AFM ONLINE: Video Game Character Design Challenge


Hi all,

This week AFM have selected the challenge to create video game characters. You can design as many or as few characters as you like.
You can draw the character using a simple but effective pen and paper, you could go for some cosplay and get some photos dressed up as the character, or if you’re feeling fancy/ technical you could draw them on an iPad or a laptop.

Although we are setting this challenge for the AFM club, we’d be really happy for anyone else to participate, whether you attend Plantation or not. You can share your work with us via our facebook page or twitter @PlantationP.


The main character: for this one you have complete freedom to unleash your imagination.

The evil one: a thief, a monster or maybe a witch? You may want to think about their relationship to the main character. Are they enemies, if so, why? What threat do they pose to the character or the world that they are a part of? Make them as gruesome or perilous as you wish.

The helper: whether a wizard with great wisdom, a trusty side-kick or a kind stranger, this character will lend your main character a helping hand.

Tip #1: Create a moodboard of ideas from video games, films or books that you enjoy.

Tip #2: Clothing and silhouette can be two of the most eye-catching and memorable components to your character.

Useful Resources – blog post on creating video game characters – video on 10 principles of character illustration – character designs and what we learned from them – video game character design how to – character design step by step drawing how to – and finally for a bit of fun, buzzfeed quiz on which video game character you are

AFM – Remember that we will be sharing our designs and ideas on Wednesday so get them to us BY TUESDAY via Telegram or email. We can’t wait to see what you come up with 🙂

By Lorna Spada

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