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  1. Seniors 2020

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    Seniors Film Club 2020

    Over the last few months,the seniors club have been writing and rehearsing their very own play. It will be filled with festive celebrations, mad costumes and jokes aplenty- but let’s not give too much away! Although the play is set during a ‘wild’ New Years party (so wild that the DJ can’t get the speakers working…) we have been taking a very calm approach to rehearsals. In order to promote wellbeing and increase self-esteem, our seniors begin each session with breathing exercises, stretches and even some tongue twisters to loosen up their vocal cords. Everyone say it with me: ‘Ommmmm’…

  2. May Day – Film Screening | Plantation Production | Senior Film Club

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     Don’t miss out!

    On our  FREE TICKETED EVENT this Thursday!

    When: Thursday 2nd May 2019 – Doors 1.30pm to 4pm.
    Where: Pearce Institute (Mary Barbour Suite), 840-860 Govan Road, Glasgow, G51 3UU

    or Tel: 0141 445 1666

    Plantation Productions and the Portal Seniors Film Club would like to invite you for an afternoon of film to celebrate May Day and its traditions of workers’ solidarity.

    We will be showing “Britain on Film: Protest” (79 mins) alongside “Time & Time Again” (10 mins) – a short drama, written and performed by the Seniors themselves, which is based in Govan in 1971 at the time of the UCS Work In.

    #Seniorsfilmclub #Mayday


  3. May Day Film Screening

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    When: Thursday 2nd May 2019 – Doors 1.30pm to 4pm.
    Where: Pearce Institute (Mary Barbour Suite), 840-860 Govan Road, Glasgow, G51 3UU

    Tickets –
    or Tel: 0141 445 1666

    Plantation Productions and the Portal Seniors Film Club would like to invite you for an afternoon of film to celebrate May Day and its traditions of workers’ solidarity.

    We will be showing “Britain on Film: Protest” (79 mins) alongside “Time & Time Again” (10 mins) – a short drama, written and performed by the Seniors themselves, which is based in Govan in 1971 at the time of the UCS Work In.

    PROTEST! Synopsis
    At a time of intense public activism both at home and across the globe, explore the varied and fascinating history of public protest in the UK with the Independent Cinema Office’s new archive film programme: Britain on Film: Protest!

    From a 1910 suffragette demonstration to striking coal miners in the Rhondda Valley, from female CND protesters spanning the Tamar Bridge to the defeat of fascists at London’s Cable Street, this absorbing, illuminating collection examines the nature of protests large and small and for causes regional and national, by participants fighting for suffrage and democracy, against exploitation and inequality, for fair wages and worker’s rights, for public safety, freedom and community and in the face of war and oppression.
    Sourced from the national and regional archives and newly digitised, Britain on Film: Protest! tells a story not just about specific protests and their causes but about a tumultuous social, political and economic century and the constant, dynamic presence of public dissent and its effects as a weapon of change – at a time when raising our voices feels more essential than ever.

  4. iPads and Strawberry Tarts?

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    Week 7 of learning how to use IPads for our seniors group looked more like a scene from the Great British Bake Off as they tucked into a platter of strawberry tarts for Roberts birthday!  The mood was buoyant, so it was a great opportunity to have a creative session, brainstorming ideas for a music video to accompany the groups self-penned song, “the Govan Town Rag”.

    Their creative ideas were flowing just as quick as the cups of tea with enough great suggestions for the music videos, this group really know their stuff!  Looking at the history of Govan through the power of google opens up access to a plethora of images and historical detail on the area which fits perfectly with the song.  Everyone is looking forward to the next stage where they will be learning how to put together the various elements of a music video using, of course, the ipads.


  5. Seniors internet adventures….

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    The seniors group internet adventure continues, this week travelling the world using google maps.  We looked at satellite images of where we are now then expanding it to destinations further afield like Liverpool and India.  After zooming into street view, we used google to calculate the distance to travel using a variety on methods including how far it would be to walk it!

    Always an important thing to know when in Scotland is, “what will the weather be like today?” so our intrepid seniors used the BBC weather app to plan their activities for the week ahead.

