Mosaic Madness in the AIR Space

Artist in residence

For the past few months the A.I.R space has been a hive of activity. Not only are 3 of the artists working collaboratively on design project for the Govan Stones (, Geraldine has been going shop front-tastic and Alex and Fiona have been commissioned to make four large mosaic bollards for Moorpark Housing Estate in Renfrew. Phew!


We worked with kids at the Cherri Centre in Moorpark to develop a design for the bollards though creative workshops. We then took their drawings and translated them into designs for the bollards. After approval from the contractors, 4 huge concrete bollards were delivered to the studio. With the help of some fine Govan men (DC, Iain) we rolled them into the studio and got to work.


It has taken months to complete these beautiful bollards. We have learnt in the process that mosaiac-ing onto a non-flat surface is not as easy as it looks, and that Fiona’s jokes get worse the longer she spends cutting tiles…….. We look forward to seeing the finished pieces in situ in the near future and who knows, after so many compliments from local residents, i may just have to put up with more bad jokes from Fiona if we get the go ahead to do some for Govan!

FI mosaic


By Alex Bowie

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