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  1. Time Out’s many skills

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    Crafting really is a joy that keeps on giving, here at Time Out we’ve recently finished a block of 4 master class craft sessions with Anni from Glasgow’s own Damselfly Crafts.

    We’ve learnt:

    • How to make our own paper beads, and use them in a bracelet
    • How to make ornamental flowers out of old books and paper
    • How to make stylish flower brooches out of organza and felt
    • How to make fab pop up ‘box’ greeting cards

    And we know that we can still learn so much more!

    To find out more about Time Out’s classes and events, contact us.

  2. They’re baaaaaaaack!!!!!

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    So after almost 3 weeks on from the Portal Highland Games Summer Camp, our little highland warriors are back at the Kidz Club,  all refreshed and looking forward to our next project. Today we relaxed with some games and arts & crafts, and discussed what we are doing next. Check out how much fun we had during the summer in our short video. Special thanks to Peter SaintMartin for editing.




  3. Four, Four, Two?

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    So tonight’s Drop-In was a success, after 2 weeks off, the boys are back and needed no ‘extra time’ coming up with a new project idea, and if you haven’t figured it out by now, they are planning to start their own football team. It was fantastic to be a part of their vision and watch as they each assigned their roles, from manager to positions and who will seek out sponsors. Plantation Productions will be documenting the whole process, so stay tuned for updates on their progress.

  4. By Yon Bonnie Banks

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    After a lovely morning singing in the streets of Govan – much to the amusement of passers by and residents – the Govan Allsorts Community Choir and Plantation film crew, headed to the banks of Loch Lomond to film some scenes as part of our “With A Song in Your Heart” project.

    For once, the back of the bus COULD sing, while we all got to take in some of Scotland’s most stunning scenery.

    The final film, part of a partnership with the Scottish Screen Archive, will be shown in October as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival…for now here are some more photos of the day, courtesy of Gerry Gilmartin.

  5. On yer bike guys

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    For the past 6 weeks our Betweener’s group have been involved in a bike workshop with our lovely friends at The Coming Home Centre at the Pearce Institute. The boys each got to choose a bike that they would then fix up, clean up and ride it home to keep as their own. It was lovely to watch the young boys really take charge (some who liked to delegate) and be able to cycle away on their bikes that they worked so hard on. We cannot thank enough, the very kind and patient volunteers who put all they had into making the project a success.



  6. The Create Crew are Into Film

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    As part of ‘Into Film‘ the Create Crew have spent the last few days devising, scripting, casting, crewing-up, designing and building sets, and much, much more for their fantastic short film on Anti-Bullying. All their hard work and focus has paid off and today they are ready to film!

    Check back here for updates on the Create Crew’s tremendous film with a modern take on Anti-Bullying.

    Supported by the BFI, and a range of other funders, Into Film is building on the work of two former film education charities, FILMCLUB and First Light, to deliver film-based programmes to children and young people across the UK.