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  1. Awards for our Advanced Sewing Class

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    Our advanced sewing class were given the opportunity to complete a SCQF Level 3 Qualification in Basic Sewing Skills, thanks to Glasgow Clyde College.

    The twelve-week course taught participants a range of skills and tested learning using both practical and written demonstrations. Participants were asked to complete a cushion as their main project, using beautiful tartan fabrics. These were decorated using images such as dogs, stags and thistles. Hopefully these beautiful cushions are being proudly displayed in people’s homes!






    Everyone taking part successfully completed the course and received a certificate to evidence their learning. Congratulations to all of our participants for your hard work and commitment.

    Thanks, as always, to our talented and very patient tutor Morag, who delivered the course and helped every participant to succeed.

  2. World Mental Health Day

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    Happy World Mental Health Day readers! To celebrate we thought we’d do a wee post to say a bit about our work towards positive mental health at Creative Steps.

    The Creative Steps programme is a highly successful programme which has been developing for several years, drawing on our experience of working with mental health service-users.  We believe that joining a peer support group with arts and crafts activities can have a big impact on mental health. It’s a chance to get out of the house, make friends, have a blether, get the creative juices flowing, overcome personal challenges, and to spend time with others who are in the same boat.

    What do our members say?

    It is important for us to get feedback on the project from our members. We’ve organised a few sessions over the past month for the groups to have a wee chat about the project and the effect it has had on their mental health. Here are some highlights:

    • ‘I feel safe and secure in class and supported by everyone. I’m so pleased that I started this class because I find it therapeutic doing crafts, especially in a group’
    • ‘I feel so much better after the group. I try to remember that good feeling when I don’t want to leave the house’
    • ‘I feel like I’m part of the world now’
    • ‘I used to think that I was the only one with mental health problems, but I’ve realised lots of people struggle and that I’m not alone’
    • ‘Being part of this project has given me the confidence to volunteer running craft groups myself’

    These comments speak for themselves! It’s clear from these powerful messages that everyone in the groups can be proud of their journey and the support they provide each other every week 😊.

    What can I do if I’m struggling with mental health problems?

    Mental health problems can affect anyone, at any time, the good news is that there is lots of support available for those who need it.  Here are some of the services you can contact for support:

    Breathing Space – a free, confidential phone and web-based service for people in Scotland experiencing low mood, depression or anxiety.
    Call 0800 83 85 87

    – for counselling, stress management and group work
    Call 0141 552 4434

    Samaritans – offer a safe place for you to talk any time you like, in your own way – about whatever’s getting to you
    Call 0141 116 123; Email

    Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) – support for men
    Call 0800 58 58 58 – 5pm to midnight every day; Visit the webchat page

    Join Creative Steps!

    Entry is by referral if you are currently experiencing depression or anxiety or any other mental health condition. Contact Gallery 966 in Govan Tel. 0141 387 2596, Email

    Members making wreaths in the group this morning!

  3. Pawm-Pawm Patrol

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    Pawm-Pawm Patrol has arrived at local nursery thanks to Bead ‘n Blether members Katie and Gillian.

    This month Broomloan Nursery came to ask Katie and Gillian whether Bead ‘n Blether could get crafty to help brighten up the school. Katie got busy and started making pom-poms! In no time at all, she produced a bag full of gorgeous multi-coloured decorations. Magic!

    The pom-poms will help to decorate the Macmillan Coffee Morning the nursery are hosting this month.
    The event will take place 9-11am and 1-3pm, Friday 28th September at Broomloan Nursery, 635 Govan Road. Please come along and show your support – EVERYONE WELCOME!

    In pom-pom world, I’m sure there’ll be no rest for the wicked with the festive season just around the corner..!


  4. Sew with Mo!

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    Gallery 966 is buzzing with sewing bees every Friday at the moment as our teacher Morag is running a 6 week sewing course, with one class in the morning and another in the afternoon.

    The morning class is for beginners and they are practicing different sewing machine techniques on cushions and bunting.

