and felt. Hearts and love was a popular theme! It’s a really friendly group, so looking forward to everyone getting to know each other a lot more over the weeks to come. Today our lovely artist, Fiona, will work with the group to create cut-out style art-works inspired by French artist, Matisse and American urban artist, Keith Haring. Sounds fab.

  57. Family Days – Commonwealth Crafts

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    In collaboration with Glasgow Life we will be offering an array of exciting crafts from different corners of the world. We will be celebrating the crafts of Commonwealth countries with some ‘come and try it’ workshops in a diverse range of arts and crafts, something for all the family.

    When: Saturday 26th July 1:00-4:00

    Where: Ibrox Library

    Contact: Tina Kardasinska, Plantation Productions: 0141 387 2596

    Places are being offered on workshops to try out some of the crafts techniques used by our fellow commonwealth countries. To book a place or find out more just contact us. (Adult Workshops)

    When: July/August

    Where: Cardonald Library

    Contact: Plantation Productions

  58. Creative Steps

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    decopatch clock
    The clock is ticking … our new programme CREATIVE STEPS to Living Well kicks off week commencing 23rd June. With an accent on health and well-being; if you’re feeling down, not getting out enough, then take a wee step and meet up with friendly folk. Classes start with TIME OUT (referral class) for a variety of arts & crafts techniques and MACHINE SEWING CLASSES. So don’t hang about, get in touch to find out more! Places limited!
    Contact Tina, Plantation Productions.

    click here

  59. Makeover Magic

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    Gallery 966 certainly has a lot of reasons to be cheerful, following its transformation from a basic workspace into an arts and crafts hubbub of activity. Looking rather fashionable in grey, white and red, the space is a far cry from what it once was.

    It is clear that the recent run of craft classes have inspired the groups, with many continuing to develop the techniques they have learned and creating end results to behold, such as a stunning mirror using decopatch.

    The pièce de résistance of 966 is no doubt its window display. Dressed in the same colours as its interior, it boasts a snapshot of just what can be achieved with a little bit of imagination.

    A new run of craft classes are due to begin in the next coming weeks so watch this space.

  60. CraftsBomb!

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    Woolly Wednesday knitting group rose to the nationwide challenge from Voluntary Arts Scotland – decorate your local area and celebrate your craft during Voluntary Arts Week 9th-18th May. Needles have been rattling away for weeks and weeks … Members decided to knit an enormous chain signifying we are all linked together and stronger for it!! In place for all to enjoy at Elderpark Library.


  61. Festive Pop-up Shop

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    We had Xmas sorted at the Portal this weekend with our Festive Pop-up Shop! We brought together crafters and community groups to offer lovely local shopping and those special gifts that beat the High Street any day. My bag of goodies included hand-painted silk lavender bags, brocade jewellery wraps, stunning glass hearts, a fabulous photographic print .. vintage style baskets … and more. And with tea and doughnuts and raffle prizes to round up the day those of us who are sorted now can enjoy the build up to Xmas! Check out the raffle prize of fantastic Tinker Bell cake from “Cakes by Hazel” won by lucky Karen! If you missed our Pop-up Shop some of the crafters will be at local libraries in December: 3rd Elderpark; 4th Pollok; 5th Cardonald; 7th Pollokshaws.
    Photographs by Iain G. Farrell

  62. Jewellery Exhibitions – Bring on the bling!


    2013-10-31 12.08.09

    Well done everyone at Gorbals and Castlemilk for the absolutely fabulous displays of jewellery as part of The Mental Health Arts & Film Festival! From the visitors that popped in to see the work the feedback was amazing “So professional!”; “Like a shop!”; “Can we buy it?”. Coming along and joining a group with people you don’t know at all can be daunting. Coming along and getting totally absorbed in the activity you are doing can be the opposite!
    The creative juices are flowing – some are now coming along to our Ceramics Course, Art Course and others coming along to our Festive Pop-up shop as stall-holders! Fabulous to have you on board!
    2013-10-25 12.21.052013-10-31 12.11.20

  63. Jewellery Making Courses – full steam ahead

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    The Flo Group (Florence Street Resource Centre) and new jewellery makers are doing a lot more than going with the Flo’ as their motto goes… they are in full flow, with a treasure chest of hand-made sparkly jewels to show for it! When your daughter borrows your jewellery for nights out and ‘forgets’ to give it back it’s a BIG compliment! Over at the Stewart Centre in Castlemilk you are saying “People can’t believe I have made this!” Hah – two very talented groups in action I say. From complete beginners a few weeks ago – it just shows what can be achieved. We know our flat-nosed pliers and just what to do with our crimps and clamshells!

    2013-10-10 12.32.262013-09-27 12.23.06

    Both groups are showing off what they have been up to and are holding informal displays as part of The Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival. Drop in and join us!

