Christmas Crafts are Coming!

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As we move into winter weather, Creative Steps is gearing up to prepare for the festive season!

Last week Bead’n’Blether started to lay plans for some jolly projects and today Well Crafty joined in on the fun by hand crafting sparkling Christmas bauble decorations.
Next week Time Out will make a start on Christmas cards.


We predict widespread Christmas cheer and activities across all of Plantation Productions in the weeks to follow!

Keep an eye out for where to buy our finished crafts: Bead’n’Blether and Wooly Wednesday will be at Govan Loves Christmas at Govan Cross on the 2nd of December, and Well Crafty will be at Ibrox Library’s Christmas craft fair on the 3rd of December.  Come along to see all of our hard work in a range of unique festive gifts and ornaments!

To find out more about Creative Steps and our Christmas crafting, contact us.

By Culloden

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