    The afternoon class is for improvers and they are working on all sorts of incredible independent projects! Watch this space to see the finished products! And meet our new mascot..


  5. Green fingers in the Gallery!

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    One of our regular tutors Vanessa brought the outside-in at Gallery 966 yesterday. In the morning Cre8 group made sculptures out of moss and in the afternoon Well Crafty were flower arranging. Bloomin Marvelous!

    Check out these moss sculptures – made using chicken wire and fresh moss that the group collected throughout the week! The moss will grow and spread over time, just need to remember to keep spraying it with water. The group made a wreath, a stag head and a mushroom to name a few of the creations. They even popped in a few succlent plants to make themselves at home in the sculptures!

    The gallery smelt amazing as the group in the afternoon arranged flowers in a tea cup first and then made free standing bunches!

    Thank you Vanessa and the groups for bringing a burst of colour into the Gallery on a cloudy Tuesday!

  6. Meet our new Creative Steps group – the Happy Crafters!

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    A new art and crafts group has recently started in Gallery 966 on Thursday afternoons, the Happy Crafters!

    They will be focusing on jewellery making at first and have already made some gorgeous necklaces and bracelets…
















    We made floating necklaces this week using crimps to keep the beads ‘floating’ in sections along the wire:

    Welcome to the new members!
    Stay tuned for more jewels from the group…

  7. Book Folding with Katie!

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    Blog post from Katie – a member of the Creative Steps ‘Time Out’ group:

    Hi, my name’s Katie and I attend Plantation Production’s Monday morning Time Out project.

    I have mental health issues, mainly depression and anxiety.  Before joining the project I would isolate myself, but the group has helped me make friends with like minded people.

    Very often I would feel empty and didn’t know how to fill my time.  My CPN, Maureen would often suggest I try a hobby and on one occasion suggested book folding.  I’d never heard of it before so she showed me pictures (courtesy of Google).

    I went home, did some research and now I’m hooked.  I watched YouTube videos and searched for Facebook groups.  I joined a group ‘Don’t Judge A Book By The Cover’.

    The owner Michelle has uploaded some patterns and so I tried my first book fold, a simple heart.

    I also found a website that has free patterns to download ‘’.  They also have a Facebook page and, for a small fee to join, gives you access to a pattern maker.

    If I have any questions or are looking for advice, both Facebook group’s members are available to help.  Or there are many YouTube videos to watch.

    So now I’m able to create my own book folds and enjoy making customised ‘thank you’ gifts for friends, family and more recently Plantation Productions.

    Book folding has helped my concentration and confidence.  It’s a cheap hobby, all you need is a pencil, ruler and scissors.  I buy the books from Charity shops so they benefit too.

  8. Upcycling – canal boat style!

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    Bead ‘n Blether art group saw an opportunity not to be missed when they spotted a pile of old wooden crates lying around in Home Bargains this month…

    They asked staff if they could take the freebies, and in just 2 classes they totally transformed them!

    First they painted the crates in bright colours, then looked at traditional canal boat painting for design inspiration…

    And built up layers of paint to create beautiful flowers and colourful patterns:










    The finished crates are gorgeous! Upcycling at it’s finest!

  9. Thriving Places Community Film Project

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    What is “Thriving Places”?

    What could it mean for Govan?

    We are running a Community Film Project to find out how we can build upon and share the knowledge, history, culture, skills and resources that exists in Greater Govan. How might organisations and residents work in equal partnership towards a shared vision?

    Today we ran the first workshop and heard lots of brilliant ideas and we still want to hear more from you!

    Do you live in Govan and want to get involved? No film experience required.

    Venue: The Portal, Plantation Productions, 978 Govan Road, G51 3AJ

    For more info, contact or call 0141 445 1666

  10. BBC Trip – D.A.F.T Media Group

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    The D.A.F.T Media Group were invited to the BBC and were treated to a buffet of food and drinks. They spent the evening brainstorming creative ideas and learning how they can be involved in content in future. We had an amazing time, thanks to BBC Scotland for having us!

