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  1. World War One Radio Drama

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    Following our very successful and highly exclaimed “Christmas Carol” Radio drama Plantation’s seniors who have now teamed with the Wonderful Sunny Govan Radio, have been working tirelessly on their world war one radio news drama, which will will depict the lives of several fictitious Govanites, who are based upon real people, as they live and die through this senseless war.

    Heather from Sunny Govan along with her incredibly talented son Alex came along to join in and get a flavor of what the group have been working on, and give us their ideas.

    We have almost completed our research of the events and have begun working on character profiles, some based upon real people, real events and real emotions. We also began improvisations between characters which generated a scene that was electrifying to watch, and let us begin to breath life into the characters.

    Even though the group had fun and there were , as usual lots of laughs, a true understanding and reverence for those who lived through the war, and keeping things light then becomes a tool that can give us a breath from some of the harrowing information we are uncovering.

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