Creative Steps Celebration

Crafts Programme

To celebrate a year of our pilot Arts & Well-being Programme, Creative Steps, we held a Participation Day in Gallery 966. We filled it with examples of our work and enjoyed expert tuition in mixed-media canvas art and clay work. Over the past year we have delivered over 200 creative workshops, with additional exhibitions, fayres and events! Working in partnership with Mental Health professionals, we have used creative participation to reach individuals suffering from enduring mental health conditions.
Along with our Mental Health partners, and most importantly our participants, we are convinced that our approach supports people to realise their potential and make a contribution to the community. Many people, formerly very isolated, have entered the programme through workshops in centres where they receive treatment and from there have developed the confidence and resilience to try creative activities, make the step of attending community classes, connect with others, and ultimately improve their quality of life. How to sum it all up? Maybe just use the words of one of our participants?

event 1

and just share some of our work and good times …


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ceramic sun




2014-09-16 15.37.37


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By Tina Kardasinska

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