  11. Creative Steps Programme – Frames & Glitter

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    We’ve been having a busy week here in Gallery 966 with our lovely canvas display still proudly sticking (just about) on the wall.

    Thanks to the skills sharing of Katie, Gillian and Donna of the Bead ‘n’ Blether group, the Time Out group made these fabulous frames yesterday morning. Everyone involved loved the end result!


  12. New Job Post!

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    An exciting opportunity has come up for someone new to join our team!

    A one year contract for the position of Production Assistant is available, which will involve undertaking a range of supported project learning creative media skills for production and acting as general admin assistant to the team. This will include general administration/office duties, setting up for groups/activities, assisting with all elements of creative media projects, research, interviewing, facilitation, film production/editing, communications, social media, marketing, project development, content generation, digital production and community development work.  A chance for additional training opportunities will also be possible with this role.

    Closing date for applications is Friday the 21st of July. You must be between 16 and 29 years old, and must currently be unemployed. For full details on the position click here, if you are interested please contact your local jobcentre and ask them for an application form.

  13. Life is Sweet…and Savoury

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    Over the last 2 months the Create Crew have been taking a break from their hectic filming schedule to learn to make some seriously delicious (and healthy) food!

    They’ve been taking part in the Get Cooking Get shopping course, which is a short practical cooking course which aims to put cooking back on everyone’s agenda. This opportunity was provided by Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership.

    Under the guidance of Chef Charlie Cameron, they prepared a whole host of delectable delights; stir fries, burgers, soups, curries, fajitas, pasta dishes, cheese cake, chocolate mousse, and more.  The Create Crewers received some cooking equipment, an apron, recipe book, and certificates for completing 6 weeks of mouth-watering hard work in our makeshift kitchen.

    We’ll miss the Friday night feasts!




  14. ‘Time’ is of the Essence!

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    Ever thought … how could I use my time more creatively on a Tuesday afternoon?

    As part of our ‘Well Said’ project, Plantation Productions are inviting you to join our new creative film project from 1300-1530pm at The Portal (starts Tuesday 26th July, 2016). The theme of the project is ‘Time’ … what does ‘Time’ mean to you, how do you choose to spend it, and why?

    Why not take time to come along, make friends, express yourself and explore multi-art forms (poetry, photography, animation)? We’ll be capturing the whole process on film, so the experience will be eternal!

    Enjoy yourself … It’s later than you think!

  15. Well Said!: The Common Good

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    The last film from our original Well Said project back in 2015 has been published online.

    The Common Good Fund is unique to Scotland. It contains a wide range of public and moveable assets throughout the country worth millions of pounds. These assets have laws to protect them, to ensure that the fund is used correctly, for the benefit of communities.

    The Common Good Awareness Project is a community group which aims to raise awareness and promote Scotland’s Common Good fund, as well as the concept of Common Good more broadly.


    If you would like to learn more about Common Good and the Common Good Awareness Project, please visit:

    You can also e-mail:

  16. Well Said!: The Caretaker

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    We’ve just uploaded another film from last year’s Well Said project on to Vimeo. This short piece sees Govan based actor Andrew McIntosh performing a monologue from Harold Pinter’s play “The Caretaker”.

    Andy’s comical, yet menacing performance as Mick is a fine example of his exceptional acting capabilities and we are pleased to provide a platform for his talents.


  17. GalGael Short Film Online

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    We begin this new week with another new film from our collection. The GalGael promo film is now up online for all to see. Produced by John Bennett and Suzannah Tullis as part of our “Well Said” project last year, the film highlights the benefits that GalGael brings to the Southside of Glasgow.

    Check back next week for another film from our “Well Said” project.

  18. Well Said!: The Next Step

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    On Monday we will be launching the next phase of our Well Said! project – making films in, by and about the Govan community.

    With the Scottish Parliament elections coming up in May, we thought we’d take “Democracy” as a theme for the next sessions, which will run on Mondays from 14th March, from 1pm to 4pm.  If you have a story to share or a BIG issue you’d like to talk about, then we want to hear from you. The more local voices we have, the better…no experience is necessary and we promise you will be made very welcome.

