Vice Versa

In 2011 we worked with a group of young people from the Pollok Young Carers Project to make a film which highlighted the issues and concerns of young people with caring responsibilities.

The recurring theme that arose in initial discussions was that no-one seemed to understand that their lives were different from other young people their age – they had less time to themselves, had to take on adult responsibilities and faced daily challenges in juggling finances, school work and their social life.

The group decided that the best way to tell their story in film was through drama and, using their own life experience as inspiration, got down to creating their characters and script, learning how to use the film equipment and rehearsing their parts. Their youth workers didn’t get off lightly either, with the group insisting they took on a role too!

Their story tells the tale of Rachael and Jamie-Lee – two girls whose lives couldn’t be further apart but they both have one thing in common…they think their lives suck! However things are about to change when  their lives become magically entangled.


Vice Versa


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