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  1. Creative Steps: Collective Craft Project #MHAW2020

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    Over the last week, our Creative Steps participants have worked together to create a collective project from home to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week.

    With the theme for this year being kindness, we had plenty of inspiration and ideas for how to interpret this as a craft project.

    The campaign, led by the Mental Health Foundation, emphasises the importance of being kind to both yourself and others. They highlight the benefits of doing so and provide many suggestions for simple acts of kindness that can make a significant difference to our wellbeing.

    You can read their guide on why kindness matters here.

    Our aim was to create a collective project made up of individually designed rainbow themed tiles.

    Rainbows are a great symbol of kindness, compassion and caring – there are many currently displayed in windows across the city to show solidarity. This theme also enabled us to be as open and creative as possible with the colour scheme.

    Participants were invited to take part by submitting a photo of their tile design, detailed in their weekly Crafting Post Packs. We sent out instructions and templates to work from, but left the actual decorating open to any interpretation.

    We were very impressed with the range of materials used and ideas  – everything from stitching, modelling clay and sequins to pencil, pens and glitter.

    Thank you to everyone who took part in this crafting project. We hope that you enjoyed the challenge and like the final result as much as we do.

  2. Creative Steps: A Journey to Wellbeing – Film Launch

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    As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, we are launching our short film: Creative Steps – A Journey to Wellbeing.

    This film looks at the work of our Creative Steps Programme, which uses creative participation to promote positive mental health. Based on a three step progression model, we deliver craft classes in outreach health settings and at our community base in Govan, as well as offering wider participation activities and events.

    Through demonstrating the work that we do, we can advocate for the use of peer support and creativity as a tool for positive wellbeing by showing how truly effective this can be.

    To bring a range of voices and experiences to the film, we worked with participants of the service, who have enduring mental health issues, and health professionals from our network of referrers and outreach contacts.

    You can view the film below, or alternatively click here for further information.


    We see the film as being a great starting point for conversations around creative participation and wellbeing.

    Get involved and let us know what you think.

  3. Home Crafting with Creative Steps

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    Keeping connected and maintaining positive wellbeing is important, and creativity is an effective tool to promote this. Though our Creative Steps groups are not currently running, our distance services during the closure include: creative post packs, an online resource with tutorials, and soon we will have digital classes running for participants to access.

    Our sixth creative pack will be sent out next week, bringing the total to 465 packs delivered to our participants.

    Based on three themes – wellbeing, health and creativity – we try to fit as many engaging activities as we can into each envelope.

    In the last month, we have received a number of photos from participants to show what they have been making at home. It has been lovely to see different interpretations of a task and the incredible, vibrant colours used throughout.


    Vanessa, our very creative tutor, has been busy developing activities for our blog. Some highlights over the past few weeks include: decoupage glass decorating, sun catchers, nature inspired sketching, homemade body scrub and diamond crafting.

    Each of these crafts can be made using items that you may already have in your house. Many involve upcycling or reusing old items in some way to create something new.

    New tutorials will be added every week.

    These craft tutorials are available for all. If you want to do something creative, why not give one a try? Take a look here.


    In the next month, look out for:

    • Regular post packs, filled with activities and resources.
    • Weekly updates and new activities on our blog.
    • The start of our digital classes.


    Stay safe, well and creative.


  4. Stay Safe, Stay Creative

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    To ensure that we stay connected and creative, we have released our first round of activity packs for our Creative Steps group members.

    Doing something creative, in whatever form this may be, can be extremely beneficial for our wellbeing. It also helps us to keep busy and is a fun way to spend time.

    Creative Steps participants will have received the first letter last week, consisting of creative activities, a wellbeing sheet, an update letter and a mini copy of our latest newsletter.

    For our seniors, Lorna made up an engaging and enjoyable pack with film-based activities, a vocal exercise and a list of useful resources.


    To connect digitally, we have made a temporary online resource full of activities and ideas. This will be updated every week with new tutorials and news. Click here to take a look.

    We are considering further ways to keep connected during this time and will keep you all updated with any ideas we have.

    If you make any of the activities in the blog or post packs, please send us a photo – we would love to see what you create.

    We hope that you are all staying safe and well during this time.  

  5. Awards for our Advanced Sewing Class

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    Our advanced sewing class were given the opportunity to complete a SCQF Level 3 Qualification in Basic Sewing Skills, thanks to Glasgow Clyde College.

    The twelve-week course taught participants a range of skills and tested learning using both practical and written demonstrations. Participants were asked to complete a cushion as their main project, using beautiful tartan fabrics. These were decorated using images such as dogs, stags and thistles. Hopefully these beautiful cushions are being proudly displayed in people’s homes!






    Everyone taking part successfully completed the course and received a certificate to evidence their learning. Congratulations to all of our participants for your hard work and commitment.

    Thanks, as always, to our talented and very patient tutor Morag, who delivered the course and helped every participant to succeed.

  6. A Creative Start to 2020

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    Happy New Year to you all!

    To celebrate the start of a new year, our groups have been busy creating vision boards to reflect on positive emotions and what we want to achieve.

    Our tutor Vanessa encouraged participants to think about colours, patterns and images that appeal to them based on emotional themes such as feeling calmed or energised.

    These boards are a great way of using creativity to explore what is important to us.




    2019: What Have We Been Doing?

    2019 was a great year for Creative Steps, with the project continuing to grow. We reached many new people, started a new weekly community-based group in Gallery 966 and held outreach classes at new locations across South Glasgow, including Pollok.

    Additional activities throughout the year included a new Photography class for beginners, a certificated class in Machine Sewing (in partnership with Glasgow Clyde College) and volunteer led classes in Dreamcatcher Design and Crochet.







