St. Andrews Day concert – 30th November

Seniors + Intergen

What a fantastic night…there was singing, dancing and a film too!

The film called,‘Time and Time again’ was about Govan in the 1970’s. The seniors’ acting was spectacular and gritty making a really captivating film with historical accuracy.

The atmosphere was electric  as the seniors took to the stage. They sang their hearts out, and read out some of their own poems. Jack’s had the audience laughing out loud where as Bob had penned a very thought provoking, soul-searching poem

They did themselves proud!

We also had the pleasure of the Govan Allsorts choir who wore tartan skirts and performed a dance routine, they were ‘geen it laldy’ with old Scottish Songs, we danced the night away!

What a cracking night full of fun, laughter and singing!

A special shout out to Frankie and Alison who were unable to make it in person on the night but were there in spirit!

Frankie thank you for the gorgeous flowers!

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By Bethany Miller

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