    Introducing the google app to the groups was a real eye opener for them and some time was spent finding out about things they had always wanted to now but, didn’t know how to go about it.  There was a real “wow” moment when they realised that literally anything, they wanted to know about was “online” and accessible at the touch of a button well, several buttons!

    After refuelling on tea and biscuits, they looked for images of hobbies or things that interested them.  The group were then tasked with searching for specific images relating to a song that the group had previously written called “The Govan Town Rag”  which is about the diverse Govan community e.g. kids playing, the people who live here, what they do, what the area is like.  One of the group found a picture of herself as a young child at primary school, you can imagine her delight!

    There is no stopping them now, roll on next week…..

  6. Seniors – iPad

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    Plantation Productions senior group are only on week 5 of learning how to use Ipads for everyday things and we are struggling to keep up with them!

    After recapping on what they learnt last week, this week they picked up the pace and learned how to take photos, make an album and how to move photos to different locations.  They’ve learnt some tricks too like spotlight search and using photo booth which is a photograph filter app.

    The room fell silent at points due to the intense concentration of the group only to be interjected by the tutors instructions and some members egging each other on by saying “have you done that yet, I’m onto this bit”,  all meant in good faith!

    Not forgetting a friend who has off through illness for a few weeks, the group wrote a heartfelt message on a flipchart board and took a photograph to send their best wishes all using their ipads.


    Cant wait to see what they do next week

  7. Seniors – Frankie was awarded a volunteer award fromThe British Heart Foundation.

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    Our very own Frankie has been awarded a British Heart Foundation volunteer award for his 12 years of service, how amazing is that!  We are all so proud of him.

    As it was volunteer week last week, Sunny Govan radio have interviewed Frankie about his dedication and achievements,  listen out for it on the radio this week!

    Back at base here in Plantation Productions Frankie and his fellow seniors have started a www. revolution on how to make the most of modern technology using Ipads.

    New members always welcome, if you fancy a cuppa and natter then please get in touch by calling Plantation Productions on: 0141 445 1666





  8. Burns Supper

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    Our wonderful senior’s group celebrated the life and poetry of the National Bard Rabbie Burns in style this week.

    Before tucking into the traditional haggis, neeps and tatties, Robert presented the haggis to the skirl of the bagpipes followed by Mitch who addressed the haggis with a passionate speech and Tom who gave an inspiring rendition of the Selkirk Grace.

    After finishing off the meal with apple pie and custard the group had a fair old knee’s up which Rabbie himself would have been proud of!

    Jack delivered a thought provoking and funny toast to the lassies with his lovely wife Marion matching him with an expertly delivered witty reply.

    A great time was had by all and we can’t wait to do it all again next year!

    #Burnssupper #Poetry #Haggis #Seniors


  9. St. Andrews Day concert – 30th November

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    What a fantastic night…there was singing, dancing and a film too!

    The film called,‘Time and Time again’ was about Govan in the 1970’s. The seniors’ acting was spectacular and gritty making a really captivating film with historical accuracy.

    The atmosphere was electric  as the seniors took to the stage. They sang their hearts out, and read out some of their own poems. Jack’s had the audience laughing out loud where as Bob had penned a very thought provoking, soul-searching poem

    They did themselves proud!

    We also had the pleasure of the Govan Allsorts choir who wore tartan skirts and performed a dance routine, they were ‘geen it laldy’ with old Scottish Songs, we danced the night away!

    What a cracking night full of fun, laughter and singing!

    A special shout out to Frankie and Alison who were unable to make it in person on the night but were there in spirit!

    Frankie thank you for the gorgeous flowers!

    #St.AndrewsDayConcert #Amazing #Dancingthenightaway #Singing #anightoremember



  10. Seniors

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    Thursday 22nd of November was the first studio rehearsal that the senior group had with their musical director.

    The studio was incredible, filled to the brim with keyboards, double basses and numerous guitars

    The atmosphere was electric and there were good vibes all round.

    This created excitement and nervous energy within the group as they were put into their semi- circle position ready to sing their hearts out! They sounded amazing.

    It’s only one more rehearsal until the show – Friday 30th November.

    It’s going to be a cracking show!

