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This week, during our digital youth work session with our Ambition For Media group, we paused our usual creative activities and games to make space to discuss the current events surrounding police brutality and racial tensions in the US. During their insightful and moving conversation, one of the young people shared a significant gospel song which resonated with her. The lyric from this song rings very true: “when black boys are killed, we need to say something, and if we don’t say something, we are saying something.”

We took a moment to watch the trailer for ‘Riot from Wrong’ created by Fully Focused Productions, reminding us that these tensions and issues are not unique to the US.

A conclusion which arose from our discussion was the necessity for white people to really open their eyes to racism around them, and take the time to explore uncomfortable truths. There is a lot of powerful media that serves as helpful resources to educate and raise awareness. A quick google of “anti-racist [books/ films/ podcasts/ etc” is a good start. As film enthusiasts we have gathered a small selection of films, exploring relevant themes, which you can see below.

Riot From Wrong
“On the 4th day of the riots, in the face of the devastation and destruction, surrounded by negativity and misconception, 19 passionate young people from across London came together to take positive action.
The critically acclaimed, eye opening documentary RIOT FROM WRONG is a result of that positive action.”


Full Film:

The Death and Life of Marsha P Johnson
“Marsha P Johnson was an American gay liberation activist and self-identified “transvestite and drag queen” who used she/her pronouns. She was also a key player in the 1969 Stonewall uprising. Though her untimely death was initially ruled a suicide, this documentary sees activist Victoria Cruz try to find justice for her friend.”


Full documentary viewable on Netflix

Black and Scottish
“Racism is not just an American issue, as this BBC watch proves.
Featuring the likes of Ncuti Gatwa (Sex Education) and other prominent Black Scots, this short documentary sees film-maker Stewart Kyasimire ask, ‘what does it really mean to be Black and Scottish?’”

Watch on BBC iplayer:

Glasgow’s Slave Trade Past Is All Around Us
On a similar note, this short YouTube video from BBC The Social highlights Glasgow’s history with the slave trade:

Finally, viewing some videos on YouTube is a way to donate money to Black Lives Matter through simply pressing play. Revenue from adverts will be donated to BLM charities, check out the link for more information:

By Lorna Spada

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