Artist In Residence – Urban Sketching Group

Every day we walk down the same streets and visit the same places, yet how often do we forget to take a good look around us? It is only when we take the time to appreciate our surroundings that we start to notice new features and intricate details that we can’t believe we didn’t see before.

Local Artist in Residence, Fiona Fleming would like to invite you to take a fresh new look at the streets and buildings of Govan and join her Urban Sketching Group. Whether a total beginner or more experienced artist, you can learn or brush up on your sketching skills, whilst looking at Govan in a new light.

When – Wednesdays from 1pm-3pm  (from 28th September 2016)
Where – Meet at the Portal AIR Space – 974 Govan Road, Glasgow G51 3AJ
Contact – For further information, contact Fiona Fleming on 07826 112 502.


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