    #studio #rehearsals #St.Andrewsday


  11. Autumn Extravaganza

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    This autumn, the seniors have been busy: dressed up for Halloween, while limbering up and getting their vocal chords ready for their concert at the end of November.

    During the Halloween party they sang their set of songs and they sounded on top form!

    There was a prize for the best costume; our Jack won – he was dressed up as a hippy!

    As the nights draw in, we need something to look forward to so come and celebrate in style with our St. Andrews Day Concert (30th November) – for more information and to book your free tickets click here



  12. St. Andrews Day Concert

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    Our Portal Seniors Film Club have been singing their socks off in rehearsal for their upcoming St. Andrews Day concert at the Pearce Institute.

    Working with musician, Dixie Lang, the group have put together a lively set of well-kent Country & Western and traditional Scots songs, with a bit of spoken word performance thrown in for good luck.

    Additionally, this will be the first Govan screening of “Time & Time Again” – a short film set in Govan in the summer of 1971.

    With special guests to be announced, it’s looking like a right guid night.

    Friday 30th November, Pearce Institute, 840 Govan Road.
    7.30 – 10pm. Free event. Soft drinks served. Family Friendly.

    Book your tickets here

  13. Portal Pink Ladies

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    Lots of “Summer Lovin'” at this afternoon’s Seniors Film Club.  And just look at our gorgeous Sandy from Grease and The Pink Ladies.


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    Oor Portal Seniors Film Club have been in the process of making their next calendar for 2019 around the theme of… Hollywood films!

    Using the magic of green screen and costumes, we’re transporting the group into the big films including sci fi epics and musicals.

    Can you guess which film Frank is posing for in this picture?!



  15. May the 4th (be with you)! -“Time and Time Again” Premiere

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    We’re on the countdown to the long-awaited premiere of the Portal Seniors Film Club latest production, Time and Time Again.

    This project has been a fantastic collaborative experience for all involved. From the initial research, to the development of the script, rehearsals with actors, filming with the extremely talented crew, writing the soundtrack song…and now YOU, the audience!

    The film is being featured as part of the Radical Film Festival – a festival inspired by the events of 1968 – a time of uprisings across the globe. Although our film is set in Govan in 1971, it shares many of the the themes of the Festival, and the lessons we can learn from our collective pasts…

    Friday 4th May, 2pm-3pm
    Scottish Trades Union Congress building, 333 Woodlands Road, Glasgow G3 6NG

  16. The Seniors are Dressed to Impress!

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    The Seniors have been at the Dressing Up box again … but what’s their excuse this time?  A Panto?  A Play?  A photo shoot?   Watch this space over the next few weeks to find out.



  17. Can you help? – Govan 1971

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    CAN YOU HELP? (Again) …You have all been amazing so far, but we have one more appeal to help the Seniors Film Club Film put the finishing touches to their film “Time and Time Again”…. We are looking for photos (or film if you have it) of the people and places of Govan in 1971 (or thereabouts).

    Whether it’s funny family pics, dodgy fashions, work photos or snaps of Govan landmarks, we want to get an idea of how Govan REALLY looked at the time.

    To keep us right with copyright we need to get permission from the person who owns the images to use it in our film, so if you are cool with that, please get in touch…

    You can contact Angela on 0141 445 1666 or email

    You could also drop by to the Seniors Film Club on Thursday 29th November, between 2 and 4pm and we will copy and return your images there and then.

    Or, feel free to post on our Facebook blog, and we’ll get in touch with you from there.

    Here’s a couple from Nan from the group to get us started.

  18. Oor Singin’ Seniors

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    The Seniors Film Club were in the studio last week recording the music for their Time & Time Again short film. The lyrics were inspired by events which took place during 1971 and were collaboratively written by the group, but you’ll have to wait until the film is complete to hear it!


  19. Time & Time Again – The Back Yairds

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    The final shoot for the Seniors Film Club ‘Time & Time Again’ short film took place on Sunday in the sunny back gardens of Govan with our lovely wee actors Eva and Daniel.

    The local residents were more than accommodating and happily kept their washing in for us filming (mind you, it is cold November). That’s us now finished all our filming so a huge thank you to everyone who has been involved so far.

