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  1. Govan’s Easter Egg Hunt

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    A socially distanced chalk spray Easter egg hunt in Govan (please note not actual Easter Eggs), with a prize draw on May 4th. There are 5 * £10 voucher prizes up for grabs.

    This is open only to families in Govan as part of their daily exercise. People from other areas should not be travelling to the area as per public health guidance.

    There are two hunts for families to complete, one in Elder Park & one on Govan Riverside. Only one needs to be completed to enter the prize draw. The link to enter will be added to this post once the chalk spray eggs have been ‘hidden’.

    Parents are responsible for the health and safety of their children at all times, and must ensure that they keep appropriate social distancing at all times.
    Please enjoy the chalk spray obstacle course while you are out and about (and again make sure that proper social distancing is maintained).

    GOOD LUCK, STAY SAFE & HAVE FUN!! Check out the event page on facebook for more information and updates.

    We have organised this activity with Fairfield Heritage, Friends of Elder Park, The Govan Stones Project, Make do & Grow, Moogety Grubhub, & Urban Roots.



  2. Govan’s Easter Egg Hunt!

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    A socially distanced chalk spray Easter egg hunt in Govan (**please note not actual Easter Eggs), with a prize draw on May 4th. There are 5 * £10 voucher prizes up for grabs.
    This is open only to families in Govan as part of their daily exercise. People from other areas should not be travelling to the area as per public health guidance.
    There are two hunts for families to complete, one in Elder Park & one on Govan Riverside. Only one needs to be completed to enter the prize draw. The link to enter will be added to this post once the chalk spray eggs have been ‘hidden’.
    Parents are responsible for the health and safety of their children at all times, and must ensure that they keep appropriate social distancing at all times.
    Please enjoy the chalk spray obstacle course while you are out and about (and again make sure that proper social distancing is maintained).
    GOOD LUCK, STAY SAFE & HAVE FUN!! Check out the event page on facebook for more information and updates.
    This activity has been organised with Fairfield Heritage, Friends of Elder Park, The Govan Stones Project, Make do & Grow, Moogety Grubhub, & Urban Roots.
  3. Govan’s GIANT Scavenger Hunt is BACK!

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    We’re excited to be continuing the Scavenger Hunt as an outdoor Activity in Govan.

    We hope that completing the Scavenger Hunt will be a good reason for folk to get outside for some fresh air and exercise,  perhaps learn something new about Govan, and (of course) be in with the chance of winning a prize!

    FIRST PRIZE £50 voucher
    SECOND PRIZE £25 voucher
    THIRD PRIZE £15 voucher

    The next prize draw will be the 4th May 2021, GOOD LUCK! Start the Scavenger hunt NOW!

    Please get in touch if you would like to request copies for your school, group, or organisation. You can contact us via social media, or email

  4. Get going on Govan’s GIANT Scavenger Hunt!

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    There is just under 3 weeks to complete the Scavenger Hunt and enter the prize draw, with a top prize of a £50 voucher up for grabs! The closing date for entering the prize draw is FRIDAY 24th JULY at 12 NOON.

    For full terms and conditions, and to take part in the scavenger hunt online, head over to the Scavenger Hunt page.

    You can now pick up paper copies of the Scavenger Hunt from:

    Gallery 966, 966 Govan Road – Tuesdays & Thursdays, 11am – 1pm

    The Preshal Trust, 8 Aboukir St – available with meal distribution. See their facebook page for further info on hours.

    GYIP kids lunch distribution. See their facebook page for further details about locations and times.

    The Park Terrace Cafe, 1121 Govan Road. See their facebook page for opening hours.

    There will also be copies distributed via Make do & Grow’s creative packs, and available outside Govan HELP‘s family foodbank service.


    Our thanks to Govan’s Covid-19 Temporary Emergency Fund  for supporting the development of this activity.

  5. Black Lives Matter

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    This week, during our digital youth work session with our Ambition For Media group, we paused our usual creative activities and games to make space to discuss the current events surrounding police brutality and racial tensions in the US. During their insightful and moving conversation, one of the young people shared a significant gospel song which resonated with her. The lyric from this song rings very true: “when black boys are killed, we need to say something, and if we don’t say something, we are saying something.”

    We took a moment to watch the trailer for ‘Riot from Wrong’ created by Fully Focused Productions, reminding us that these tensions and issues are not unique to the US.

    A conclusion which arose from our discussion was the necessity for white people to really open their eyes to racism around them, and take the time to explore uncomfortable truths. There is a lot of powerful media that serves as helpful resources to educate and raise awareness. A quick google of “anti-racist [books/ films/ podcasts/ etc” is a good start. As film enthusiasts we have gathered a small selection of films, exploring relevant themes, which you can see below.

    Riot From Wrong
    “On the 4th day of the riots, in the face of the devastation and destruction, surrounded by negativity and misconception, 19 passionate young people from across London came together to take positive action.
    The critically acclaimed, eye opening documentary RIOT FROM WRONG is a result of that positive action.”


    Full Film:

    The Death and Life of Marsha P Johnson
    “Marsha P Johnson was an American gay liberation activist and self-identified “transvestite and drag queen” who used she/her pronouns. She was also a key player in the 1969 Stonewall uprising. Though her untimely death was initially ruled a suicide, this documentary sees activist Victoria Cruz try to find justice for her friend.”


    Full documentary viewable on Netflix

    Black and Scottish
    “Racism is not just an American issue, as this BBC watch proves.
    Featuring the likes of Ncuti Gatwa (Sex Education) and other prominent Black Scots, this short documentary sees film-maker Stewart Kyasimire ask, ‘what does it really mean to be Black and Scottish?’”

    Watch on BBC iplayer:

    Glasgow’s Slave Trade Past Is All Around Us
    On a similar note, this short YouTube video from BBC The Social highlights Glasgow’s history with the slave trade:

    Finally, viewing some videos on YouTube is a way to donate money to Black Lives Matter through simply pressing play. Revenue from adverts will be donated to BLM charities, check out the link for more information:

  6. Creative Steps: Collective Craft Project #MHAW2020

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    Over the last week, our Creative Steps participants have worked together to create a collective project from home to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week.

    With the theme for this year being kindness, we had plenty of inspiration and ideas for how to interpret this as a craft project.

    The campaign, led by the Mental Health Foundation, emphasises the importance of being kind to both yourself and others. They highlight the benefits of doing so and provide many suggestions for simple acts of kindness that can make a significant difference to our wellbeing.

    You can read their guide on why kindness matters here.

    Our aim was to create a collective project made up of individually designed rainbow themed tiles.

    Rainbows are a great symbol of kindness, compassion and caring – there are many currently displayed in windows across the city to show solidarity. This theme also enabled us to be as open and creative as possible with the colour scheme.

    Participants were invited to take part by submitting a photo of their tile design, detailed in their weekly Crafting Post Packs. We sent out instructions and templates to work from, but left the actual decorating open to any interpretation.

    We were very impressed with the range of materials used and ideas  – everything from stitching, modelling clay and sequins to pencil, pens and glitter.

    Thank you to everyone who took part in this crafting project. We hope that you enjoyed the challenge and like the final result as much as we do.

  7. Youth Mental Health Matters

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    As we approach the end of Mental Health Awareness Week  amid news of plans for a phased easing of the lockdown, we have been thinking  a lot about young people, and how they have experienced the challenging circumstances we have found ourselves in.

    In terms of Mental Health and wellbeing, there are lots of resources out there for young people (and parents.)  The links below will take you to a lot of valuable and non-judgemental advice and information, including phonelines, because talking about your feelings or issues with someone outwith your family/ social circle can really help. They are well worth a look if you are finding things difficult right now, and just as worth it if you want to help the people you care about, or just understand what’s out there.

    The Plantation Youth Team is in the process of developing a project focussing on Youth Mental Health, supported by the Creative Steps Programme. We’re really looking forward to learning with and from our youth participants about positive actions we can all take to promote positive mental health and resilience in young people.

