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Young People

As we approach the end of Mental Health Awareness Week  amid news of plans for a phased easing of the lockdown, we have been thinking  a lot about young people, and how they have experienced the challenging circumstances we have found ourselves in.

In terms of Mental Health and wellbeing, there are lots of resources out there for young people (and parents.)  The links below will take you to a lot of valuable and non-judgemental advice and information, including phonelines, because talking about your feelings or issues with someone outwith your family/ social circle can really help. They are well worth a look if you are finding things difficult right now, and just as worth it if you want to help the people you care about, or just understand what’s out there.

The Plantation Youth Team is in the process of developing a project focussing on Youth Mental Health, supported by the Creative Steps Programme. We’re really looking forward to learning with and from our youth participants about positive actions we can all take to promote positive mental health and resilience in young people.

Sending warmth and support out to the young people we work with, and those we don’t (and those who care for and about them.)

Online Resources for Young People (Adults, you’ll find information on these websites too)

There are loads of great videos on youtube that can help promote wellbeing.  Yoga, a whole load of different breathing videos like this and this, and lots of meditation and mindfulness videos.*

*yes, pretty much everybody feels awkward and/ or fidgety the first few times they try them out! It’s worth trying them again.

By Chani Bond

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