We Journey Together – Trailer

This creative short film was co-created with participants from the Govan Community Project, who wanted to dispel the misconceptions and show the reality of the obstacles faced by those who have or are currently going through the asylum process.
The aim was to tell their stories with relevance and consideration, using co-creative media production. Participants started by recording their stories, setting the scene of past lives; portraying traumatic, life-changing events; their accounts are intimate disclosures.

Moya Crowley & Chris McGill
Running Time:
Production Company:
Plantation Productions

PROJECT: We Journey Together


We Journey Together – represents the journey and experience of 4 people going through the asylum process in the United Kingdom.

This creative short film was co-created with a group from a participatory action research project and aims to speak to a national audience.

Participants decided to tell their stories, representing their narrative through co-creative media. From setting the scene of past lives to portraying traumatic, life- changing events, their accounts are intimate disclosures. Taking a creative media approach, we used multiple screens and projected footage to produce an immersive environment in which participants remain visually unknown.

We Journey Together

A Plantation Productions film by

Moya Crowley Christopher McGill

Sponsored by

Govan Community Project & Health and Social Care Partnership

Making of video


We Journey Together