    We’re away back to our post-production shenanigans…

  20. Time and Time Again – Oor Seniors Club Short Film

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    It’s been a busy few weeks in our Seniors Film Club with the post production stages of the 1970s set ‘Time and Time Again’ short film well underway and a few sneaky peeks of the rough edit. The group have been writing and singing some music to include in the film with the help of Gerry and his lyrical skills. We’ll be holding a screening of the film very soon so watch this space!

  21. And… Action!

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    Filming for the Seniors Film Club short film started last week and we’ve been having a fantastic time shooting! A big thank you to all the cast and extras who’ve taken part so far. The dad of one of our extras Joe Gallagher was in an original iconic photo at the shipyards (Joe pictured above). We received such a huge response to our Facebook call out for shipyard extras gaining 25,000 views so a massive thank you to those who shared the post too!


  22. Casting Call for Seniors Film Club project

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    Over the last few months our Portal Seniors Film Club have been developing a short film script based in Govan around the time of the UCS Work in Summer 1971. The group have created – and will be performing – their own characters, based on a group of senior citizens contemplating a rapidly changing society against a backdrop of the Equal Pay Act, the rise of CND, Tory cuts and globalisation.
    We are currently in rehearsal, (Thursday afternoons 2-4pm) with filming scheduled for September, but are still looking for cast members for a few parts. Unfortunately we can only cover basic expenses, but would offer an opportunity to anyone wishing to develop their film show-reel, and/or support the Seniors Film Club in their current venture.

    CHARACTERS (all set in Govan, 1971)
    ALEC – Male. Lead part. Early 30’s. Bit of a “Jack-the-Lad”. Works in the shipyard. (Availability for filming – all day on 21st and 22nd September + one other day tbc). Ideally could also be available for rehearsals on Thursdays at 2pm with the group, but not essential.
    “THE SHARK” – Male. Glasgow gangster/Moneylender. Age 30+. Menacing presence. (Availability – Thursday 21st September)
    WAGES CLERK – Female. Late 50’s+. Office worker. Well groomed. Due to retire. (Filming Date tbc).
    SHIPYARD WORKERS – Males. Working age. Two workers have a speaking line each in the script. Other workers, to be filmed in wages queue and walking out the yards. (date tbc).
    CND “HIPPIES” – non-speaking role. (Availability 21st and/or 22nd Sept)
    Male – early 20’s – shoulder length/long hair.
    Female – early 20’s – very short/”pixie-cut” hair.

    Please feel free to share amongst your actor friends.
    Should you wish to find out more or put yourself forward for a part, please email or call Angela on 0141 445 1666.

  23. Govan Stars in their Eyes Premiere

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    Last Friday saw a fun-filled evening of music and entertainment as the Portal Seniors Film Club presented the world premiere of their latest film ‘Govan Stars in their Eyes’.

    The film, which is a parody on the popular nineties T.V program, sees the group perform as various music legends including Patsy Cline, Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney. Was brilliant to see those in attendance singing and clapping along to the tunes. We were also lucky enough to have the Govan Allsorts Choir open the show for us.

    A big thank you to everyone who came along.  We will keep you posted on future screenings.



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    Merry Christmas fun for young and old at the Plantation Christmas Parties last week. Wishing all our members a very Happy Christmas and all good wishes for 2017.








  25. The Seniors Have Stars in their Eyes

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    With the completion of their radio drama, 12 Angry Men and Wimmin, the Portal’s Seniors Club are now moving on to their next project, music videos. Each member has selected a track from their favourite musician’s catalogue (choices ranging from Judy Garland to Oasis) and will record their own rendition of the song in a recording studio. With those recordings, the club will then perform in front of camera to produce their very own music video, dressed as their chosen artist.

    Below are some images taken from our dress rehearsal last week.

  26. See 12 ‘Angry Men & Wimmin’ Live

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    Tomorrow afternoon, The Portal Seniors’ Club proudly presents a performance of their new radio comedy, ’12 Angry Men & Wimmin’, live at Plantation Productions.