    The launch of our volunteering programme in July was a success, with a number of people taking part in roles such as service advocates, befrienders and class tutors. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has volunteered their time with us.

    In December we said goodbye to Tina, our service Manager, who built Creative Steps into the successful project that it is today. Tina made a huge impact during her time at Plantation Productions – both in developing a project that is so vital for our community, and also advocating for the use of creative participation as a source of support for individuals with mental health issues. Her leaving party was well attended by many of our participants and was a wonderful and emotional celebration. Tina will be greatly missed – we wish her the best of luck.


    Going forward, we have many exciting crafts and activities planned which we look forward to sharing with you.

    We wish you all a happy and creative 2020.


  7. Paper Flower Power in Gallery 966!

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    The Gallery has been full of colour this week as the groups make bunches and bouquets of paper flowers! We’ve had carnations, tulips, roses and more.. Our teacher Vanessa started us off with some basic flowers and then group members used their creative licence to make some beautiful new designs!

    These floral creations have all been made with wire, glue and a mixture of card, crepe paper and tissue paper. They will make great Mother’s Day presents – and will stay bright and colourful all year-long!

    Some group members are going to create wreaths using the flowers they have made.. watch this space!

  8. Creative Steps – In the Community

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    As you may know, as well as all the activities in Gallery 966, the Creative Steps programme also includes jewellery classes which take place in mental health resource centres and health centres all around Glasgow. Led by our lovely and multi-talented Project Manager – Tina!

    Running classes out in the community means we can provide activities in supported groups for people who find our base in Govan a bit difficult to access. Many people start off at these classes and then join an ongoing group at the Gallery when the course is finished – they catch the crafting bug as we say!

    Three courses are running at the moment and they are coming towards the end of their 8 weeks! The groups have been busy learning all sorts of skills making necklaces, earrings, bracelets.. Tina took some snaps yesterday at the Stewart Centre in Castlemilk to share what they’ve been up to.

    If you would like to find out more about our classes and how to get involved please contact

  9. Sewing in the New Year!

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    At the moment we have 3 sewing groups a week at Gallery 966, led by our fantastic teacher Morag!

    We are halfway through and there are already some amazing creations coming from the groups – from aprons to chickens to daffodil pouches…



    Watch this space to see what other crafty projects come together over the next 4 weeks!

    In other news – check out this budgie that Colin from our ‘Wooly Wednesday’ group has designed and croqueted.. so cute!

  10. Getting creative with pasta!

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    The Creative Steps groups have been cooking up a storm in Gallery 966.

    We have been making tomato and basil ravioli. It’s the first time we’ve been able to eat one of our crafty projects and hope it’s not the last – the results were delicious!

    First we made our own pasta with flour, eggs, oil and water. Then made a sauce with fresh tomatos, basil, onion and garlic. After rolling out the pasta and cutting it into pasta shapes, we filled these with the fresh and tasty sauce. We took this home to cook up and eat with any of the sauce that didn’t fit in the parcels.

    It was great to be reminded that we can use our creative skills in the kitchen too!


    Below is the recipe if you’d like to try at home!

  11. Creative Steps – Our Visions for 2019!

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    Hello and Happy New Year from Creative Steps! We survived the festive period, enjoyed a break and are now looking forward to an exciting year ahead at Gallery 966!

    The groups have started the year by making vision boards with their intentions, hopes and dreams for 2019. Taking inspiration from old magazines and books they have made gorgeous collages of words and images which will help to inspire positive thoughts and give a wee lift at the start of the year.



    Stay tuned for updates about what we get up to in the Gallery in 2019!

  12. Wishing you a Merry Xmas from Creative Steps!

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    We have been full of Christmas cheer for the last couple of weeks at Gallery 966. Last week we were crafting away like wee elves in preparation for Govan Loves Xmas and this week we have been recovering and celebrating the festivities with christmas parties and some more casual craft sessions.

    First of all to thank everyone involved in Govan Loves Xmas! All of the groups worked so hard to get all the beautiful items ready for the sale – the stalls looked ace and that is thanks to you! Huge thanks to the members that volunteered to help to set up and work on the stalls despite the cold and wet. Thanks also to everyone who made it down to the fayre and visited the stalls – the funds from the sale will contribute directly to all the amazing activities and groups that take place in the gallery.

    After recovering (and defrosting!) from Govan Loves Xmas, we’ve had lots of fun this week eating delicious snacks, making gorgeous smelling orange pomanders (had to look up the real name – before it was ‘cloves in oranges’), swapping presents and cards, and giggling away together.

    What a great way to round off the year.. Groups will finish this week and recommence on the 14th Jan 🙂 see you then!

  13. Crystal Healing

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    Week 6 of our health and well–being course was all about the healing power of crystals.

    Our lovely tutor brought in her extensive crystal collection which included – clear quartz, rose quartz, tiger’s eye, jasper to name but a few.  Before the class started we all choose an Angel reading from a pack of inspirational cards to set the tone and help make people feel good about themselves

    In order to start the crystal healing process, we need to know where to start.  We do this by learning about our chakras of which we have 7.  These are our bodies main energy flow points and if one is out of balance, the wholes of our system can be out of sync.

    As part of the healing and well-being process it’s important to understand our “aura’s”.  Everybody has one which hover’s around us like a force field and is in tune with our mind and bodies. The aura can be pulled in by our bodies if there is a problem with any part so to be able to assess your or anyone else’s aura can help you to decide which area is needing healed.

    Working in pairs we sensed each other’s auras by standing two feet away from the person having asked them to close their eyes and to communicate to us if we were getting to close.  We stretched out our hands and then go around the body, without touching it, from head to toe in a circular motion. Some members of the class felt a warming sensation, others felt a buzzing sensation.