    Friday 25th October : 10.30-12.30 at John Duns Scotus Church, Ballater Street, Gorbals.
    Thursday 31st October : 10.30-12.30 at Stewart Centre, 5 Ardencraig Road, Castlemilk.

  64. Festive Pop-up Crafts Shop

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    Ok it’s October now so we all know Christmas is coming … we have made it easy for you! Pull out your diary and circle Saturday 9th November at the Portal for our Festive Pop-up Crafts Shop. Local crafting community groups will be selling a wide range of hand-made goodies that are not on the High Street. Doors open at 11.00 am so grab a bargain and leave those High Street crowds out in the cold!
    Ho Ho Ho

  65. Home Sweet Home Crafts Week

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    Gallery 966 was a busy bee hive of activity last week for our “Home Sweet Home” Crafts Week. Almost 70 enthusiastic people enjoyed one of the crafts on offer and went away with their hand-crafted item and the ‘feel good’ factor! Crafts really make us feel connected, I think. Connected to our ancestors making out of necessity and connected to other people now making for pleasure. A week in pictures says it all!
    2013-08-27 14.47.452013-08-28 11.10.412013-08-28 11.25.492013-08-27 11.47.312013-08-27 14.52.102013-09-02 15.25.06

  66. Jewellery Making Course – Ibrox & Cardonald Libraries

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    2013-08-13 12.13.20

    2013-08-13 12.11.59

    Last week was the final week of our Jewellery Making Courses at Ibrox and Cardonald Libraries. “Aw so soon – was that really 8 weeks?” you say. I know, I know – it just flies by when we are concentrating and creating! Everyone produced fab results across a wide range of techniques including wire-work; cords & multiple strands; macrami; wire-wrapping; using findings; and most importantly, everyone finished an item to be proud of each week. I love to see all the imagination at work when everyone works on the same technique and yet all the pieces are SO different at the end. Stella, I’m with you on the black and glam look; Kate went delicately boho and Laura broke away from her addiction to pink (proof below!).

    Sometimes life throws curved balls and for whatever reason it’s hard to get out the house without a reason – – our full house continued to the end so that’s good enough for me. Well done everyone! Glad most of you are trying another crafty session at our “Home Sweet Home” crafts week – look forward to seeing you there!

    2013-08-06 12.15.30

  67. Jewellery Making Course – Ibrox & Cardonald Libraries

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    2013-08-06 12.08.502013-07-30 15.01.36
    2013-08-06 15.18.00

    “Aw can’t believe next week is the last week – just when you’re getting to know everyone!” “I feel like a jeweller now!” “The time has flown by – what will we do on Tuesday afternoons now?!”

    I agree folks – the time has truly flown by. It’s great getting to know everyone. We may be working away creating another masterpiece but there is still chat about 25′ hedges; knees; weddings; kitchen fitters … what can I say – we can multi-task right! Check out our results.

  68. “Home Sweet Home” Crafts Taster Workshops

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    We are taking reservations NOW for the upcoming week of crafts taster workshops, starting on 26th August…details on the pdf flyer below. A great chance to try your hand at something new and create a unique item for your home…

    Crafts Summer Flyer

    Contact Tina using the form below to book your place…

    [contact-form to=’’ subject=’Home Sweet Home workshops’][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Website’ type=’url’/][contact-field label=’Comment’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form]

  69. Jewellery Making Course – Ibrox & Cardonald Libraries


    2013-07-16 15.03.19

    2013-07-09 11.36.44

    As the temperature soars outside we need to take time to chill out! So what better way than to sit quietly contemplating over a concoction of beads and cords. We have gone a bit boho this week using cord in a double threading technique called ‘ladder stitch’. So many different looks from one technique, but I would say the only accessories needed for this look is a bikini and a beach! Margaret, you definitely got your mojo back!

  70. Jewellery Making Course Ibrox & Cardonald Libraries

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    2013-07-02 12.05.402013-07-02 12.04.40

    Great work on the technique of cord knotting and creating bead clusters! Ibrox is operating as a Progressors Course and with so many new faces at Cardonald we are happy to run at Beginners Level. Might start awarding ‘unexpected quote of the week’ – we all burst out laughing when Isobel (after sighing and tutting and fighting with her knots throughout), held up her necklace at the end and exclaimed “Yes, I liked that class!”

  71. Jewellery Making Courses – Ibrox & Cardonald Libraries

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    Neon Summer

    Neon Summer

    Great start to the Jewellery Making Course! For week 1 what an amazing selection of glittering gorgeous bracelets were produced – well impressed! Great to see faces from the previous Beginners Course back for Progressors at Ibrox. Lot’s of new faces at Cardonald – all went out the door wearing their creations – always a good sign! Let the fun begin so bring your specs if you need them and start buying bigger jewellery boxes. “Feeling proud” was the most used comment of the day.