WOT A DAY Screening

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We were delighted to have the long awaited screening of “WOT A DAY” on Monday the 23rd of September. Written, Acted, Directed, by a group of young people through Quarriers Opt In Project, from three different school, Lourdes Secondary, Ross Hall Academy and Bellahouston Academy.

The ten minute film tackles the often overlooked problem of Transition. Moving from Primary School up to High School. It follows a young girl as she lives through her first day of high school, realizing all her fears. However, the story takes a twist, when the girl gets the chance to “REWIND” the day, and live it the way she wants. Sad Lucy Happy Lucy

Headed up by Colin Simpson, the Opt In team have worked with young people in this area for many years, and recognize the use of film as part of the overall learning package.

Deciding to have the young people themselves who have had their own difficulties, to make the film allowed for a real look at the issues, whist giving the young people themselves a chance to deal with their own issues, make new friends, learn some new skills and hopefully have fun at the same time.

Plantation has always been delighted to be part of Quarries Opt In Project’s ongoing work.



By DC Barclay

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