500 days of (Scottish) Summer

500 days production shot

When Gabriel and Jamie first came to us with the idea of recreating the iconic dance scene from 500 days of Summer in Govan we thought “Yeah! That’ll be laugh – let’s do it!”.   Before we knew it we were swept up in a production frenzy… who would play the lead role…and the walk-on parts? How do we get that shot with the fountain…and the arial views?  How many dancers do we know?  The animation? The band? …(gulp) What if it RAINS?

Anyway, we did it!

With the help of local people, staff, artists, caterers, actors, dancers, the Fire Brigade, Police and crew volunteering their time,  filming took place on a (predictably) wet, windy and sun shiney Sunday in April 2013.  Despite the weather, everyone had great fun as they played their part in bringing a bit of LA sunshine to the streets and parks of Govan. Like and share it online  and let’s show the world what we’re made of.

We wonder what Joseph Gordon-Levitt makes of it all?

A massive THANKS to EP Crew and Dance4Life who’s contribution to this film was invaluable.


The Making of 500 Days of (Scottish) Summer
500 Days of (Scottish) Summer


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