    Sending warmth and support out to the young people we work with, and those we don’t (and those who care for and about them.)

    Online Resources for Young People (Adults, you’ll find information on these websites too)

    There are loads of great videos on youtube that can help promote wellbeing.  Yoga, a whole load of different breathing videos like this and this, and lots of meditation and mindfulness videos.*

    *yes, pretty much everybody feels awkward and/ or fidgety the first few times they try them out! It’s worth trying them again.

  8. Creative Steps: A Journey to Wellbeing – Film Launch

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    As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, we are launching our short film: Creative Steps – A Journey to Wellbeing.

    This film looks at the work of our Creative Steps Programme, which uses creative participation to promote positive mental health. Based on a three step progression model, we deliver craft classes in outreach health settings and at our community base in Govan, as well as offering wider participation activities and events.

    Through demonstrating the work that we do, we can advocate for the use of peer support and creativity as a tool for positive wellbeing by showing how truly effective this can be.

    To bring a range of voices and experiences to the film, we worked with participants of the service, who have enduring mental health issues, and health professionals from our network of referrers and outreach contacts.

    You can view the film below, or alternatively click here for further information.


    We see the film as being a great starting point for conversations around creative participation and wellbeing.

    Get involved and let us know what you think.

  9. AFM ONLINE: Creative Home TikTok Challenge

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    This week the AFM crew set themselves the challenge to learn a TikTok dance, specifically Blinded by the Lights by the Weeknd. 

    Are YOU up for the challenge? You can check out the tutorial here.

    Although we are setting this challenge for the AFM club, we’d be really happy for anyone else to participate (especially the kidz club members!) whether you attend Plantation or not. You can share your clip with us via our facebook page or twitter @PlantationP.

    Pro Tip for Parents – The official age for for young people to have a TikTok account is 13. Check out helpful tips from the NSPCC about managing risks around app usage here

  10. Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week

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    In honour of Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week as a part of Mental Health Awareness Month, we wanted to reach out to the mothers of our Youth Groups’ kids (as well as any other mums who might be stopping by).

    We wanted to say that we recognise what an extraordinary job you are doing through this difficult time, even on the days when you don’t have the energy to do everything as perfectly or even as averagely as you wish you could. We know how much strain you are under to keep things ‘normal’ and safe-feeling for everyone else, and how easy it is to forget your own needs in that. We hope that you have people who you find it safe and easy to talk to about how you are feeling when you are facing struggles. Nobody should feel like they have to face them alone. Don’t forget that organisations like the Samaritans were set up so that everybody would have someone safe to talk to.

    We have heard from some mums that the Action for Happiness calendar is a great tool for finding small manageable moments for happier and kinder days, even with a busy schedule, so we have attached the May calendar below. The theme for this month is ‘Meaningful May’ – why not try it for the month and see if you reap any benefits? We’ve included a few other links below incase they are useful to you.

    Stay safe & be kind (to yourself!)


    My Mum’s Sari by Scottish poet and mother Bashabi Fraser

    I love my mother’s sari on the washing line
    Flapping like a giant flag, which I pretend is mine.

    I love its silky softness when it’s folded to a square
    Which I can roll into a ball and pretend it isn’t there.

    I love to hold its free bit that swings over mum’s back
    And wrap it round my shoulders, like a potato in a sack.

    I love the pleats that fall in shape and spread out like a fan
    Where my kid brother crouches and says ‘catch me if you can.’

    I love to wash my dirty hands at the kitchen sink
    And wipe them on mum’s sari before she can even blink.

    But when she takes her anchal and ties it round her waist
    I know it’s time for battle and a quick escape is best!



    (Click the picture for a bigger version that you can download)


    Govan Ward Mutual Aid group on Facebook
    Scottish Women’s Aid
    Action For Happiness
    Maternal Mental Health Scotland
    Perinatal Mental Health in the time of COVID-19

    We will be sharing more resources and content for Mental Health Awareness month later in the month, so keep your eyes peeled.

  11. Home Crafting with Creative Steps

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    Keeping connected and maintaining positive wellbeing is important, and creativity is an effective tool to promote this. Though our Creative Steps groups are not currently running, our distance services during the closure include: creative post packs, an online resource with tutorials, and soon we will have digital classes running for participants to access.

    Our sixth creative pack will be sent out next week, bringing the total to 465 packs delivered to our participants.

    Based on three themes – wellbeing, health and creativity – we try to fit as many engaging activities as we can into each envelope.

    In the last month, we have received a number of photos from participants to show what they have been making at home. It has been lovely to see different interpretations of a task and the incredible, vibrant colours used throughout.


    Vanessa, our very creative tutor, has been busy developing activities for our blog. Some highlights over the past few weeks include: decoupage glass decorating, sun catchers, nature inspired sketching, homemade body scrub and diamond crafting.

    Each of these crafts can be made using items that you may already have in your house. Many involve upcycling or reusing old items in some way to create something new.

    New tutorials will be added every week.

    These craft tutorials are available for all. If you want to do something creative, why not give one a try? Take a look here.


    In the next month, look out for:

    • Regular post packs, filled with activities and resources.
    • Weekly updates and new activities on our blog.
    • The start of our digital classes.


    Stay safe, well and creative.


  12. AFM ONLINE: Video Game Character Design Challenge

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    Hi all,

    This week AFM have selected the challenge to create video game characters. You can design as many or as few characters as you like.
    You can draw the character using a simple but effective pen and paper, you could go for some cosplay and get some photos dressed up as the character, or if you’re feeling fancy/ technical you could draw them on an iPad or a laptop.

    Although we are setting this challenge for the AFM club, we’d be really happy for anyone else to participate, whether you attend Plantation or not. You can share your work with us via our facebook page or twitter @PlantationP.


    The main character: for this one you have complete freedom to unleash your imagination.

    The evil one: a thief, a monster or maybe a witch? You may want to think about their relationship to the main character. Are they enemies, if so, why? What threat do they pose to the character or the world that they are a part of? Make them as gruesome or perilous as you wish.

    The helper: whether a wizard with great wisdom, a trusty side-kick or a kind stranger, this character will lend your main character a helping hand.

    Tip #1: Create a moodboard of ideas from video games, films or books that you enjoy.

    Tip #2: Clothing and silhouette can be two of the most eye-catching and memorable components to your character.

    Useful Resources – blog post on creating video game characters – video on 10 principles of character illustration – character designs and what we learned from them – video game character design how to – character design step by step drawing how to – and finally for a bit of fun, buzzfeed quiz on which video game character you are

    AFM – Remember that we will be sharing our designs and ideas on Wednesday so get them to us BY TUESDAY via Telegram or email. We can’t wait to see what you come up with 🙂

  13. Plantation Updates

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    We hope that you are all doing well and enjoying the sunshine- even if it is from indoors.

    Plantation Productions remains closed due to Covid-19, however we have continued to provide support and inspiring activities for our participants and community, as well as working together to develop exciting plans for the future.

    Some highlights from the last few weeks:Two Creative Steps care packages have been sent out, featuring an array of creative activities that can be done at home with simple materials, as well as info on staying healthy and calm. 

    • A Creative Steps blog has been set up, with plenty of fun creative activities and can be found here: I fancy trying out the sewing tutorial myself!

    • Ambition For Media digital sessions will begin next Wednesday. Each week our participants will vote on the activities that the Youth Team offer, from photography competitions to horror story writing.
    • We will be sharing at home activities for young people and kids on our social media, under the themes of ‘stay active’ ‘stay calm’ ‘stay informed’ and ‘stay entertained’.
    • Two care packages for our Seniors Film Club have been sent out, highlights of which included the Govan Quiz, seated yoga and info on local resources.

    Let us know if you have enjoyed our distance activities, and if you have any suggestions for anything you’d like to see during the upcoming weeks.