    The tutor finished up the class by giving us a pendant and explain how to use it to open our friend’s chakra’s and asked a member of the class to lie on the floor while she demonstrated.

    This class was beautifully inspiring and just what we needed on a Friday after a long week.

    #Thatfridayfeeling #Cystalhealing #Fun #Beautiful


  14. Health & Well-being – tea making

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    We are already into the 5th week of our health and well – being  course so it was time to take stock and reflect on our learning so far.  How better to do this than with a warm cup of comforting, home-made tea.

    The group made their own blends using different tea leaves and herbs to create a unique cup of tea tailored to individual tastes.  Using different tea blends we added herbs including – hyssop, thyme, four flowers, peppermint, chamomile and lavender, all of which are known for their calming and well-being properties.

    The ritual of tea making has been around for centuries across many different cultures and the process allows you to relax and be present in the moment rather than furiously squishing a tea bag in a cup because we are always stressed and in a hurry!  Taking time to let the tea infuse for around 5 minutes and gently pouring it into your favourite cup, then sitting down in a cosy corner and letting your thoughts be still for a while makes the soothing liquid taste all the better.

    So next time you make a cuppa, why not slow down for a bit and enjoy, taking time to be present in the moment and unplug from everything else that is going on.  You can even try making your own or go to a herbalist/health & well-being shop who will have blends of tea already made up for you.  Think its time for another cuppa!

    #ThatFridayfeeling #Tea -making #Relaxation

  15. Heath & Well – being

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    It’s a great way to relax and kick off the weekend.

    This is the 4th week of the health and well -being course that Gallery 966 is running  supported by Glasgow Clyde College.  This week, the class was creating hand cream with their favourite essential oils mixed in to create a calming, silky and lovely scented cream. The base cream that they used is fragrance and oil free body lotion.  The room smelt beautiful with the aroma of essential oils filling the air!

    After making the creams the class finishes up by meditating for five minutes, with the support of the tutor. The class has been learning the 4 -7 -8 meditation: breath in through your noise, for the count of 4 (in your head), holding the breath for 7 seconds and letting the air out of your mouth making a whooshing noise for a count of 8 and repeat four times.

    #health&well-beingfriday  #hand cream  #Relaxation #Meditation  #Thatfridayfeeling


  16. Gettin’ Spooky in Gallery 966

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    Today Bead ‘n Blether got their hands dirty carving pumpkins to celebrate Halloween.

    We had a great time and there were big smiles all round…

    The scariest part was tidying up!

  17. World Mental Health Day

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    Happy World Mental Health Day readers! To celebrate we thought we’d do a wee post to say a bit about our work towards positive mental health at Creative Steps.

    The Creative Steps programme is a highly successful programme which has been developing for several years, drawing on our experience of working with mental health service-users.  We believe that joining a peer support group with arts and crafts activities can have a big impact on mental health. It’s a chance to get out of the house, make friends, have a blether, get the creative juices flowing, overcome personal challenges, and to spend time with others who are in the same boat.

    What do our members say?

    It is important for us to get feedback on the project from our members. We’ve organised a few sessions over the past month for the groups to have a wee chat about the project and the effect it has had on their mental health. Here are some highlights:

    • ‘I feel safe and secure in class and supported by everyone. I’m so pleased that I started this class because I find it therapeutic doing crafts, especially in a group’
    • ‘I feel so much better after the group. I try to remember that good feeling when I don’t want to leave the house’
    • ‘I feel like I’m part of the world now’
    • ‘I used to think that I was the only one with mental health problems, but I’ve realised lots of people struggle and that I’m not alone’
    • ‘Being part of this project has given me the confidence to volunteer running craft groups myself’

    These comments speak for themselves! It’s clear from these powerful messages that everyone in the groups can be proud of their journey and the support they provide each other every week 😊.

    What can I do if I’m struggling with mental health problems?

    Mental health problems can affect anyone, at any time, the good news is that there is lots of support available for those who need it.  Here are some of the services you can contact for support:

    Breathing Space – a free, confidential phone and web-based service for people in Scotland experiencing low mood, depression or anxiety.
    Call 0800 83 85 87

    – for counselling, stress management and group work
    Call 0141 552 4434

    Samaritans – offer a safe place for you to talk any time you like, in your own way – about whatever’s getting to you
    Call 0141 116 123; Email

    Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) – support for men
    Call 0800 58 58 58 – 5pm to midnight every day; Visit the webchat page

    Join Creative Steps!

    Entry is by referral if you are currently experiencing depression or anxiety or any other mental health condition. Contact Gallery 966 in Govan Tel. 0141 387 2596, Email

    Members making wreaths in the group this morning!

  18. Pawm-Pawm Patrol

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    Pawm-Pawm Patrol has arrived at local nursery thanks to Bead ‘n Blether members Katie and Gillian.

    This month Broomloan Nursery came to ask Katie and Gillian whether Bead ‘n Blether could get crafty to help brighten up the school. Katie got busy and started making pom-poms! In no time at all, she produced a bag full of gorgeous multi-coloured decorations. Magic!

    The pom-poms will help to decorate the Macmillan Coffee Morning the nursery are hosting this month.
    The event will take place 9-11am and 1-3pm, Friday 28th September at Broomloan Nursery, 635 Govan Road. Please come along and show your support – EVERYONE WELCOME!

    In pom-pom world, I’m sure there’ll be no rest for the wicked with the festive season just around the corner..!


  19. Sew with Mo!

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    Gallery 966 is buzzing with sewing bees every Friday at the moment as our teacher Morag is running a 6 week sewing course, with one class in the morning and another in the afternoon.

