Govan’s GIANT Scavenger Hunt!

Welcome to Govan’s GIANT Scavenger Hunt!

You can pick up a copy at the Govan HELP foodbank,  Make do & Grow, the Park Terrace Cafe, Moogety Foodpoint, and Dig In Community Greengrocer. *Check back here for upcoming details on where else you can pick up a copy.*
You can also print your own by clicking this link. When printing on A4 paper be sure to print on both sides, and flip on the short edge to be able to fold and create your own booklet. 

Check out the map for the scavenger hunt below. You can submit your entries to the prize draw HEREwhere you’ll also find the full set of questions, if you’d rather use a device to complete the Scavenger hunt.

Find out when the next prize draw will be held, and the top prizes for this draw here.

For Scavenger Hunt challenge questions in plain text (for text to speech or translation) you can click on this link. See here for full terms and conditions.

Our thanks to Govan’s Covid-19 Temporary Emergency Fund  for supporting the development of this activity.