    Take care and stay safe!


  14. Stay Safe, Stay Creative

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    To ensure that we stay connected and creative, we have released our first round of activity packs for our Creative Steps group members.

    Doing something creative, in whatever form this may be, can be extremely beneficial for our wellbeing. It also helps us to keep busy and is a fun way to spend time.

    Creative Steps participants will have received the first letter last week, consisting of creative activities, a wellbeing sheet, an update letter and a mini copy of our latest newsletter.

    For our seniors, Lorna made up an engaging and enjoyable pack with film-based activities, a vocal exercise and a list of useful resources.


    To connect digitally, we have made a temporary online resource full of activities and ideas. This will be updated every week with new tutorials and news. Click here to take a look.

    We are considering further ways to keep connected during this time and will keep you all updated with any ideas we have.

    If you make any of the activities in the blog or post packs, please send us a photo – we would love to see what you create.

    We hope that you are all staying safe and well during this time.  

  15. International Women’s Month

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    “Teach her that the idea of ‘gender roles’ is absolute nonsense. Do not ever tell her that she should or should not do something because she is a girl. ‘Because you are a girl’ is never reason for anything. Ever.” – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

    Happy International Women’s Month from Plantation Productions.

    Over the last week, our Kidz Club have been busy creating zines in celebration of women and girls who inspire them. We learned about International Women’s Day, zine-making and most importantly, we all had the chance to appreciate the incredible women in our lives. 

  16. Random Act of Kindness Week

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    “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” – Caroline Flack

    This week is #RandomActofKindnessWeek. In light of recent tragic events, a week that celebrates spreading kindness could not have come at a better time. 

    It is important to see kindness as an essential part of our nature and lifestyle, not something completely random, although the following ‘random’ acts are a good way to start. Although some may seem little to you, they will definitely have a big impact on someone else’s day:

         1. Donate or gift a form of media that has inspired you.

    This could be a song, film or book that has had a positive and uplifting impact on your life.

    It’s completely free of cost and not only may it inspire someone as much as it did for you, but it will let the receiver know that you are thinking of them. Can’t think of someone who would appreciate it? Donate it to a library, charitable organisation or second hand shop. 

         2. Leave a supportive comment on someone’s social media.

    Simple! Be nice to someone online today. And next time you think of commenting something negative online, take a moment to question how this will be perceived by others.

         3. Journal your gratitude. 

    Gratitude journaling is a bit of a fancy way of saying write down what you are grateful for. This could be in a diary, post-it, or even your phone notes. Maybe you are grateful for your body (show yourself some kindness!), your dog or a friend. If someone specific pops into your head share the love and let them know. Look back on what you have written if you are ever feeling blue.

         4. Prepare someone a home-cooked meal.

    It could be someone that you love, or a stranger that you think needs it. Eat with them (no phones or distractions) and enjoy each other’s company as well as the beautiful meal that you have created from scratch.

         5. Write a card or letter to someone from the past who impacted you positively.

    ‘Dear old friend…’ Is there someone who you are sometimes reminded of, that you wish to thank or don’t talk to as much as you should? This is the sign that you should reach out to them. Can’t think of anyone? Write to your younger self and admire just how far you have come. 

    Let us know if you try any out!

  17. Awards for our Advanced Sewing Class

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    Our advanced sewing class were given the opportunity to complete a SCQF Level 3 Qualification in Basic Sewing Skills, thanks to Glasgow Clyde College.

    The twelve-week course taught participants a range of skills and tested learning using both practical and written demonstrations. Participants were asked to complete a cushion as their main project, using beautiful tartan fabrics. These were decorated using images such as dogs, stags and thistles. Hopefully these beautiful cushions are being proudly displayed in people’s homes!






    Everyone taking part successfully completed the course and received a certificate to evidence their learning. Congratulations to all of our participants for your hard work and commitment.

    Thanks, as always, to our talented and very patient tutor Morag, who delivered the course and helped every participant to succeed.

  18. Seniors 2020

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    Seniors Film Club 2020

    Over the last few months,the seniors club have been writing and rehearsing their very own play. It will be filled with festive celebrations, mad costumes and jokes aplenty- but let’s not give too much away! Although the play is set during a ‘wild’ New Years party (so wild that the DJ can’t get the speakers working…) we have been taking a very calm approach to rehearsals. In order to promote wellbeing and increase self-esteem, our seniors begin each session with breathing exercises, stretches and even some tongue twisters to loosen up their vocal cords. Everyone say it with me: ‘Ommmmm’…

  19. A Creative Start to 2020

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    Happy New Year to you all!

    To celebrate the start of a new year, our groups have been busy creating vision boards to reflect on positive emotions and what we want to achieve.

    Our tutor Vanessa encouraged participants to think about colours, patterns and images that appeal to them based on emotional themes such as feeling calmed or energised.

    These boards are a great way of using creativity to explore what is important to us.




    2019: What Have We Been Doing?

    2019 was a great year for Creative Steps, with the project continuing to grow. We reached many new people, started a new weekly community-based group in Gallery 966 and held outreach classes at new locations across South Glasgow, including Pollok.

    Additional activities throughout the year included a new Photography class for beginners, a certificated class in Machine Sewing (in partnership with Glasgow Clyde College) and volunteer led classes in Dreamcatcher Design and Crochet.







    The launch of our volunteering programme in July was a success, with a number of people taking part in roles such as service advocates, befrienders and class tutors. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has volunteered their time with us.

    In December we said goodbye to Tina, our service Manager, who built Creative Steps into the successful project that it is today. Tina made a huge impact during her time at Plantation Productions – both in developing a project that is so vital for our community, and also advocating for the use of creative participation as a source of support for individuals with mental health issues. Her leaving party was well attended by many of our participants and was a wonderful and emotional celebration. Tina will be greatly missed – we wish her the best of luck.


    Going forward, we have many exciting crafts and activities planned which we look forward to sharing with you.

    We wish you all a happy and creative 2020.


  20. Right to Fight!

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    At a time of endless political turmoil and uncertainty we could all do with a bit of positivity in our lives….

    Cue AFM’s awesome Right to Fight video!

    It certainly makes us feel a bit more hopeful for the future seeing young people who are switched on about their rights, and aware of what is happening in the world around them.

    You can find out more about the project here, but for now enjoy a headphones moment with The Ambition for Media group’s ‘Right to Fight!’


  21. A spooktacular Halloween!

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    The kidz club have been carrying out some really interesting and spooooooky science experiments this month leading up to Halloween, making enchanting potions, concoctions, and some very…poorly looking pumpkins.

    But this week is party time,  and having a great time celebrating all things gloriously ghoulish.

    Faces: painted✔️
    Apples: dooked ✔️
    Mummies: wrapped ✔️
    Spooky Cookies: decorated ✔️
    Musical bumps: bumped✔️
    Musical statues: frozen ✔️
    Monster Catwalk: Stomped✔️
    Treats: munched ✔️
    Lots and lots of other games: played✔️

    Now for a really scary thought…only 54 days until Christmas.
    No, we won’t mention that yet……


  22. New Job Available at Plantation Productions

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    An exciting opportunity is available at Plantation Productions on a 12 month contract for an Admin/Project Support Assistant working 25 hours over 5 days.  This post would suit someone starting out in their career, looking to take their skills to the next level.  It is a varied role working with a small team.

    The job is funded through the SCVO Community Jobs scheme and all candidates must meet the criteria set (see ).  Application and eligibility forms are available at your local job centre and you must be unemployed at the time of application.

    Your duties will include assisting the Office Manager with the day to day administration of a community arts and media charity.  To assist other members of staff as required and set up/support projects and groups running within the charity.