    The morning class is for beginners and they are practicing different sewing machine techniques on cushions and bunting.

    The afternoon class is for improvers and they are working on all sorts of incredible independent projects! Watch this space to see the finished products! And meet our new mascot..


  20. Green fingers in the Gallery!

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    One of our regular tutors Vanessa brought the outside-in at Gallery 966 yesterday. In the morning Cre8 group made sculptures out of moss and in the afternoon Well Crafty were flower arranging. Bloomin Marvelous!

    Check out these moss sculptures – made using chicken wire and fresh moss that the group collected throughout the week! The moss will grow and spread over time, just need to remember to keep spraying it with water. The group made a wreath, a stag head and a mushroom to name a few of the creations. They even popped in a few succlent plants to make themselves at home in the sculptures!

    The gallery smelt amazing as the group in the afternoon arranged flowers in a tea cup first and then made free standing bunches!

    Thank you Vanessa and the groups for bringing a burst of colour into the Gallery on a cloudy Tuesday!

  21. Meet our new Creative Steps group – the Happy Crafters!

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    A new art and crafts group has recently started in Gallery 966 on Thursday afternoons, the Happy Crafters!

    They will be focusing on jewellery making at first and have already made some gorgeous necklaces and bracelets…
















    We made floating necklaces this week using crimps to keep the beads ‘floating’ in sections along the wire:

    Welcome to the new members!
    Stay tuned for more jewels from the group…

  22. Book Folding with Katie!

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    Blog post from Katie – a member of the Creative Steps ‘Time Out’ group:

    Hi, my name’s Katie and I attend Plantation Production’s Monday morning Time Out project.

    I have mental health issues, mainly depression and anxiety.  Before joining the project I would isolate myself, but the group has helped me make friends with like minded people.

    Very often I would feel empty and didn’t know how to fill my time.  My CPN, Maureen would often suggest I try a hobby and on one occasion suggested book folding.  I’d never heard of it before so she showed me pictures (courtesy of Google).

    I went home, did some research and now I’m hooked.  I watched YouTube videos and searched for Facebook groups.  I joined a group ‘Don’t Judge A Book By The Cover’.

    The owner Michelle has uploaded some patterns and so I tried my first book fold, a simple heart.

    I also found a website that has free patterns to download ‘’.  They also have a Facebook page and, for a small fee to join, gives you access to a pattern maker.

    If I have any questions or are looking for advice, both Facebook group’s members are available to help.  Or there are many YouTube videos to watch.

    So now I’m able to create my own book folds and enjoy making customised ‘thank you’ gifts for friends, family and more recently Plantation Productions.

    Book folding has helped my concentration and confidence.  It’s a cheap hobby, all you need is a pencil, ruler and scissors.  I buy the books from Charity shops so they benefit too.

  23. Upcycling – canal boat style!

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    Bead ‘n Blether art group saw an opportunity not to be missed when they spotted a pile of old wooden crates lying around in Home Bargains this month…

    They asked staff if they could take the freebies, and in just 2 classes they totally transformed them!

    First they painted the crates in bright colours, then looked at traditional canal boat painting for design inspiration…

    And built up layers of paint to create beautiful flowers and colourful patterns:










    The finished crates are gorgeous! Upcycling at it’s finest!

  24. D.A.F.T Media Christmas Production – ONE DAY TO GO!

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    D.A.F.T Media’s production of The Wizard of Oz is finally here! We’ve spent weeks rehearsing songs, creating costumes, sewing sheets together. The weans have worked incredibly hard and learned all their lines, we’re all very excited. They’ll be performing their play in front of friends and family tomorrow evening.


  25. Oor Singin’ Seniors

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    The Seniors Film Club were in the studio last week recording the music for their Time & Time Again short film. The lyrics were inspired by events which took place during 1971 and were collaboratively written by the group, but you’ll have to wait until the film is complete to hear it!


  26. Time & Time Again – The Back Yairds

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    The final shoot for the Seniors Film Club ‘Time & Time Again’ short film took place on Sunday in the sunny back gardens of Govan with our lovely wee actors Eva and Daniel.

    The local residents were more than accommodating and happily kept their washing in for us filming (mind you, it is cold November). That’s us now finished all our filming so a huge thank you to everyone who has been involved so far.

    We’re away back to our post-production shenanigans…

  27. Time and Time Again – Oor Seniors Club Short Film

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    It’s been a busy few weeks in our Seniors Film Club with the post production stages of the 1970s set ‘Time and Time Again’ short film well underway and a few sneaky peeks of the rough edit. The group have been writing and singing some music to include in the film with the help of Gerry and his lyrical skills. We’ll be holding a screening of the film very soon so watch this space!

  28. I’m Dreaming of a Crafty Christmas

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    Our latest crafty group who meet on Tuesday (who are so busy crafting that they’ve not decided on their name yet!) have started thinking about Xmas by designing these super trendy chokers. With the Govan Loves Xmas event in mind, the group began a ‘make one and donate one’ with a choker being made to contribute to our annual craft table at the event.


  29. Creative Steps Programme – Frames & Glitter

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    We’ve been having a busy week here in Gallery 966 with our lovely canvas display still proudly sticking (just about) on the wall.

    Thanks to the skills sharing of Katie, Gillian and Donna of the Bead ‘n’ Blether group, the Time Out group made these fabulous frames yesterday morning. Everyone involved loved the end result!


  30. Bead ‘N’ Blether’s Macmillan Coffee Morning

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    Our Bead ‘N’ Blether group hosted a wonderful coffee morning a couple of weeks ago and collected over £600 for Macmillan Cancer Support. Thank you to everyone who attended and well done to those who won in the raffle.

