Scroogie Outtakes

The outtakes of the film ‘Scroogie’ are testament to the amazing experience the young people had whilst making the film. It show their commitment, professionalism and sense of humour that was paramount to the project being a success.

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PROJECT: Scroogie

SONY DSCScoorgie ghostPlantation Productions partnered with Children 1st to work with a group of young teenage boys on a film production project aimed at addressing issues of territorialism and gang culture. Discussing the reasons why gangs have an appeal and looking at the down side and possible consequences led to the creation of ‘Scroogie’ a story based on the Charles Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol.

The production team was made up of budding young volunteer filmmakers who worked with the core group and local children to create this inspiring short film. There was great friendships forged and the experience had a very positive impact on all involved. ‘Scroogie’ had a premier screening at the Glasgow Film Theatre and has bee used as a teaching resource in schools.

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