    • Answering the phone and passing on messages to relevant staff
    • Responding to information requires from the local community
    • Maintaining general office supplies
    • Opening/closing the charities premises
    • Setting up for meetings and group activities
    • Research, note and record keeping
    • Maintaining files and contacts databases
    • General administrative duties
    • Marketing, including social media

    Basic Criteria

    • Experience of using MS Office Suite, Laptops and/or Macs
    • Excellent organisational skills
    • Good communication skills including interpersonal, verbal and written
    • Able to problem solve and work on own initiative
    • Ability to multitask and prioritize
    • Flexible and willing to contribute to the success of the team
    • Attention to detail, keeping accurate records and notes

    Desirable Criteria

    • Previous admin experience/qualifications
    • Interest and/or experience in arts & media
    • Marketing/social media
  23. May Day – Film Screening | Plantation Production | Senior Film Club

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     Don’t miss out!

    On our  FREE TICKETED EVENT this Thursday!

    When: Thursday 2nd May 2019 – Doors 1.30pm to 4pm.
    Where: Pearce Institute (Mary Barbour Suite), 840-860 Govan Road, Glasgow, G51 3UU

    or Tel: 0141 445 1666

    Plantation Productions and the Portal Seniors Film Club would like to invite you for an afternoon of film to celebrate May Day and its traditions of workers’ solidarity.

    We will be showing “Britain on Film: Protest” (79 mins) alongside “Time & Time Again” (10 mins) – a short drama, written and performed by the Seniors themselves, which is based in Govan in 1971 at the time of the UCS Work In.

    #Seniorsfilmclub #Mayday


  24. May Day Film Screening

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    When: Thursday 2nd May 2019 – Doors 1.30pm to 4pm.
    Where: Pearce Institute (Mary Barbour Suite), 840-860 Govan Road, Glasgow, G51 3UU

    Tickets –
    or Tel: 0141 445 1666

    Plantation Productions and the Portal Seniors Film Club would like to invite you for an afternoon of film to celebrate May Day and its traditions of workers’ solidarity.

    We will be showing “Britain on Film: Protest” (79 mins) alongside “Time & Time Again” (10 mins) – a short drama, written and performed by the Seniors themselves, which is based in Govan in 1971 at the time of the UCS Work In.

    PROTEST! Synopsis
    At a time of intense public activism both at home and across the globe, explore the varied and fascinating history of public protest in the UK with the Independent Cinema Office’s new archive film programme: Britain on Film: Protest!

    From a 1910 suffragette demonstration to striking coal miners in the Rhondda Valley, from female CND protesters spanning the Tamar Bridge to the defeat of fascists at London’s Cable Street, this absorbing, illuminating collection examines the nature of protests large and small and for causes regional and national, by participants fighting for suffrage and democracy, against exploitation and inequality, for fair wages and worker’s rights, for public safety, freedom and community and in the face of war and oppression.
    Sourced from the national and regional archives and newly digitised, Britain on Film: Protest! tells a story not just about specific protests and their causes but about a tumultuous social, political and economic century and the constant, dynamic presence of public dissent and its effects as a weapon of change – at a time when raising our voices feels more essential than ever.

  25. Paper Flower Power in Gallery 966!

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    The Gallery has been full of colour this week as the groups make bunches and bouquets of paper flowers! We’ve had carnations, tulips, roses and more.. Our teacher Vanessa started us off with some basic flowers and then group members used their creative licence to make some beautiful new designs!

    These floral creations have all been made with wire, glue and a mixture of card, crepe paper and tissue paper. They will make great Mother’s Day presents – and will stay bright and colourful all year-long!

    Some group members are going to create wreaths using the flowers they have made.. watch this space!

  26. iPads and Strawberry Tarts?

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    Week 7 of learning how to use IPads for our seniors group looked more like a scene from the Great British Bake Off as they tucked into a platter of strawberry tarts for Roberts birthday!  The mood was buoyant, so it was a great opportunity to have a creative session, brainstorming ideas for a music video to accompany the groups self-penned song, “the Govan Town Rag”.

    Their creative ideas were flowing just as quick as the cups of tea with enough great suggestions for the music videos, this group really know their stuff!  Looking at the history of Govan through the power of google opens up access to a plethora of images and historical detail on the area which fits perfectly with the song.  Everyone is looking forward to the next stage where they will be learning how to put together the various elements of a music video using, of course, the ipads.


  27. Seniors internet adventures….

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    The seniors group internet adventure continues, this week travelling the world using google maps.  We looked at satellite images of where we are now then expanding it to destinations further afield like Liverpool and India.  After zooming into street view, we used google to calculate the distance to travel using a variety on methods including how far it would be to walk it!

    Always an important thing to know when in Scotland is, “what will the weather be like today?” so our intrepid seniors used the BBC weather app to plan their activities for the week ahead.

    Introducing the google app to the groups was a real eye opener for them and some time was spent finding out about things they had always wanted to now but, didn’t know how to go about it.  There was a real “wow” moment when they realised that literally anything, they wanted to know about was “online” and accessible at the touch of a button well, several buttons!

    After refuelling on tea and biscuits, they looked for images of hobbies or things that interested them.  The group were then tasked with searching for specific images relating to a song that the group had previously written called “The Govan Town Rag”  which is about the diverse Govan community e.g. kids playing, the people who live here, what they do, what the area is like.  One of the group found a picture of herself as a young child at primary school, you can imagine her delight!

    There is no stopping them now, roll on next week…..

  28. Creative Steps – In the Community

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    As you may know, as well as all the activities in Gallery 966, the Creative Steps programme also includes jewellery classes which take place in mental health resource centres and health centres all around Glasgow. Led by our lovely and multi-talented Project Manager – Tina!

    Running classes out in the community means we can provide activities in supported groups for people who find our base in Govan a bit difficult to access. Many people start off at these classes and then join an ongoing group at the Gallery when the course is finished – they catch the crafting bug as we say!

    Three courses are running at the moment and they are coming towards the end of their 8 weeks! The groups have been busy learning all sorts of skills making necklaces, earrings, bracelets.. Tina took some snaps yesterday at the Stewart Centre in Castlemilk to share what they’ve been up to.

    If you would like to find out more about our classes and how to get involved please contact

  29. Seniors – iPad

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    Plantation Productions senior group are only on week 5 of learning how to use Ipads for everyday things and we are struggling to keep up with them!

    After recapping on what they learnt last week, this week they picked up the pace and learned how to take photos, make an album and how to move photos to different locations.  They’ve learnt some tricks too like spotlight search and using photo booth which is a photograph filter app.

    The room fell silent at points due to the intense concentration of the group only to be interjected by the tutors instructions and some members egging each other on by saying “have you done that yet, I’m onto this bit”,  all meant in good faith!

    Not forgetting a friend who has off through illness for a few weeks, the group wrote a heartfelt message on a flipchart board and took a photograph to send their best wishes all using their ipads.


    Cant wait to see what they do next week

  30. Sewing in the New Year!

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    At the moment we have 3 sewing groups a week at Gallery 966, led by our fantastic teacher Morag!

    We are halfway through and there are already some amazing creations coming from the groups – from aprons to chickens to daffodil pouches…



    Watch this space to see what other crafty projects come together over the next 4 weeks!

    In other news – check out this budgie that Colin from our ‘Wooly Wednesday’ group has designed and croqueted.. so cute!

  31. Getting creative with pasta!

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    The Creative Steps groups have been cooking up a storm in Gallery 966.

    We have been making tomato and basil ravioli. It’s the first time we’ve been able to eat one of our crafty projects and hope it’s not the last – the results were delicious!

    First we made our own pasta with flour, eggs, oil and water. Then made a sauce with fresh tomatos, basil, onion and garlic. After rolling out the pasta and cutting it into pasta shapes, we filled these with the fresh and tasty sauce. We took this home to cook up and eat with any of the sauce that didn’t fit in the parcels.

    It was great to be reminded that we can use our creative skills in the kitchen too!


    Below is the recipe if you’d like to try at home!