  31. New Craft Group Needs a Name!

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    We said hello to a new arts & crafts group starting at Gallery 966 today. Two groups from the Govan Health Centre and Brand Street Health Centre have joined together for a new group every Tuesday 11am – 1pm, but they need a name! Can you suggest some crafty names for us? Puns and wordplay are welcome!


  32. Canvas Project: The Finished Display

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    Our groups have recently finished working on their large canvas display just in time for Self Management Week and it’s looking smashing up on the wall at Gallery 966! Everyone worked hard and put a lot of emotion into their pieces.

  33. Celebrating Change

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    We’re starting off our Celebrating Change project working across all our peer support groups to produce one large artwork for Self Management Week, which kicks off the week starting October 2nd!

    We’re looking forward to working together on this project and can’t wait to see what everyone will make!

  34. Glass Painting with Well Crafty

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    Last Tuesday at Well Crafty we were given the opportunity to make some lovely glass coasters thanks to Highland Glass and their glass painting workshop. Everyone had their own unique ideas on what to paint, so we have everything from birds in the sky to fish in the sea!

    Many thanks to Highland Glass for this opportunity, if you want to find out more about them the link to their website is here.

  35. Govan Stars in their Eyes Premiere

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    Last Friday saw a fun-filled evening of music and entertainment as the Portal Seniors Film Club presented the world premiere of their latest film ‘Govan Stars in their Eyes’.

    The film, which is a parody on the popular nineties T.V program, sees the group perform as various music legends including Patsy Cline, Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney. Was brilliant to see those in attendance singing and clapping along to the tunes. We were also lucky enough to have the Govan Allsorts Choir open the show for us.

    A big thank you to everyone who came along.  We will keep you posted on future screenings.


  36. ‘Time’ is of the Essence!

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    Ever thought … how could I use my time more creatively on a Tuesday afternoon?

    As part of our ‘Well Said’ project, Plantation Productions are inviting you to join our new creative film project from 1300-1530pm at The Portal (starts Tuesday 26th July, 2016). The theme of the project is ‘Time’ … what does ‘Time’ mean to you, how do you choose to spend it, and why?

    Why not take time to come along, make friends, express yourself and explore multi-art forms (poetry, photography, animation)? We’ll be capturing the whole process on film, so the experience will be eternal!

    Enjoy yourself … It’s later than you think!

  37. Mental Health Awareness Week 2016 with Creative Steps

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    This month the Creative Steps programme is celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week by bringing the outdoors inside!

    Working on Our Tree

    We have been working together to create and decorate a beautiful tree, and have been inspired by this year’s theme of ‘Relationships’.
    We have been looking at all kinds of ways that people can relate to, and understand, each other. We have been especially influenced by our own relationships to nature!

    Mental Health Awareness Tree



     To learn more about Mental Health Awareness Week and other campaigns visit The Mental Health Foundation.

    Contact us to learn more about our classes and events.

  38. See 12 ‘Angry Men & Wimmin’ Live

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    Tomorrow afternoon, The Portal Seniors’ Club proudly presents a performance of their new radio comedy, ’12 Angry Men & Wimmin’, live at Plantation Productions.

    Since last October, the group have collaborated with Bryan Tolland in creating the original musical comedy, envisaged as a radio play.The piece is very loosely based on the stage play ’12 Angry Men’ by Reginald Rose, which was immortalised in the film starring Henry Fonda. ’12 Angry Men & Wimmin’ developed following a song-based musical recording project which the group created with Bryan. Tomorrow will be the first chance to hear ’12 Angry Men & Wimmin’ in it’s entirety. There will also be a live performance of the play’s soundtrack by Bryan and the club.

    So come along to The Portal tomorrow afternoon at 2pm for a bit of live music, comedy and maybe some strawberry tarts.

  39. Well Said!: The Common Good

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    The last film from our original Well Said project back in 2015 has been published online.

    The Common Good Fund is unique to Scotland. It contains a wide range of public and moveable assets throughout the country worth millions of pounds. These assets have laws to protect them, to ensure that the fund is used correctly, for the benefit of communities.

    The Common Good Awareness Project is a community group which aims to raise awareness and promote Scotland’s Common Good fund, as well as the concept of Common Good more broadly.


    If you would like to learn more about Common Good and the Common Good Awareness Project, please visit:

    You can also e-mail:

  40. Regenerating Govan Through Film Screening

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    As part of this year’s Radical Film Network Festival, we are presenting a showcase of our work over the years. Films on Govan’s past and present, told from the people who live here. We are pleased to welcome guest speaker, filmmaker Dr Kirsten McLeod who will discuss her previous work in Govan alongside some of our local filmmakers.

    The screening will be on Monday the 2nd of May, from 1pm to 3pm, and will be held here at Plantation Productions.

    Regenerate Govan Final


  41. GalGael Short Film Online

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    We begin this new week with another new film from our collection. The GalGael promo film is now up online for all to see. Produced by John Bennett and Suzannah Tullis as part of our “Well Said” project last year, the film highlights the benefits that GalGael brings to the Southside of Glasgow.

    Check back next week for another film from our “Well Said” project.

  42. Merry Christmas From Plantation Productions

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    It is the holiday season and we here at Plantation will be finishing up for Christmas tomorrow afternoon, returning back to our desks on January the 5th. But before we sign off, our ‘Don’t Hate, Animate’ group have produced this little festive animation for you all.

    From everyone at Plantation Productions, we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in 2016.



  43. Creative Steps at Peace at Home

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    Last Tuesday, Creative Steps were honoured to join with other organisations to support “Peace at Home” at the Pearce Institute; an event to promote awareness of domestic violence and to support those affected by it. The event was bustling with plays, song, arts and craft as well as support and outreach information from all over Glasgow.