    (Mondays, 1-4pm at The Portal, 978 Govan Road, GLASGOW G51 3AJ)

    In the meantime, we’d like you to sit back and relax as we present “The Wee Bauchle” – a short drama produced last year as part of the project…Enjoy!



  19. Friday Kidz Rock Fashion Show!

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    Our Friday Kidz Club gave the youth Team a treat by showcasing their new T-Shirt line in the form of a fashion show. Have a look at how our talented young artists transformed their drab white tee’s into this years must haves.


  20. “Well Said” Showcase Event

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    As part of our “Well Said!” project we will be presenting a free screening of 6 short films made in, by and about the Govan community:

    “The Wee Bauchle” by Trish Caird
    “The Caretaker” feat. Andy McIntosh
    “The Common Good” by Bob Hamilton
    “Galgael” by Susannah Tullis & John Bennett
    “With a Song in Your Heart” feat. Govan Allsorts
    “Don’t Hate, Animate” Hate Crime Awareness Animation

    When: Wednesday 2nd March 2016, 7pm-9pm
    Where: The Pearce Institute, 840-860 Govan Rd, Glasgow G51 3UU

    The “Well Said!” project is open to anyone from Govan who would like have their voice heard about what matters to THEM!
    Whether it’s a group you are involved in, a community issue or an interest you have …we can support you to produce your own film about it, and have fun at the same time.  Absolutely no experience necessary.

    So get in touch if you have an idea for our next project, to start in March 2016.


  21. Move over New York Fashion Week! The Portal Kidz Club are hot on your heels.

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    Over the past 6 weeks our incredibly talented Portal Kidz Club have been working alongside artist Sarah on designing their own T-Shirts. We did not expect to find ourselves green with envy at not having our very own tailor made design. Check out what these smart fashionistas have come up with!

  22. Merry Christmas From Plantation Productions

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    It is the holiday season and we here at Plantation will be finishing up for Christmas tomorrow afternoon, returning back to our desks on January the 5th. But before we sign off, our ‘Don’t Hate, Animate’ group have produced this little festive animation for you all.

    From everyone at Plantation Productions, we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in 2016.



  23. Creating A Voice

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    Carrying on from the momentum of Much Ado About Govan, the Create Crew are busy producing their next project. They are taking the helm of a research documentary, investigating how austerity cuts affect young people in the Greater Govan area. The team have been reaching out to numerous individuals and organisations for interviews, looking to address the social issues and barriers that young people face on a daily basis.

    The team have already secured interviews with staff at Bellahouston Academy, Inspector John Haynes at the Govan Police Office and travelled to the Scottish Parliament to interview SNP minister Humza Yousaf, where they also had the opportunity to meet with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and former First Minster Alex Salmond.

    The crew are taking a well deserved break for the holidays and will return to the project in the new year. Be sure to check back for more updates.







  24. Well Said: Our Work So Far

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    We are already in week 5 of our Don’t Hate, Animate workshop and it’s quite clear that we have some talented animators here at Plantation. The team’s enthusiasm for the project grows from week to week and we are excited to see what they produce for their final animations in six weeks time. Until then, here’s a small taster of things to come.  Over the past few sessions, the team have been busy developing their very first stop motion animation, The Elephant And The Box, and we are proud to present to you the final piece.

    Great job, guys!


  25. Don’t Hate, Animate!

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    Our latest Well Said project is in full swing, this time using the timeless art of animation to raise awareness of Hate Crime.

    The project aims to provide an introduction to all aspects of the animation process, with our participants researching and brainstorming ideas, writing their own scripts and producing their own short animations.

    The group is currently having fun experimenting with different forms of animation. We’ll keep you posted on their progress. Watch this space!

    (Click on the image above)


  26. By Yon Bonnie Banks

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    After a lovely morning singing in the streets of Govan – much to the amusement of passers by and residents – the Govan Allsorts Community Choir and Plantation film crew, headed to the banks of Loch Lomond to film some scenes as part of our “With A Song in Your Heart” project.

