Skills + Training

The creative industries sector in Scotland supports over 60,000 jobs and contributes £5 billion to our economy. With a hub of media companies on the Clydeside attracting investment from all over the world, a career in this sector is an increasingly viable option for emerging talent.

Whether you’d like to be the next Spielberg, want to enhance your CV or just enjoy film as a hobby, we can provide a range of informal training opportunities to help you develop your technical and personal skills.

  1. Welcome to Govan


    The welcome videos offers a list of organisations for those arriving who do not know the area and acts as a signposting tool for those in need of advice and support. The videos have been translated by participants into Amharic, Tigrinya and Arabic.

  2. YWCA Heritage Project


    Glasgow YWCA turned 140 years old in 2014. Since 1874 the organisation has been supporting women in the city initially through hostels, prayer circles and Temperance work, and now through family learning, volunteering and After-School Clubs. From January to April 2014 a group of YWCA learners and Plantation filmmakers came together to consider the YWCA story and how to portray it on film.

  3. Quarriers – Schools Transitions Project


    We were commissioned by Quarriers to work with young people from various schools across the South West of Glasgow to produce a short film which explored some of the anxieties faced by p7 pupils in their transition to secondary schools.

  4. Clydeside Story


    Sign up now for sessions in dance, film, drama and music taking place across the South West.

  5. Here’s Tae Your Health


    As part of the GRAND 365 initiative (Getting Real about Alcohol and Drugs) we will be making a film that explores the facts and myths about Scottish culture and its relationship with alcohol.

  6. Diving For Pearls (Film Workshops)


    We were delighted to partner with the Govan Craigton Integration Network on the film element of the Diving For Pearls project.

  7. 500 days of (Scottish) Summer


    Govan takes it own slant on “500 days of Summer” !

  8. Redstone TV – The Wallpaper Trilogy


    In January 2013, the Redstone TV crew put a call out for monologue script submissions of less than 3 minutes to be produced as short films.

  9. Declarations


    Plantation Productions ran a script to screen film project with a group of local people, the theme was the 60th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights.

  10. Redstone TV


    Redstone TV was set up to offer local people, with an interest in film, community and the arts, the chance to create their own content and the opportunity to collaborate with industry professionals. Their first brief was to produce a pilot episode for an online arts magazine show, featuring local music, film, cultural events and […]

  11. Vice Versa


    In 2011 we worked with a group of young people from the Pollok Young Carers Project to make a film which highlighted the issues and concerns of young people with caring responsibilities.

  12. New Opportunities


    New Opportunities was made by a group of young adults to tell their very moving and compelling personal stories about their experiences trying to find employment.

  13. Scroogie


    A group of young people from diverse backgrounds worked together to produce ‘Scroogie’a short film addressing issues of territorialism and gang culture.

  14. Charlie


    In 2009, the Portal Kids Film Club decided to make a film that tackled the serious issues of drugs and alcohol.