    Creative Step’s own Well Crafty led a workshop on crafting Christmas baubles, Artist in residence Fiona taught DIY sessions on making festive lanterns and Tina gave master-classes on making Memory Wire Bracelets.



    This event was part of 16 Days of action, a global campaign against gender-based violence led by UN Women.
    To read more about the campaign please click here.
    Information on support and services available to those in Glasgow affected by domestic abuse and violence can be found here.

  44. Well Said: Our Work So Far

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    We are already in week 5 of our Don’t Hate, Animate workshop and it’s quite clear that we have some talented animators here at Plantation. The team’s enthusiasm for the project grows from week to week and we are excited to see what they produce for their final animations in six weeks time. Until then, here’s a small taster of things to come.  Over the past few sessions, the team have been busy developing their very first stop motion animation, The Elephant And The Box, and we are proud to present to you the final piece.

    Great job, guys!


  45. Christmas Crafts are Coming!

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    As we move into winter weather, Creative Steps is gearing up to prepare for the festive season!

    Last week Bead’n’Blether started to lay plans for some jolly projects and today Well Crafty joined in on the fun by hand crafting sparkling Christmas bauble decorations.
    Next week Time Out will make a start on Christmas cards.


    We predict widespread Christmas cheer and activities across all of Plantation Productions in the weeks to follow!

    Keep an eye out for where to buy our finished crafts: Bead’n’Blether and Wooly Wednesday will be at Govan Loves Christmas at Govan Cross on the 2nd of December, and Well Crafty will be at Ibrox Library’s Christmas craft fair on the 3rd of December.  Come along to see all of our hard work in a range of unique festive gifts and ornaments!

    To find out more about Creative Steps and our Christmas crafting, contact us.

  46. Time Out’s many skills

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    Crafting really is a joy that keeps on giving, here at Time Out we’ve recently finished a block of 4 master class craft sessions with Anni from Glasgow’s own Damselfly Crafts.

    We’ve learnt:

    • How to make our own paper beads, and use them in a bracelet
    • How to make ornamental flowers out of old books and paper
    • How to make stylish flower brooches out of organza and felt
    • How to make fab pop up ‘box’ greeting cards

    And we know that we can still learn so much more!

    To find out more about Time Out’s classes and events, contact us.

  47. By Yon Bonnie Banks

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    After a lovely morning singing in the streets of Govan – much to the amusement of passers by and residents – the Govan Allsorts Community Choir and Plantation film crew, headed to the banks of Loch Lomond to film some scenes as part of our “With A Song in Your Heart” project.

    For once, the back of the bus COULD sing, while we all got to take in some of Scotland’s most stunning scenery.

    The final film, part of a partnership with the Scottish Screen Archive, will be shown in October as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival…for now here are some more photos of the day, courtesy of Gerry Gilmartin.

  48. With a Song in Your Heart – WORKSHOP SCHEDULE

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    For those of you interested in taking part in the upcoming “With a Song in Your Heart Project, we can now confirm the times and schedules for workshops and filming (below).

    Friday 24th July – INTRO & ARCHIVES: 10.30am – 1pm then FILM PLANNING/EQUIPMENT: 2pm – 4.30pm
    Friday 31st July – ARCHIVES: 10.30am – 12.30pm
    Friday 7th August – PLANNING/EQUIPMENT: 10.30am – 1pm then ARCHIVES: 2pm – 4.30pm
    Friday 14th August – LOCATION FILMING: 10am – 5pm
    Friday 21st August – ARCHIVES: 10.30am – 12.30pm
    THURSDAY 27th August – 6pm – 8pm – VIEWING FOOTAGE
    Friday 4th September – FILMING/EDIT: 10.30am – 12.30pm

  49. “With a Song in Your Heart” – EXCITING NEW PROJECT OPPORTUNITY

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    The Scottish Screen Archive is a treasure trove of memories of Scottish life, committed to film for us all to enjoy for years to come. This year, as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival 2015, we have been invited to delve into the Archive’s vaults to produce a short film which will eventually form part of the curated material at the SSA’s stunning new premises at Kelvin Hall.

    With the theme of this year’s SMHAFF being “Passion”, our first port of call was The Govan Allsorts Community Choir. The choir’s passion for song, laughter and friendship was the inspiration for the project, which will bring music and film together in the spirit of the critically acclaimed 2014 film “From Scotland with Love”.

    Commencing 24th July 2015 we will be running a series of workshops (which are open to all to join), with Director Kirsten MacLeod and Emily Munro from the Scottish Screen Archive:

    When: Friday 24th July – Friday 4th September
    – Morning session: 10.30 to 12.30. Some afternoon sessions: 1.30pm – 3.30pm
    Where: Plantation Productions, The Portal, 978 Govan Road (with some location filming)

    If you would like to join us on this fun road-trip down memory lane, please contact Angela on 0141 445 1666 or use the form below to get in touch.

    You can take part in some or all of the sessions to suit your availability over the Summer – PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE WITH YOUR NETWORKS.

    The final film will be screened alongside “From Scotland with Love” as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival at 7pm on Tuesday 27th October 2015 at the Pearce Institute.

    Image: ‘Health of a City’ (1965), courtesy of Scottish Screen Archive

  50. Ceramic Tile Project – Exhibition

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    Hello lovely people!
    We AIR Space artists would like to invite you to the exhibition for the ceramic tile project that we carried out at the beginning of summer.  Fiona and Sarah have just finished working with the pupils from Govan High School, and so it’s time for us to get together and admire the fruits of our labour!
    I really hope you can all make it along on Thursday 4th December between 4pm – 6pm for an exhibition of your tiles, to see some photos of the workshops and have some light refreshments.  The invitation poster is attached.