    For once, the back of the bus COULD sing, while we all got to take in some of Scotland’s most stunning scenery.

    The final film, part of a partnership with the Scottish Screen Archive, will be shown in October as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival…for now here are some more photos of the day, courtesy of Gerry Gilmartin.

  27. The Create Crew are Into Film

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    As part of ‘Into Film‘ the Create Crew have spent the last few days devising, scripting, casting, crewing-up, designing and building sets, and much, much more for their fantastic short film on Anti-Bullying. All their hard work and focus has paid off and today they are ready to film!

    Check back here for updates on the Create Crew’s tremendous film with a modern take on Anti-Bullying.

    Supported by the BFI, and a range of other funders, Into Film is building on the work of two former film education charities, FILMCLUB and First Light, to deliver film-based programmes to children and young people across the UK.


  28. “With a Song in Your Heart” – EXCITING NEW PROJECT OPPORTUNITY

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    The Scottish Screen Archive is a treasure trove of memories of Scottish life, committed to film for us all to enjoy for years to come. This year, as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival 2015, we have been invited to delve into the Archive’s vaults to produce a short film which will eventually form part of the curated material at the SSA’s stunning new premises at Kelvin Hall.

    With the theme of this year’s SMHAFF being “Passion”, our first port of call was The Govan Allsorts Community Choir. The choir’s passion for song, laughter and friendship was the inspiration for the project, which will bring music and film together in the spirit of the critically acclaimed 2014 film “From Scotland with Love”.

    Commencing 24th July 2015 we will be running a series of workshops (which are open to all to join), with Director Kirsten MacLeod and Emily Munro from the Scottish Screen Archive:

    When: Friday 24th July – Friday 4th September
    – Morning session: 10.30 to 12.30. Some afternoon sessions: 1.30pm – 3.30pm
    Where: Plantation Productions, The Portal, 978 Govan Road (with some location filming)

    If you would like to join us on this fun road-trip down memory lane, please contact Angela on 0141 445 1666 or use the form below to get in touch.

    You can take part in some or all of the sessions to suit your availability over the Summer – PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE WITH YOUR NETWORKS.

    The final film will be screened alongside “From Scotland with Love” as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival at 7pm on Tuesday 27th October 2015 at the Pearce Institute.

    Image: ‘Health of a City’ (1965), courtesy of Scottish Screen Archive

  29. Well Said is Cookin Now!

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    So… update on the Well said project. This Tuesday the group formed a cast and crew for two productions. The first was the incredibly talented Govan based actor Andrew McIntosh with his gripping portrayal of Mick from Harold Pinter’s “The Caretaker”. Not only did Andy perform the piece with a certain playful menace, the group took the production roles of Camera Operating, Directing, and Sound Recording.

    Then we moved onto Gino and his Cooking on a budget show where he showed us how to make three different kinds of omelettes. Gino’s larger than life and engaging personality provided a comic tone to this show, showing us how to cook delicious meals on a low budget. The crew again, switching roles took to their given tasks like industry professions, and as a treat… got to tuck into Gino’s delicious cooking.

    Well done guys. DC

  30. Well Said!

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    Got something to say..? Want to change the world..? Or just have something to share? Then “WELL SAID” is just for you!

    If you are interested in learning film making skills then come along to The Portal,  978 Govan Rd, G51 3AJ every Tuesday from 1pm – 5pm. Starts January 27th 2015.

    Everybody is welcome! We are looking for people of all skill ranges.

  31. Create Crew meet Sir Chris Hoy!

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    Our Brilliant Create Crew had a day to remember on Monday 28th July when they went filming at Pacific Quay as part of their ‘BBC Lab’ training project. Not only did they learn some interview and film making techniques, they got to meet and interview the lovely Sir Chris Hoy. Happy days!

  32. Here’s Tae Your Health – now online

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    Last Summer, just before the Independence debate had kicked off in earnest, we made a film with a group of volunteers to look at Scottish culture and its relationship with alcohol.