    Since last October, the group have collaborated with Bryan Tolland in creating the original musical comedy, envisaged as a radio play.The piece is very loosely based on the stage play ’12 Angry Men’ by Reginald Rose, which was immortalised in the film starring Henry Fonda. ’12 Angry Men & Wimmin’ developed following a song-based musical recording project which the group created with Bryan. Tomorrow will be the first chance to hear ’12 Angry Men & Wimmin’ in it’s entirety. There will also be a live performance of the play’s soundtrack by Bryan and the club.

    So come along to The Portal tomorrow afternoon at 2pm for a bit of live music, comedy and maybe some strawberry tarts.

  27. Regenerating Govan Through Film Screening

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    As part of this year’s Radical Film Network Festival, we are presenting a showcase of our work over the years. Films on Govan’s past and present, told from the people who live here. We are pleased to welcome guest speaker, filmmaker Dr Kirsten McLeod who will discuss her previous work in Govan alongside some of our local filmmakers.

    The screening will be on Monday the 2nd of May, from 1pm to 3pm, and will be held here at Plantation Productions.

    Regenerate Govan Final


  28. 12 Angry Men (With Some Angry Wimmin)

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    Our Seniors club are having a difficult time putting down their musical instruments lately. After a great performance at Life Is A Cabaret last October, the group are now working with Bryan Tolland on a satirical radio comedy, 12 Angry Men (With Some Angry Wimmin), inspired by Reginald Rose’s 1954 drama. Along with lending their voices for the various characters, the play will feature songs written and performed by the club.

  29. Practice Makes Perfect

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    With just a week to go until Life Is A Cabaret, the Seniors Film Club were busy at work with Bryan Tolland yesterday to add the final pizzazz to their set for the night. The group have been learning how to write and perform their own songs and, as ever, having a rare ol’ time to themselves in the process!

  30. Wan Singer! Wan Song!

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    Well that’s what our Senior’s group think anyway. Here they are taking a well earned break from their emotional WWI Radio Drama, in preparation for their next project. “Music of My Years”.

    The group plan to record their own versions of various songs that play significant parts in their lives.

    Watch this space.



  31. Seniors World War 1 Radio Drama Part 1

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    Our Seniors Film and Media group at their first recording session of “The Last Waltz”.

    Written by the group, this is the story of five young Govan friends – Frank, Harry, Robert, Billy and Johnny – and their families, as they go off to war. The group’s performance of these characters was not only electric but incredibly moving.

    Thanks to George Henry and the boys from Glasgow Clyde College for their patience in recording the session.

    Part Two: Off to War. Coming soon.

  32. Community Ceramic Tile Project – Exhibition

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    Gallery 966 last Thursday evening saw participants from the Community Ceramics Project gather together to enjoy the beautiful finished ceramic work from the project, which has been running in the Portal AIR Space this year. The exhibition displayed ceramic tiles designed and created by pupils from Govan High School (S2), The Portal AIR Space Art class and The Portal Seniors Film Club.
    During the project, the use of architectural ceramics in traditional buildings in Govan was explored and people had the opportunity to make some new ceramic tiles. Through local walks and visits to tenement ‘wally’ closes and public buildings around Govan, a variety of traditional architectural ceramics including decorative wall tiles and floor mosaics were seen and documented, and some of the typical design styles such as Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau and Art Deco were explored.
    The project has been implemented as part of the Govan Cross Townscape Heritage Initiative, and aims to raise awareness of the importance and special character of Govan’s listed buildings alongside the wider conservation and regeneration work currently being carried out in the Central Govan area.
    For more see :

  33. SMHAFF – Seniors’ Showcase

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    As part of this year’s Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival, Plantation Productions and Impact Arts are pleased to invite you to our Seniors’ Showcase this Thursday, 2nd October. Come along and be inspired by the arts, crafts and filmmaking skills of the Portal Seniors Film Club and Crafts Cafe members, who will be discussing the benefits of creativity in later life, exhibiting a selection of their work and inviting you to take part in a crafts activity.

    Refreshments and banter provided!

    When: 1pm-4pm Thursday 2nd October
    Where: Elderpark Centre, 82 Elderpark Street, Govan G51 3SS

    Easter Parade!