    Hope to see you there!

  51. Universal Comedy Workshops

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    There are still places left on the Universal Comedy Workshop at The Portal and still three sessions to go . So if you’re interested in comedy or just looking to try new things, now is the time. There’s no requirement to perform just come along, have fun, a cup of tea and make some friends at the same time.


    If you’re interested and would like to join in/get more information please get in touch.

    “I would recommend anyone to try it, because it’s brilliant for your confidence” (“Walking in my shoes” participant)


    When: Monday 13:00 – 15:00

    Where: The Portal, 978 Govan Rd, G51 3AJ

    Contact: Angela Ross, Plantation Productions 0141 445 1666 ,

  52. Seniors Film Club Photo Shoot

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    Great fun had by all at the Portal Seniors Film Club yesterday. Here they are posing for their latest photo shoot in preparation for their forthcoming “Happiness” Calendar. Watch this space!

    Seniors iack and marian psychedelic

    Seniors Jim Kane guitar

  53. Here’s Tae Your Health – now online

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    Last Summer, just before the Independence debate had kicked off in earnest, we made a film with a group of volunteers to look at Scottish culture and its relationship with alcohol.

    It raised some very interesting questions, and whilst we had fun making it we also had some heartfelt discussions about the problems and possible solutions to Scotland’s “drinking problem”.

    You can watch “Here’s Tae Your Health” here, and would love to hear your thoughts on the issues raised.

  54. Makeover Magic

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    Gallery 966 certainly has a lot of reasons to be cheerful, following its transformation from a basic workspace into an arts and crafts hubbub of activity. Looking rather fashionable in grey, white and red, the space is a far cry from what it once was.

    It is clear that the recent run of craft classes have inspired the groups, with many continuing to develop the techniques they have learned and creating end results to behold, such as a stunning mirror using decopatch.

    The pièce de résistance of 966 is no doubt its window display. Dressed in the same colours as its interior, it boasts a snapshot of just what can be achieved with a little bit of imagination.

    A new run of craft classes are due to begin in the next coming weeks so watch this space.

  55. Banner making at AIR with Bead ‘n’ Blether

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    The AIR Space has been seeing a lot of Bead ‘n’ Blether’s Gillian, Katie and Phyllis of late, and it has been an absolute pleasure, as always, to have their company and do another creative project with them.

    We have been making a set of banners for the group, and as this is the second set of banners that we’ve made together, we’re becoming quite the pros!

    The banners were made for an event on Saturday in Govan, as part of the Govan’s Hidden Histories Project, celebrating strong women of Govan in the Women’s Histories and Protest on The Clyde strand of the project.  The banners led a group on a tour of significant locations around Govan, honouring women like Isabella Elder, Mary Barbour and Helen Crawfurd.

    We looked at The Co-operative Women’s Guild for inspiration for the design of the banners, drawing parallels between the aims of the Guild, which are to improve the status of women, and the benefits that Bead ‘n’ Blether brings to it’s members today.

    Saturday was an amazing day in sunny Govan, and the banners received a great reception from all those who saw them.  Bead ‘n’ Blether now have a striking set of banners for future use, so not doubt they’ll be back out on show again soon.

    For more detailed info about the banners and the wider project, visit the blog Govan’s Hidden Histories, there’s lot of fantastic stuff on there about Govan and it’s heritage.

  56. The start of winter in the ‘AIR’

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    On Halloween, 14 local residents decided against going guising and came to a drawing workshop at the A.I.R space instead!

    This marked the start of our ‘Winter in the AIR’ workshops, a series of 12 free workshops delivered by the artists in residence at the Portal. The workshops have started with an introduction to drawing and mark making with Alex Bowie, will then continue with watercolour and paint with Fiona Fleming and end with graphic design and screen printing with Geraldine Greene. Each section is 4 weeks long, making the class a perfect opportunity for participants to try their hand at a few things.

    This round of classes is fully booked but we will run the block again in the new year. We are also open to suggestions as to what people would like to come to and will endeavour to try and run the classes that people want. It has been wonderful getting folk into the space and getting creative. I had to share this photo of the group drawing blindfolded to music on Thursday evening. Govan has a lot of talented artists out there!


  57. The AIR Space Artists celebrate the Commonwealth Games.


    Hello! This is my first post and it is rather exciting. I am Alex and  am one of the lucky 4 artists in residence in the Portal’s A.I.R (artist in residence) space. All four of us have an interest in socially engaged art practice and believe in the importance of everyone having the opportunity to be creative. Being based in our space on Govan Road gives us the opportunity to work directly with the local comunity and respond to what they want.

    So when the Commonwealth Family Festival came to Govan we decided to run a screen printing workshop to celebrate, focusing on the Queens Baton Relay. Particpants were invited to explore imagery from the 70 Commonwealth nations and territories which the Queens Baton will pass through. They then had the opportunity to make this image into a screenprint. To do this they went through the whole process screenprinting; making the image, exposing the screen, then printing. Their prints were made into flags which can be used next year to wave at Commonwealth Games events.

    We had a great day, despite the weather and got some great results from some very young screenprinters!

    teamwork  IMG_7506

    This project was in conjunction with Glasgow Life.

  58. Jewellery Exhibitions – Bring on the bling!


    2013-10-31 12.08.09

    Well done everyone at Gorbals and Castlemilk for the absolutely fabulous displays of jewellery as part of The Mental Health Arts & Film Festival! From the visitors that popped in to see the work the feedback was amazing “So professional!”; “Like a shop!”; “Can we buy it?”. Coming along and joining a group with people you don’t know at all can be daunting. Coming along and getting totally absorbed in the activity you are doing can be the opposite!
    The creative juices are flowing – some are now coming along to our Ceramics Course, Art Course and others coming along to our Festive Pop-up shop as stall-holders! Fabulous to have you on board!
    2013-10-25 12.21.052013-10-31 12.11.20

  59. Winter in the “AIR”

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    With the nights “fair drawing in’, now is the ideal time to think about taking on a new project, and our residents artists are offering two exciting opportunities to take you into the New Year.

