Traditional Today

The aims of the Traditional Today – Community Engagement Shop Front Project were achieved through a series of community engagement activities and workshops.

The new design for the Portal Shop Front project, which put traditional influences into a contemporary context, was developed through a community engaged design process.  Creative activities fostered an appreciation of architecture and design within the built environment of Central Govan, and participants gained a deeper understanding about the contribution of shops to the distinguishing character of their area.

There is a greater awareness about Govan’s Conservation Area status, and of the impact that their area’s Architectural Heritage has on the quality of the built environment and their community.


The workshop participants have engaged enthusiastically with the themes of the project, bringing much personal knowledge and experience of the subjects into the discussions.  Through the project there was a deeper understanding of ways in which the quality of the built environment can be improved, and awareness raised of positive steps currently being taken in Govan towards achieving this goal.Pouncing Community Signwriting


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