    It raised some very interesting questions, and whilst we had fun making it we also had some heartfelt discussions about the problems and possible solutions to Scotland’s “drinking problem”.

    You can watch “Here’s Tae Your Health” here, and would love to hear your thoughts on the issues raised.

  33. WOT A DAY Screening

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    We were delighted to have the long awaited screening of “WOT A DAY” on Monday the 23rd of September. Written, Acted, Directed, by a group of young people through Quarriers Opt In Project, from three different school, Lourdes Secondary, Ross Hall Academy and Bellahouston Academy.

    The ten minute film tackles the often overlooked problem of Transition. Moving from Primary School up to High School. It follows a young girl as she lives through her first day of high school, realizing all her fears. However, the story takes a twist, when the girl gets the chance to “REWIND” the day, and live it the way she wants. Sad Lucy Happy Lucy

    Headed up by Colin Simpson, the Opt In team have worked with young people in this area for many years, and recognize the use of film as part of the overall learning package.

    Deciding to have the young people themselves who have had their own difficulties, to make the film allowed for a real look at the issues, whist giving the young people themselves a chance to deal with their own issues, make new friends, learn some new skills and hopefully have fun at the same time.

    Plantation has always been delighted to be part of Quarries Opt In Project’s ongoing work.



  34. “Here’s Tae Yer Health” – We’re nearly there!


    We’ve locked DC in a cupboard and he’s not allowed out until he’s got the edit ready for the big premiere on Tuesday. He didn’t have that beard when he started, but don’t worry – we can assure you that no filmmakers were harmed in the making of this movie.

    In case you’ve missed the previous blog the screening will take place at the Pearce Institute from 7pm – 10pm, followed by a Q and A with the filmmakers and live music from the Govan Allsorts and The Jaggy Nettles.

    Download the poster here, and feel free to pass on to your pals…
    Here’s Tae Yer Health

  35. Here’s Tae Your Health – Premiere Screening

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    After a Summer of research and filming, the Here’s Tae Your Health film group are pleased to invite you to the premiere screening of their finished film. It’s been an incredible journey and we’ve met some fantastic people along the way. We’ve learned a lot, made new friends, had many laughs together, and we’d like to share this final evening of film and music with you to round off our project…

    Tuesday 17th September 2013, 7pm – 10pm.
    The Pearce Institute (Mary Barbour Suite)
    840-860 Govan Road, Glasgow G51 3UU

    The film will be followed by a Q and A session with the filmmakers, and live music from the Govan Allsorts Choir and The Jaggy Nettles.

    (Part of the South Glasgow GRAND Week programme of events)

  36. Dumbaron Rocks! – Our visit to DACA


    Last week we visited DACA (Dumbarton Area Council on Alcohol) to find out more about the great work they do…Here is Gerry’s blog and a few pictures he took on the day..

    “We visited DACA last week to film and interview people involved on the project. We asked what services are provided and how people have been helped by coming to the project. Everyone we met was very open, friendly and hospitable and had a great sense of humour too! From talking to folk, we realised that DACA is a place you can go when you’re feeling down and need to talk to someone. The project gives people a huge boost in confidence, and is somewhere you feel safe in the knowledge that there are others in the same situation as yourself.”









  37. Heres Tae Your Health – Project update

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    We’re a few weeks into the project now, and the team are in full swing with their research for the film. We’ve had some very interesting discussions about Scottish culture and identity, and it soon became apparent that we have so much to be proud of. However there are still many questions surrounding our relationship with alcohol – some of which we aim to answer in the coming weeks.

    Last Friday we were joined by Vera and Louise from the Glasgow Council on Alcohol who kindly allowed us to film some of the alcohol awareness activities they do in the community.

    On Saturday we took a trip out to Summerlee Industrial Museum where Tam McGarvey took us “time travelling” through the miner’s cottages to see how work and society has changed over the years. As ever, good banter and bad jokes (from DC) made the day.