  32. Seniors – Frankie was awarded a volunteer award fromThe British Heart Foundation.

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    Our very own Frankie has been awarded a British Heart Foundation volunteer award for his 12 years of service, how amazing is that!  We are all so proud of him.

    As it was volunteer week last week, Sunny Govan radio have interviewed Frankie about his dedication and achievements,  listen out for it on the radio this week!

    Back at base here in Plantation Productions Frankie and his fellow seniors have started a www. revolution on how to make the most of modern technology using Ipads.

    New members always welcome, if you fancy a cuppa and natter then please get in touch by calling Plantation Productions on: 0141 445 1666





  33. Burns Supper

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    Our wonderful senior’s group celebrated the life and poetry of the National Bard Rabbie Burns in style this week.

    Before tucking into the traditional haggis, neeps and tatties, Robert presented the haggis to the skirl of the bagpipes followed by Mitch who addressed the haggis with a passionate speech and Tom who gave an inspiring rendition of the Selkirk Grace.

    After finishing off the meal with apple pie and custard the group had a fair old knee’s up which Rabbie himself would have been proud of!

    Jack delivered a thought provoking and funny toast to the lassies with his lovely wife Marion matching him with an expertly delivered witty reply.

    A great time was had by all and we can’t wait to do it all again next year!

    #Burnssupper #Poetry #Haggis #Seniors


  34. Creative Steps – Our Visions for 2019!

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    Hello and Happy New Year from Creative Steps! We survived the festive period, enjoyed a break and are now looking forward to an exciting year ahead at Gallery 966!

    The groups have started the year by making vision boards with their intentions, hopes and dreams for 2019. Taking inspiration from old magazines and books they have made gorgeous collages of words and images which will help to inspire positive thoughts and give a wee lift at the start of the year.



    Stay tuned for updates about what we get up to in the Gallery in 2019!

  35. The Kidz Club get Snap Happy!

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    The Portal Kidz club got snap happy, and learned about the basics of portrait photography with our very own Ashleigh. They did an amazing job! The each took turns at sitting for, and taking these photographs, and the results speak for themselves! You can check out their portraits properly here.

    Check out their festive efforts  -using the green screen as a background, which Ashleigh then edited for the kids, allowing them to hand craft some some special xmas cards for their families.

    The kids loved learning this new skill, and learned a lot! This included how to work safely and as part of a team using unfamiliar equipment. We couldn’t be prouder of their efforts.

  36. Wishing you a Merry Xmas from Creative Steps!

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    We have been full of Christmas cheer for the last couple of weeks at Gallery 966. Last week we were crafting away like wee elves in preparation for Govan Loves Xmas and this week we have been recovering and celebrating the festivities with christmas parties and some more casual craft sessions.

    First of all to thank everyone involved in Govan Loves Xmas! All of the groups worked so hard to get all the beautiful items ready for the sale – the stalls looked ace and that is thanks to you! Huge thanks to the members that volunteered to help to set up and work on the stalls despite the cold and wet. Thanks also to everyone who made it down to the fayre and visited the stalls – the funds from the sale will contribute directly to all the amazing activities and groups that take place in the gallery.

    After recovering (and defrosting!) from Govan Loves Xmas, we’ve had lots of fun this week eating delicious snacks, making gorgeous smelling orange pomanders (had to look up the real name – before it was ‘cloves in oranges’), swapping presents and cards, and giggling away together.

    What a great way to round off the year.. Groups will finish this week and recommence on the 14th Jan 🙂 see you then!

  37. St. Andrews Day concert – 30th November

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    What a fantastic night…there was singing, dancing and a film too!

    The film called,‘Time and Time again’ was about Govan in the 1970’s. The seniors’ acting was spectacular and gritty making a really captivating film with historical accuracy.

    The atmosphere was electric  as the seniors took to the stage. They sang their hearts out, and read out some of their own poems. Jack’s had the audience laughing out loud where as Bob had penned a very thought provoking, soul-searching poem

    They did themselves proud!

    We also had the pleasure of the Govan Allsorts choir who wore tartan skirts and performed a dance routine, they were ‘geen it laldy’ with old Scottish Songs, we danced the night away!

    What a cracking night full of fun, laughter and singing!

    A special shout out to Frankie and Alison who were unable to make it in person on the night but were there in spirit!

    Frankie thank you for the gorgeous flowers!

    #St.AndrewsDayConcert #Amazing #Dancingthenightaway #Singing #anightoremember



  38. Crystal Healing

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    Week 6 of our health and well–being course was all about the healing power of crystals.

    Our lovely tutor brought in her extensive crystal collection which included – clear quartz, rose quartz, tiger’s eye, jasper to name but a few.  Before the class started we all choose an Angel reading from a pack of inspirational cards to set the tone and help make people feel good about themselves

    In order to start the crystal healing process, we need to know where to start.  We do this by learning about our chakras of which we have 7.  These are our bodies main energy flow points and if one is out of balance, the wholes of our system can be out of sync.

    As part of the healing and well-being process it’s important to understand our “aura’s”.  Everybody has one which hover’s around us like a force field and is in tune with our mind and bodies. The aura can be pulled in by our bodies if there is a problem with any part so to be able to assess your or anyone else’s aura can help you to decide which area is needing healed.

    Working in pairs we sensed each other’s auras by standing two feet away from the person having asked them to close their eyes and to communicate to us if we were getting to close.  We stretched out our hands and then go around the body, without touching it, from head to toe in a circular motion. Some members of the class felt a warming sensation, others felt a buzzing sensation.

    The tutor finished up the class by giving us a pendant and explain how to use it to open our friend’s chakra’s and asked a member of the class to lie on the floor while she demonstrated.

    This class was beautifully inspiring and just what we needed on a Friday after a long week.

    #Thatfridayfeeling #Cystalhealing #Fun #Beautiful


  39. Health & Well-being – tea making

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    We are already into the 5th week of our health and well – being  course so it was time to take stock and reflect on our learning so far.  How better to do this than with a warm cup of comforting, home-made tea.

    The group made their own blends using different tea leaves and herbs to create a unique cup of tea tailored to individual tastes.  Using different tea blends we added herbs including – hyssop, thyme, four flowers, peppermint, chamomile and lavender, all of which are known for their calming and well-being properties.

    The ritual of tea making has been around for centuries across many different cultures and the process allows you to relax and be present in the moment rather than furiously squishing a tea bag in a cup because we are always stressed and in a hurry!  Taking time to let the tea infuse for around 5 minutes and gently pouring it into your favourite cup, then sitting down in a cosy corner and letting your thoughts be still for a while makes the soothing liquid taste all the better.

    So next time you make a cuppa, why not slow down for a bit and enjoy, taking time to be present in the moment and unplug from everything else that is going on.  You can even try making your own or go to a herbalist/health & well-being shop who will have blends of tea already made up for you.  Think its time for another cuppa!

    #ThatFridayfeeling #Tea -making #Relaxation

  40. Seniors

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    Thursday 22nd of November was the first studio rehearsal that the senior group had with their musical director.

    The studio was incredible, filled to the brim with keyboards, double basses and numerous guitars

    The atmosphere was electric and there were good vibes all round.

    This created excitement and nervous energy within the group as they were put into their semi- circle position ready to sing their hearts out! They sounded amazing.

    It’s only one more rehearsal until the show – Friday 30th November.

    It’s going to be a cracking show!

    #studio #rehearsals #St.Andrewsday


  41. Heath & Well – being

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    It’s a great way to relax and kick off the weekend.

    This is the 4th week of the health and well -being course that Gallery 966 is running  supported by Glasgow Clyde College.  This week, the class was creating hand cream with their favourite essential oils mixed in to create a calming, silky and lovely scented cream. The base cream that they used is fragrance and oil free body lotion.  The room smelt beautiful with the aroma of essential oils filling the air!

