Right to Fight

The fantastically talented AFM (Ambition for Media) group spent some time exploring Youth Rights and were inspired to develop this track with beatboxer extraordinaire Bigg Taj. They then worked with filmmaker Amanda Craig to create some raw and edgy visuals to accompany their song. Enjoy…. and remember:  you have the right to fight, fight for what is right!


Aisha & Shaddai
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Music Video

PROJECT: Right to Fight Music Project

The AFM (Ambition for Media) group spent time in the Spring of 2019 exploring their rights, as enshrined in the UN Convention on The Rights of the Child, or UNCRC. They were inspired by the amazing illustrations available on The Children and Young People’s Commissioner website. One of the young people, Braden, created this brilliant illustration of the young people who took part in the project.

The group worked with beatboxer Bigg Taj to develop a track using all of their own lyrics. They then created the accompanying video with Amanda Craig during their Summer Sessions in 2019. The young people took on lots of different roles during this project, and participated in all kinds of activities. From filming and editing, to choreographing a dance piece with Zoe Chatterton.

A lot of hard work and fun went into their video, and it conveys an important message from them. 

‘You have the right to fight, fight for what is right!’

You can check out their video below.

Making of video


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