  34. Seniors Film Club Photo Shoot

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    Great fun had by all at the Portal Seniors Film Club yesterday. Here they are posing for their latest photo shoot in preparation for their forthcoming “Happiness” Calendar. Watch this space!

    Seniors iack and marian psychedelic

    Seniors Jim Kane guitar

  35. AIR Space Ceramics

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    The AIR Space has been a hive of dusty creative activity recently, since the community ceramics project has got underway.

    Through a series of talks and discussions, local walks and hands-on ceramic tile making workshops, people have been investigating the historic use of architectural ceramics such as tile and mosaic work in traditional buildings in Govan, discovering original features still existing in tenement ‘Wally’ closes, shopfronts entranceways and significant public buildings in the area.

    People have also been designing and making new tiles, experiencing the entire ceramic production process through the stages of designing, sculpting, mould making, pressing, glazing and firing the clay to make the finished tiles.

    The project will be running over the next few months – look out for an exhibition of the ceramic work made in the Autumn at Gallery 966.

    The ceramics project is run by Portal Artists in Residence Sarah Bland, Fiona Fleming & Geraldine Greene, and is part of the Govan Cross Townscape Heritage Initiative, funded by Glasgow City Council and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

  36. World War One Radio Drama

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    Following our very successful and highly exclaimed “Christmas Carol” Radio drama Plantation’s seniors who have now teamed with the Wonderful Sunny Govan Radio, have been working tirelessly on their world war one radio news drama, which will will depict the lives of several fictitious Govanites, who are based upon real people, as they live and die through this senseless war.

    Heather from Sunny Govan along with her incredibly talented son Alex came along to join in and get a flavor of what the group have been working on, and give us their ideas.

    We have almost completed our research of the events and have begun working on character profiles, some based upon real people, real events and real emotions. We also began improvisations between characters which generated a scene that was electrifying to watch, and let us begin to breath life into the characters.

    Even though the group had fun and there were , as usual lots of laughs, a true understanding and reverence for those who lived through the war, and keeping things light then becomes a tool that can give us a breath from some of the harrowing information we are uncovering.

    xburns speech 4

  37. The Weather Outside is Frightful!

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    Well, Santa Claus has only 13 short weeks to get all his toys ready for the good girls and boys. With this in mind, The Seniors Film Club running every Thursday have taken some time out of their documentary on World War One, and begun preparation for their up and coming production of “Christmas Memories” a mix of Live performance, Video and even Radio.

    The group will explore Christmas and what it means to them, as well as taking up Christmas Challenges such as making their own traditional toys and Christmas Decorations, Writing and Performing Christmas Poem and Songs and even getting into the kitchen for a special Christmas Master Chef.

    They also will take on the roles of  Ebenezer Scrooge, Bob Cratchit, and The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future, as they perform a live radio performance of Charles Dickens immortal classic “A Christmas Carol”

    There will be no “Bah Humbugs!” By the time we get done. Govan won’t have felt this festive since Bing Crosby danced with Danny Kay.

    Lets jingle all the way.


  38. Govan Banners Screening at Kinning Park


    Seniors at KP Cinema Club

    A big thanks to Michael, Liam and Laura Jane at the KPC Social Cinema Club for making us feel very welcome at the screening of “The Govan Banners” on Tuesday night.

    By great coincidence we had Sheila and Ernest in the audience – two young people from Spain, who had come to the Complex for a yoga class, but decided to stay for the film instead (sorry, yoga teacher). After the screening, Ernest shared his own family stories and they informed us that they had not been aware that people from Scotland had gone to fight fascism in the Spanish Civil War. We had an interesting and heartfelt discussion and by the end of the night the group had gained yet another group of young fans.

  39. “The Govan Banners” Film Screening

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    Govan Banners Poster

    The KPC Social Cinema Club have invited us to join them for another opportunity to catch this intriguing documentary by the Portal Seniors Film Club.

    The film tells the story of the mysterious Govan Banners – found on May Day 1979 – wrapped in newspapers and forgotten for 40 years. Working with director, Kirsten MacLeod, The Seniors Film Club went on a journey to finally uncover their origins and tell the story behind their creation.

    Tuesday 2nd July – 7pm
    Entry £2
    The Kinning Park Complex,
    40 Cornwall Street,