    We have a 12 week Art Course, exploring 3 different visual art techniques, or you can try your hand at Ceramics, making unique Xmas gifts and decorations.

    Art Course – starts Thursday 31st October, from 6pm-8pm
    Christmas Ceramics – starts Sunday 3rd November, from 11am-1pm (for 6 weeks)

    Both courses will take place in the AIR studios, 974 Govan Road, Glasgow, G51 3AJ.
    More info can be found on our Projects page (Artists in Residence) or you can contact us using the form below

    [contact-form to=’’ subject=’Winter courses in the AIR space’][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Comment’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form] .

  60. Rapper Loki connects with Drop In

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    Great session at the Connect Zone Drop In last night when the Club were visited by Scottish rapper, Loki.
    After an amazing performance set, Loki did a Q&A with the group. Looking forward to the next 2 weeks when he’ll be running song writing workshops, mentoring the group to write and perform some great rap songs of their own. Who knows, some of them may appear in “Clydeside Story”. If you want to get involved, it’s 6-8pm, Thursday evenings, at The Portal.

  61. Jewellery Making Courses – full steam ahead

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    The Flo Group (Florence Street Resource Centre) and new jewellery makers are doing a lot more than going with the Flo’ as their motto goes… they are in full flow, with a treasure chest of hand-made sparkly jewels to show for it! When your daughter borrows your jewellery for nights out and ‘forgets’ to give it back it’s a BIG compliment! Over at the Stewart Centre in Castlemilk you are saying “People can’t believe I have made this!” Hah – two very talented groups in action I say. From complete beginners a few weeks ago – it just shows what can be achieved. We know our flat-nosed pliers and just what to do with our crimps and clamshells!

    2013-10-10 12.32.262013-09-27 12.23.06

    Both groups are showing off what they have been up to and are holding informal displays as part of The Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival. Drop in and join us!

    Friday 25th October : 10.30-12.30 at John Duns Scotus Church, Ballater Street, Gorbals.
    Thursday 31st October : 10.30-12.30 at Stewart Centre, 5 Ardencraig Road, Castlemilk.

  62. Our Festival Brochure OUT NOW!

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    With the Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival now in full swing across Scotland, we’ve made up an at-a-glance brochure of events from the local Arts & Wellbeing network…There really is something for everyone – so get your diaries out or you might miss out!

    SMHAFF 2013 Brochure

  63. “Here’s Tae Yer Health” – We’re nearly there!


    We’ve locked DC in a cupboard and he’s not allowed out until he’s got the edit ready for the big premiere on Tuesday. He didn’t have that beard when he started, but don’t worry – we can assure you that no filmmakers were harmed in the making of this movie.

    In case you’ve missed the previous blog the screening will take place at the Pearce Institute from 7pm – 10pm, followed by a Q and A with the filmmakers and live music from the Govan Allsorts and The Jaggy Nettles.

    Download the poster here, and feel free to pass on to your pals…
    Here’s Tae Yer Health

  64. Here’s Tae Your Health – Premiere Screening

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    After a Summer of research and filming, the Here’s Tae Your Health film group are pleased to invite you to the premiere screening of their finished film. It’s been an incredible journey and we’ve met some fantastic people along the way. We’ve learned a lot, made new friends, had many laughs together, and we’d like to share this final evening of film and music with you to round off our project…

    Tuesday 17th September 2013, 7pm – 10pm.
    The Pearce Institute (Mary Barbour Suite)
    840-860 Govan Road, Glasgow G51 3UU

    The film will be followed by a Q and A session with the filmmakers, and live music from the Govan Allsorts Choir and The Jaggy Nettles.

    (Part of the South Glasgow GRAND Week programme of events)

  65. Dumbaron Rocks! – Our visit to DACA


    Last week we visited DACA (Dumbarton Area Council on Alcohol) to find out more about the great work they do…Here is Gerry’s blog and a few pictures he took on the day..

    “We visited DACA last week to film and interview people involved on the project. We asked what services are provided and how people have been helped by coming to the project. Everyone we met was very open, friendly and hospitable and had a great sense of humour too! From talking to folk, we realised that DACA is a place you can go when you’re feeling down and need to talk to someone. The project gives people a huge boost in confidence, and is somewhere you feel safe in the knowledge that there are others in the same situation as yourself.”









  66. Heres Tae Your Health – Project update

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    We’re a few weeks into the project now, and the team are in full swing with their research for the film. We’ve had some very interesting discussions about Scottish culture and identity, and it soon became apparent that we have so much to be proud of. However there are still many questions surrounding our relationship with alcohol – some of which we aim to answer in the coming weeks.

    Last Friday we were joined by Vera and Louise from the Glasgow Council on Alcohol who kindly allowed us to film some of the alcohol awareness activities they do in the community.

    On Saturday we took a trip out to Summerlee Industrial Museum where Tam McGarvey took us “time travelling” through the miner’s cottages to see how work and society has changed over the years. As ever, good banter and bad jokes (from DC) made the day.

  67. Planting at Plantation

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    Was lovely to see the kids getting in to a wee bit of gardening with Tam – WE LOVE OUR NEW PLANTER – and going by the comments from passers by, so do all the folk on Howat Street.. Thanks to all the guys on the Men’s Den project and to Galgael for use of their workshop.


    The final product