    After making the creams the class finishes up by meditating for five minutes, with the support of the tutor. The class has been learning the 4 -7 -8 meditation: breath in through your noise, for the count of 4 (in your head), holding the breath for 7 seconds and letting the air out of your mouth making a whooshing noise for a count of 8 and repeat four times.

    #health&well-beingfriday  #hand cream  #Relaxation #Meditation  #Thatfridayfeeling


  42. Autumn Extravaganza

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    This autumn, the seniors have been busy: dressed up for Halloween, while limbering up and getting their vocal chords ready for their concert at the end of November.

    During the Halloween party they sang their set of songs and they sounded on top form!

    There was a prize for the best costume; our Jack won – he was dressed up as a hippy!

    As the nights draw in, we need something to look forward to so come and celebrate in style with our St. Andrews Day Concert (30th November) – for more information and to book your free tickets click here



  43. St. Andrews Day Concert

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    Our Portal Seniors Film Club have been singing their socks off in rehearsal for their upcoming St. Andrews Day concert at the Pearce Institute.

    Working with musician, Dixie Lang, the group have put together a lively set of well-kent Country & Western and traditional Scots songs, with a bit of spoken word performance thrown in for good luck.

    Additionally, this will be the first Govan screening of “Time & Time Again” – a short film set in Govan in the summer of 1971.

    With special guests to be announced, it’s looking like a right guid night.

    Friday 30th November, Pearce Institute, 840 Govan Road.
    7.30 – 10pm. Free event. Soft drinks served. Family Friendly.

    Book your tickets here

  44. Gettin’ Spooky in Gallery 966

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    Today Bead ‘n Blether got their hands dirty carving pumpkins to celebrate Halloween.

    We had a great time and there were big smiles all round…

    The scariest part was tidying up!

  45. World Mental Health Day

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    Happy World Mental Health Day readers! To celebrate we thought we’d do a wee post to say a bit about our work towards positive mental health at Creative Steps.

    The Creative Steps programme is a highly successful programme which has been developing for several years, drawing on our experience of working with mental health service-users.  We believe that joining a peer support group with arts and crafts activities can have a big impact on mental health. It’s a chance to get out of the house, make friends, have a blether, get the creative juices flowing, overcome personal challenges, and to spend time with others who are in the same boat.

    What do our members say?

    It is important for us to get feedback on the project from our members. We’ve organised a few sessions over the past month for the groups to have a wee chat about the project and the effect it has had on their mental health. Here are some highlights:

    • ‘I feel safe and secure in class and supported by everyone. I’m so pleased that I started this class because I find it therapeutic doing crafts, especially in a group’
    • ‘I feel so much better after the group. I try to remember that good feeling when I don’t want to leave the house’
    • ‘I feel like I’m part of the world now’
    • ‘I used to think that I was the only one with mental health problems, but I’ve realised lots of people struggle and that I’m not alone’
    • ‘Being part of this project has given me the confidence to volunteer running craft groups myself’

    These comments speak for themselves! It’s clear from these powerful messages that everyone in the groups can be proud of their journey and the support they provide each other every week 😊.

    What can I do if I’m struggling with mental health problems?

    Mental health problems can affect anyone, at any time, the good news is that there is lots of support available for those who need it.  Here are some of the services you can contact for support:

    Breathing Space – a free, confidential phone and web-based service for people in Scotland experiencing low mood, depression or anxiety.
    Call 0800 83 85 87

    – for counselling, stress management and group work
    Call 0141 552 4434

    Samaritans – offer a safe place for you to talk any time you like, in your own way – about whatever’s getting to you
    Call 0141 116 123; Email

    Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) – support for men
    Call 0800 58 58 58 – 5pm to midnight every day; Visit the webchat page

    Join Creative Steps!

    Entry is by referral if you are currently experiencing depression or anxiety or any other mental health condition. Contact Gallery 966 in Govan Tel. 0141 387 2596, Email

    Members making wreaths in the group this morning!

  46. Pawm-Pawm Patrol

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    Pawm-Pawm Patrol has arrived at local nursery thanks to Bead ‘n Blether members Katie and Gillian.

    This month Broomloan Nursery came to ask Katie and Gillian whether Bead ‘n Blether could get crafty to help brighten up the school. Katie got busy and started making pom-poms! In no time at all, she produced a bag full of gorgeous multi-coloured decorations. Magic!

    The pom-poms will help to decorate the Macmillan Coffee Morning the nursery are hosting this month.
    The event will take place 9-11am and 1-3pm, Friday 28th September at Broomloan Nursery, 635 Govan Road. Please come along and show your support – EVERYONE WELCOME!

    In pom-pom world, I’m sure there’ll be no rest for the wicked with the festive season just around the corner..!


  47. Sew with Mo!

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    Gallery 966 is buzzing with sewing bees every Friday at the moment as our teacher Morag is running a 6 week sewing course, with one class in the morning and another in the afternoon.

    The morning class is for beginners and they are practicing different sewing machine techniques on cushions and bunting.

    The afternoon class is for improvers and they are working on all sorts of incredible independent projects! Watch this space to see the finished products! And meet our new mascot..


  48. Green fingers in the Gallery!

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    One of our regular tutors Vanessa brought the outside-in at Gallery 966 yesterday. In the morning Cre8 group made sculptures out of moss and in the afternoon Well Crafty were flower arranging. Bloomin Marvelous!

    Check out these moss sculptures – made using chicken wire and fresh moss that the group collected throughout the week! The moss will grow and spread over time, just need to remember to keep spraying it with water. The group made a wreath, a stag head and a mushroom to name a few of the creations. They even popped in a few succlent plants to make themselves at home in the sculptures!

    The gallery smelt amazing as the group in the afternoon arranged flowers in a tea cup first and then made free standing bunches!

    Thank you Vanessa and the groups for bringing a burst of colour into the Gallery on a cloudy Tuesday!

  49. Meet our new Creative Steps group – the Happy Crafters!

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    A new art and crafts group has recently started in Gallery 966 on Thursday afternoons, the Happy Crafters!

    They will be focusing on jewellery making at first and have already made some gorgeous necklaces and bracelets…
















    We made floating necklaces this week using crimps to keep the beads ‘floating’ in sections along the wire:

    Welcome to the new members!
    Stay tuned for more jewels from the group…

  50. Book Folding with Katie!

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    Blog post from Katie – a member of the Creative Steps ‘Time Out’ group:

    Hi, my name’s Katie and I attend Plantation Production’s Monday morning Time Out project.

    I have mental health issues, mainly depression and anxiety.  Before joining the project I would isolate myself, but the group has helped me make friends with like minded people.

    Very often I would feel empty and didn’t know how to fill my time.  My CPN, Maureen would often suggest I try a hobby and on one occasion suggested book folding.  I’d never heard of it before so she showed me pictures (courtesy of Google).

    I went home, did some research and now I’m hooked.  I watched YouTube videos and searched for Facebook groups.  I joined a group ‘Don’t Judge A Book By The Cover’.

    The owner Michelle has uploaded some patterns and so I tried my first book fold, a simple heart.

    I also found a website that has free patterns to download ‘’.  They also have a Facebook page and, for a small fee to join, gives you access to a pattern maker.

    If I have any questions or are looking for advice, both Facebook group’s members are available to help.  Or there are many YouTube videos to watch.

    So now I’m able to create my own book folds and enjoy making customised ‘thank you’ gifts for friends, family and more recently Plantation Productions.

    Book folding has helped my concentration and confidence.  It’s a cheap hobby, all you need is a pencil, ruler and scissors.  I buy the books from Charity shops so they benefit too.

  51. D.A.F.T Media – The Documentary!

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    We interviewed and followed our brilliant D.A.F.T Media group while rehearsing for their Wizard of Oz production which produced this short film showing their wonderfully creative personalities.

    D.A.F.T Media are already well into their next (and even more ambitious) theatre production, The Travelling Companion and we’re so excited to see how it turns out!





