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  1. The Weather Outside is Frightful!

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    Well, Santa Claus has only 13 short weeks to get all his toys ready for the good girls and boys. With this in mind, The Seniors Film Club running every Thursday have taken some time out of their documentary on World War One, and begun preparation for their up and coming production of “Christmas Memories” a mix of Live performance, Video and even Radio.

    The group will explore Christmas and what it means to them, as well as taking up Christmas Challenges such as making their own traditional toys and Christmas Decorations, Writing and Performing Christmas Poem and Songs and even getting into the kitchen for a special Christmas Master Chef.

    They also will take on the roles of  Ebenezer Scrooge, Bob Cratchit, and The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future, as they perform a live radio performance of Charles Dickens immortal classic “A Christmas Carol”

    There will be no “Bah Humbugs!” By the time we get done. Govan won’t have felt this festive since Bing Crosby danced with Danny Kay.

    Lets jingle all the way.


  2. WOT A DAY Screening

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    We were delighted to have the long awaited screening of “WOT A DAY” on Monday the 23rd of September. Written, Acted, Directed, by a group of young people through Quarriers Opt In Project, from three different school, Lourdes Secondary, Ross Hall Academy and Bellahouston Academy.

    The ten minute film tackles the often overlooked problem of Transition. Moving from Primary School up to High School. It follows a young girl as she lives through her first day of high school, realizing all her fears. However, the story takes a twist, when the girl gets the chance to “REWIND” the day, and live it the way she wants. Sad Lucy Happy Lucy

    Headed up by Colin Simpson, the Opt In team have worked with young people in this area for many years, and recognize the use of film as part of the overall learning package.

    Deciding to have the young people themselves who have had their own difficulties, to make the film allowed for a real look at the issues, whist giving the young people themselves a chance to deal with their own issues, make new friends, learn some new skills and hopefully have fun at the same time.

    Plantation has always been delighted to be part of Quarries Opt In Project’s ongoing work.



  3. Big Heap Thanks To You All For Subscribing :)

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    A big hello to you!!

    Plantation just wants to say a HUGE and heartfelt thank you to you for signing up to our blog and we hope that you are enjoying hearing of our exploits.

    As you’ll likely know its all go-go-go here (just for a change…)  The kid’s creative summer camp finished on a high with the Plantation day out to Blair Drummond Safari Park last month; The ‘Here’s Tae Yer Health’ film had its premiere in a fun-packed night just last week; and the crafts taster workshops proved to be a soaring success last month as the places were quickly snapped up AND on top of all that we still have our usual and ongoing workshops and projects to be getting on with: Bead ‘n Blether and Portal Seniors’ Film Club; to name but a few.

    We would love it if you could help us reach 100 subscribers, by telling friends, family and colleagues alike about our website and blog.  Everyone who subscribes will have the chance to win an iPad mini and the winner will be chosen at random once we’ve reached or gotten as close to our target as we can.

    So spread the word,  cross your fingers, search for a four-leaf clover and you never know…you may just be that lucky one.

    Good luck!

    And until next time…


  4. “Here’s Tae Yer Health” – We’re nearly there!


    We’ve locked DC in a cupboard and he’s not allowed out until he’s got the edit ready for the big premiere on Tuesday. He didn’t have that beard when he started, but don’t worry – we can assure you that no filmmakers were harmed in the making of this movie.

    In case you’ve missed the previous blog the screening will take place at the Pearce Institute from 7pm – 10pm, followed by a Q and A with the filmmakers and live music from the Govan Allsorts and The Jaggy Nettles.

    Download the poster here, and feel free to pass on to your pals…
    Here’s Tae Yer Health

  5. Home Sweet Home Crafts Week

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    Gallery 966 was a busy bee hive of activity last week for our “Home Sweet Home” Crafts Week. Almost 70 enthusiastic people enjoyed one of the crafts on offer and went away with their hand-crafted item and the ‘feel good’ factor! Crafts really make us feel connected, I think. Connected to our ancestors making out of necessity and connected to other people now making for pleasure. A week in pictures says it all!
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