Seniors + Intergen

The Portal Seniors’ Film Club has been running in Govan, Glasgow, for the past 6 years, producing some amazing films, from social history documentaries to comedy sketch shows in which they write, act and film. This year to mark the centenary of the First World War they are writing, performing and recording a radio drama based on the characters they have developed from historical accounts. Always up for a challenge, this fantastic group of over 50’s continue to explore their creativity, share their stories and enjoy the banter. New members welcome so come along and have a go at making a movie. Check out some of their compelling work in out film section – they’re certainly creating a rich archive for future generations.

  1. Welcome to Govan


    The welcome videos offers a list of organisations for those arriving who do not know the area and acts as a signposting tool for those in need of advice and support. The videos have been translated by participants into Amharic, Tigrinya and Arabic.

  2. The Portal Seniors Film Club


    This fantastic group of over 50’s meet every week to explore their creativity, share their stories and just enjoy the banter .

  3. ‘Comedy Bytes’


    ‘Comedy Bytes’ is a comedy sketch show written, filmed and performed by the Portal Seniors’ Film Club.

  4. ’50 & COUNTING’


    The Portal Seniors Film Club premiered ’50 and Counting’.

  5. ‘When Pirie met Florence’


    An inspirational, intergenerational media project exploring the lives of Govan people aged 8-94.