  52. Upcycling – canal boat style!

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    Bead ‘n Blether art group saw an opportunity not to be missed when they spotted a pile of old wooden crates lying around in Home Bargains this month…

    They asked staff if they could take the freebies, and in just 2 classes they totally transformed them!

    First they painted the crates in bright colours, then looked at traditional canal boat painting for design inspiration…

    And built up layers of paint to create beautiful flowers and colourful patterns:










    The finished crates are gorgeous! Upcycling at it’s finest!

  53. King and Queen on Green

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    Final day of our D.A.F.T. Media Summer sessions.  Filming, acting and fun.  Thanks to our amazing Amanda for her brilliant workshops and planning.  A great time had by all.  Wishing everybody happy holidays, and look forward to seeing everyone when the clubs start back on Wednesday 15th August.



  54. How Now Brown Cow?

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    Fantastic final day of our Kidz Summer Club was spent seeing how many folk could squeeze into a glass box at Kelvingrove Museum and Art Galleries….. as you do!

  55. The Kidz Spark a Fire!

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    The weans were oot on another summer day trip yesterday to Moogety Garden learning how to make a fire and cooking fresh food! We learned how to spark a fire using steel & stone, discovered wild animals & smelt lovely flowers in the garden.

    Thank you so much to Roisin & Moogety for hosting a beautiful day!



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    Treat your ears to a wee listen to BBC Radio 4 at 1655pm this Friday, 6th July.  “The Listening Project” will broadcast the first of 6 conversations between the young people from D.A.F.T. Media, and their parents. (Repeated Sunday 8th July at 2.45pm).  First up is Faith and her Mum, Funmi.



  57. New Job Post!

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    An exciting opportunity has come up for someone new to join our team!

    A one year contract for the position of Production Assistant is available, which will involve undertaking a range of supported project learning creative media skills for production and acting as general admin assistant to the team. This will include general administration/office duties, setting up for groups/activities, assisting with all elements of creative media projects, research, interviewing, facilitation, film production/editing, communications, social media, marketing, project development, content generation, digital production and community development work. A chance for additional training opportunities will also be possible with this role.

    Closing date for applications is Friday the 27th of July. You must be between 16 and 29 years old, and must currently be unemployed. For full details on the position click here, if you are interested please contact your local jobcentre and ask them for an application form.

  58. Scotland, Our New Home

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    To celebrate Refugee Week we’d like to share a piece of work we recently had the opportunity to develop with a fantastic group of young people who all arrived in Glasgow as young unaccompanied Asylum Seekers. We were able to run this pilot with the support of the Gannochy Trust.

    Click the link to check out Scotland Our New Home, a magazine for Glasgow’s New Arrivals. It was created by the New Young Peers Scotland; a group of young people from all over the world who have been learning together how to make Glasgow a better home for them, and for other young people. The group are supported by Ypeople, Glasgow City Health & Social Care Partnership,and Anniesland Clyde College.

    Within the project the group also developed the map below, with invaluable help from Nahom at Freedom From Torture.

    This project is just one of the many amazing achievements this group have made, and are continuing to do so, having just began to support a whole new group of young people who will certainly benefit from their collective skills, knowledge and experience.

    We look forward to seeing what they achieve next!



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    What an achievement for our 5-10 year olds last week when, after just 7 weeks of rehearsals, set design, singing and acting lessons, they performed “The Winter King and The Summer Queen” drama to their friends and families.  Thanks to the brilliant Claudie Layden for pulling this together in such a short space of time.  Lots of happy faces.

  60. In Memory of Gerry Gilmartin

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    It is with the deepest sadness that we share the heartbreaking news of the death of our dear friend, Gerry Gilmartin.

    Gerry will be greatly missed here at Plantation Productions by all the staff, volunteers and people who had the pleasure of knowing him. In his role as Chairperson he has supported the development of Plantation Productions and contributed to the success of the Creative Steps to Wellbeing programme. Gerry has been a true advocate for the power of creativity and peer support in his role as Chairperson and also as a volunteer and participant.

    Everyone who’s had the privilege of working with Gerry always found him a caring and generous person and this is truly a great loss to us all and the community as a whole. On behalf of everyone at Plantation Productions we send our heartfelt condolences and sympathy to his wife Gillian and to all his friends and family. We will always remember Gerry with a smile upon our face.

  61. Dress Rehearsal Week

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    After just 7 weeks of preparation (learning lines, creating sets and gathering costumes), our brilliant Kidz Club groups have been putting the final touches to their Drama performances of “The Winter King and The Summer Queen”.   Can’t wait to see their incredibly cute performances next week.

  62. Sunshine and Yoga

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    Would you believe it? … 19 members of Kidz Club finally sitting down long enough to do 10 minutes of Yoga and relaxation in the Park.  Well done guys!  

  63. Portal Pink Ladies

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    Lots of “Summer Lovin'” at this afternoon’s Seniors Film Club.  And just look at our gorgeous Sandy from Grease and The Pink Ladies.

  64. Plantation Productions – Data Protection Laws

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    As you might already be aware, new data protection laws have recently come into force and we’re taking measures to make sure all our information adheres to these changes.

    If you’re receiving this email, you will have subscribed to our blog through a method that is compliant with the new GDPR guidelines and there is no need to do anything if you wish to continue receiving updates from our projects.

    We hope you wish to stay with us to keep following Plantation Productions events and activities, but if you ever wish to unsubscribe, you will find an ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of every email we send you.

    Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with any questions.


    Plantation Productions Team








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    Oor Portal Seniors Film Club have been in the process of making their next calendar for 2019 around the theme of… Hollywood films!

    Using the magic of green screen and costumes, we’re transporting the group into the big films including sci fi epics and musicals.

    Can you guess which film Frank is posing for in this picture?!




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    So proud of our young D.A.F.T. Media members and their parents for taking part in Audio Recordings for the BBC “Own It” website and Radio 4’s “Listening Project”.  They all did so well,and can look forward to their conversations being aired in the next few months.  

  67. May the 4th (be with you)! -“Time and Time Again” Premiere

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    We’re on the countdown to the long-awaited premiere of the Portal Seniors Film Club latest production, Time and Time Again.

    This project has been a fantastic collaborative experience for all involved. From the initial research, to the development of the script, rehearsals with actors, filming with the extremely talented crew, writing the soundtrack song…and now YOU, the audience!

    The film is being featured as part of the Radical Film Festival – a festival inspired by the events of 1968 – a time of uprisings across the globe. Although our film is set in Govan in 1971, it shares many of the the themes of the Festival, and the lessons we can learn from our collective pasts…

    Friday 4th May, 2pm-3pm
    Scottish Trades Union Congress building, 333 Woodlands Road, Glasgow G3 6NG

  68. The Seniors are Dressed to Impress!

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    The Seniors have been at the Dressing Up box again … but what’s their excuse this time?  A Panto?  A Play?  A photo shoot?   Watch this space over the next few weeks to find out.



  69. The Frieze is on at Kidz Club

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    It may be freezing outside, but this beautiful Spring Frieze, created by our talented Kidz Club members, will surely bring a wee ray of warmth and sunshine to brighten your day.  Happy Easter everyone!


  70. Thriving Places Community Film Project

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    What is “Thriving Places”?

    What could it mean for Govan?

    We are running a Community Film Project to find out how we can build upon and share the knowledge, history, culture, skills and resources that exists in Greater Govan. How might organisations and residents work in equal partnership towards a shared vision?

    Today we ran the first workshop and heard lots of brilliant ideas and we still want to hear more from you!

    Do you live in Govan and want to get involved? No film experience required.

    Venue: The Portal, Plantation Productions, 978 Govan Road, G51 3AJ

    For more info, contact or call 0141 445 1666

  71. NEWS: Big Lottery Funding – Creative Steps Programme

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    We are delighted to announce that the Creative Steps programme has been awarded 3 years BIG Lottery funding! This is not only a much appreciated investment in the future of the Creative Steps programme but also a great endorsement of the power of creative participation.

