Creative Steps to Wellbeing

Creative Steps to Wellbeing Programme

The programme uses creative participation and peer support to enable people to connect with others, make a contribution to their community and better manage their mental health.

Our approach combines the expertise of health professionals and creative professionals with volunteers with lived experience of mental health difficulties.

To engage those hardest to reach and most isolated we have developed a stepped approach into the community. Read more about some of our projects below…

  1. Creative Steps Programme


    The Creative Steps Programme is a mental health programme which Plantation Productions started in 2014.

  2. Creative Steps: Step 1 – Outreach


    We deliver jewellery making courses as outreach – taking the programme to you. 

  3. Creative Steps: Step 2 – Peer Support Craft Groups


    We deliver weekly craft groups where people can benefit from peer to peer support while learning new skills.

  4. Creative Steps: Step 3 – Wider Participation


    In addition to attending a weekly group there are opportunities to get involved in wider activities.

  5. Govan Allsorts Community Choir


    An inspirational group of local people get together each week to join in voice and heart and make the world a little brighter.

  6. Bead ‘n’ Blether


    Get together to chat, learn new skills and make beautiful pieces of jewellery for yourself, your friends and your family.

  7. Woolly Wednesdays


    This volunteer-led group has a very relaxed vibe as they get together to share their skills in knitting and crochet.



    As part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival we are working with the Glasgow Community Health Partnership to deliver Jewellery Making Courses over a period of 8 weeks.

  9. Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival 2013


    Once again we are proud to play our part in this year’s Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival. This national festival is the largest of its kind in the world, bringing people from all over Scotland together to help raise awareness and reduce stigma around mental health.

  10. Jewellery Making Course (progressors level)


    If you have attended our Beginner’s Course, or have some experience, come along and develop your jewellery making skills at your local library.

  11. The “Mens Den” Planter Project


    Following the success of their ‘Balls ‘n’ Banter’ photography project the men decided they would like to get handy and build something for their community.