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Great work on the technique of cord knotting and creating bead clusters! Ibrox is operating as a Progressors Course and with so many new faces at Cardonald we are happy to run at Beginners Level. Might start awarding ‘unexpected quote of the week’ – we all burst out laughing when Isobel (after sighing and tutting and fighting with her knots throughout), held up her necklace at the end and exclaimed “Yes, I liked that class!”

By Tina Kardasinska

  1. I did the beginers course last year and am enjoying the progressors course I have learned different jewellery technques and have tryed out some at home. I find it relaxing. Looking forward to making a shamballa bracelet next week. Laura Stirling

    Comment by Laura Stirling on 17/07/2013 at 9:04 pm -

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