    Creative Steps is a person-led programme working in partnership with mental health resource centres, local GP surgeries, and the community. Using creativity as a tool for engagement, to develop and share skills, building relationships and networks, this innovative programme supports individuals to manage their mental well being from place of treatment back into the wider community.


  72. Childline -v- Ninja Warriors

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    Loving that Friday feeling at Kidz Club following last week’s visit from Childline, and this week’s brilliant Ninja Warrior puppet making.  Great job guys!

  73. Creative Steps Programme Group – Cre8

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    Thanks to all for their suggestions recently for a name for our newest group in the Creative Steps Programme and of course all the members.

    The name they have chosen is Cre8! The Cre8 group joined forces with Bead n Blether, Woolly Wednesday and Well Crafty to have stalls at the recent Govan Loves Xmas Event.

    Despite the early downpours, the event turned into a great success for all.  Well done everyone!

    Merry Christmas from everybody in Gallery 966! See you in the New Year!

  74. Merry Christmas From Plantation Productions

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    This is officially our last day in the office until January 3rd! We’d like to thank friends and everybody involved in Plantation Productions for a cracking year. Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2018! X



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    Could not be more proud of our D.A.F.T. Media Club members last Tuesday night.  They wowed their friends and family with a fantastic (self-designed set and) performance of     “The Wizard of Oz”.  First stage performance of many we hope.                                                   Well done guys and   Merry Christmas everybody!



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    What a week … no less than TWO Kidz Club Christmas Parties … and guess what … Santa visited us TWICE.   How that guy gets the time at this time of year, we will never know.  Thanks Santa!

  77. D.A.F.T Media Christmas Production – ONE DAY TO GO!

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    D.A.F.T Media’s production of The Wizard of Oz is finally here! We’ve spent weeks rehearsing songs, creating costumes, sewing sheets together. The weans have worked incredibly hard and learned all their lines, we’re all very excited. They’ll be performing their play in front of friends and family tomorrow evening.


  78. Follow The Yellow Brick Road!

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    It’s finally December so you know what that means?! PANTO/PLAY/THEATRICAL PERFORMANCE SEASON!

    The D.A.F.T Media group have been rehearsing their Christmas play The Wizard of Oz for the last few weeks and lovely Louise has been helping them learn their songs on the Pudsey piano.

    We’ve been filming the process of the production and the group’s experience of it which will be put out on our website in the New Year! Warning: The documentary might contain very cheeky comments!


  79. Free Family Portraits at Govan Loves Christmas!

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    We set up a green-screen festive photo booth at Govan Loves Christmas. We took Govanites on a journey around some of the frostiest winter wonderlands we could find! Did you come with us? Find your holiday pics on Flickr by clicking >>HERE!<<

    You can easily  edit,  share, and  download your pictures.

    Season’s Greetings from everyone at Plantation Productions!

  80. Can you help? – Govan 1971

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    CAN YOU HELP? (Again) …You have all been amazing so far, but we have one more appeal to help the Seniors Film Club Film put the finishing touches to their film “Time and Time Again”…. We are looking for photos (or film if you have it) of the people and places of Govan in 1971 (or thereabouts).

    Whether it’s funny family pics, dodgy fashions, work photos or snaps of Govan landmarks, we want to get an idea of how Govan REALLY looked at the time.

    To keep us right with copyright we need to get permission from the person who owns the images to use it in our film, so if you are cool with that, please get in touch…

    You can contact Angela on 0141 445 1666 or email

    You could also drop by to the Seniors Film Club on Thursday 29th November, between 2 and 4pm and we will copy and return your images there and then.

    Or, feel free to post on our Facebook blog, and we’ll get in touch with you from there.

    Here’s a couple from Nan from the group to get us started.

  81. Oor Singin’ Seniors

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    The Seniors Film Club were in the studio last week recording the music for their Time & Time Again short film. The lyrics were inspired by events which took place during 1971 and were collaboratively written by the group, but you’ll have to wait until the film is complete to hear it!


  82. Plantation Productions AGM

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    We will be holding our annual AGM from 5pm – 6.30pm on Tuesday 28th November at The Portal, 978 Govan Road. G51 3AJ.

    We invite you to join us as we look back on our year, and look towards 2018. Following the formalities of electing our board, we plan to take in a film or two with one of your first mince pies of the season and some light snacks and refreshments.

  83. Time & Time Again – The Back Yairds

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    The final shoot for the Seniors Film Club ‘Time & Time Again’ short film took place on Sunday in the sunny back gardens of Govan with our lovely wee actors Eva and Daniel.

    The local residents were more than accommodating and happily kept their washing in for us filming (mind you, it is cold November). That’s us now finished all our filming so a huge thank you to everyone who has been involved so far.

    We’re away back to our post-production shenanigans…

  84. Time and Time Again – Oor Seniors Club Short Film

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    It’s been a busy few weeks in our Seniors Film Club with the post production stages of the 1970s set ‘Time and Time Again’ short film well underway and a few sneaky peeks of the rough edit. The group have been writing and singing some music to include in the film with the help of Gerry and his lyrical skills. We’ll be holding a screening of the film very soon so watch this space!

  85. BBC Trip – D.A.F.T Media Group

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    The D.A.F.T Media Group were invited to the BBC and were treated to a buffet of food and drinks. They spent the evening brainstorming creative ideas and learning how they can be involved in content in future. We had an amazing time, thanks to BBC Scotland for having us!

  86. I’m Dreaming of a Crafty Christmas

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    Our latest crafty group who meet on Tuesday (who are so busy crafting that they’ve not decided on their name yet!) have started thinking about Xmas by designing these super trendy chokers. With the Govan Loves Xmas event in mind, the group began a ‘make one and donate one’ with a choker being made to contribute to our annual craft table at the event.


  87. World Mental Health Day

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    It’s #WorldMentalHealthDay.

    The stigmatising of mental health problems is something we believe shouldn’t exist. Every person will suffer from a mental illness at some point in their life and it’s vital we’re all there for one another.

    If you’re suffering from mental illness, know you’re never alone. Seek support. Take care of yourself and each other.





    Support Contacts

    SAMARITANS – 116 123

    BREATHING SPACE – 0800 83 85 87

    LIFELINKS  – 0141 552 4434







  88. Creative Steps Programme – Frames & Glitter

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    We’ve been having a busy week here in Gallery 966 with our lovely canvas display still proudly sticking (just about) on the wall.

    Thanks to the skills sharing of Katie, Gillian and Donna of the Bead ‘n’ Blether group, the Time Out group made these fabulous frames yesterday morning. Everyone involved loved the end result!


  89. Bead ‘N’ Blether’s Macmillan Coffee Morning

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    Our Bead ‘N’ Blether group hosted a wonderful coffee morning a couple of weeks ago and collected over £600 for Macmillan Cancer Support. Thank you to everyone who attended and well done to those who won in the raffle.

  90. New Craft Group Needs a Name!

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    We said hello to a new arts & crafts group starting at Gallery 966 today. Two groups from the Govan Health Centre and Brand Street Health Centre have joined together for a new group every Tuesday 11am – 1pm, but they need a name! Can you suggest some crafty names for us? Puns and wordplay are welcome!


  91. Canvas Project: The Finished Display

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    Our groups have recently finished working on their large canvas display just in time for Self Management Week and it’s looking smashing up on the wall at Gallery 966! Everyone worked hard and put a lot of emotion into their pieces.

  92. Kidz Club & The Magical Mystery Museum

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    Huge welcome to all our new Kidz Club members this session.  Delighted to have Vickie Beesley back and leading the adventure to create Plantation’s very own Magical Mystery Museum (of Magnificent Makes)….. Watch this space!