Young People

  1. Govan’s GIANT Scavenger Hunt is BACK!

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    We’re excited to be continuing the Scavenger Hunt as an outdoor Activity in Govan.

    We hope that completing the Scavenger Hunt will be a good reason for folk to get outside for some fresh air and exercise,  perhaps learn something new about Govan, and (of course) be in with the chance of winning a prize!

    FIRST PRIZE £50 voucher
    SECOND PRIZE £25 voucher
    THIRD PRIZE £15 voucher

    The next prize draw will be the 4th May 2021, GOOD LUCK! Start the Scavenger hunt NOW!

    Please get in touch if you would like to request copies for your school, group, or organisation. You can contact us via social media, or email

  2. Black Lives Matter

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    This week, during our digital youth work session with our Ambition For Media group, we paused our usual creative activities and games to make space to discuss the current events surrounding police brutality and racial tensions in the US. During their insightful and moving conversation, one of the young people shared a significant gospel song which resonated with her. The lyric from this song rings very true: “when black boys are killed, we need to say something, and if we don’t say something, we are saying something.”

    We took a moment to watch the trailer for ‘Riot from Wrong’ created by Fully Focused Productions, reminding us that these tensions and issues are not unique to the US.

    A conclusion which arose from our discussion was the necessity for white people to really open their eyes to racism around them, and take the time to explore uncomfortable truths. There is a lot of powerful media that serves as helpful resources to educate and raise awareness. A quick google of “anti-racist [books/ films/ podcasts/ etc” is a good start. As film enthusiasts we have gathered a small selection of films, exploring relevant themes, which you can see below.

    Riot From Wrong
    “On the 4th day of the riots, in the face of the devastation and destruction, surrounded by negativity and misconception, 19 passionate young people from across London came together to take positive action.
    The critically acclaimed, eye opening documentary RIOT FROM WRONG is a result of that positive action.”


    Full Film:

    The Death and Life of Marsha P Johnson
    “Marsha P Johnson was an American gay liberation activist and self-identified “transvestite and drag queen” who used she/her pronouns. She was also a key player in the 1969 Stonewall uprising. Though her untimely death was initially ruled a suicide, this documentary sees activist Victoria Cruz try to find justice for her friend.”


    Full documentary viewable on Netflix

    Black and Scottish
    “Racism is not just an American issue, as this BBC watch proves.
    Featuring the likes of Ncuti Gatwa (Sex Education) and other prominent Black Scots, this short documentary sees film-maker Stewart Kyasimire ask, ‘what does it really mean to be Black and Scottish?’”

    Watch on BBC iplayer:

    Glasgow’s Slave Trade Past Is All Around Us
    On a similar note, this short YouTube video from BBC The Social highlights Glasgow’s history with the slave trade:

    Finally, viewing some videos on YouTube is a way to donate money to Black Lives Matter through simply pressing play. Revenue from adverts will be donated to BLM charities, check out the link for more information:

  3. Youth Mental Health Matters

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    As we approach the end of Mental Health Awareness Week  amid news of plans for a phased easing of the lockdown, we have been thinking  a lot about young people, and how they have experienced the challenging circumstances we have found ourselves in.

    In terms of Mental Health and wellbeing, there are lots of resources out there for young people (and parents.)  The links below will take you to a lot of valuable and non-judgemental advice and information, including phonelines, because talking about your feelings or issues with someone outwith your family/ social circle can really help. They are well worth a look if you are finding things difficult right now, and just as worth it if you want to help the people you care about, or just understand what’s out there.

    The Plantation Youth Team is in the process of developing a project focussing on Youth Mental Health, supported by the Creative Steps Programme. We’re really looking forward to learning with and from our youth participants about positive actions we can all take to promote positive mental health and resilience in young people.

    Sending warmth and support out to the young people we work with, and those we don’t (and those who care for and about them.)

    Online Resources for Young People (Adults, you’ll find information on these websites too)

    There are loads of great videos on youtube that can help promote wellbeing.  Yoga, a whole load of different breathing videos like this and this, and lots of meditation and mindfulness videos.*

    *yes, pretty much everybody feels awkward and/ or fidgety the first few times they try them out! It’s worth trying them again.

  4. AFM ONLINE: Creative Home TikTok Challenge

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    This week the AFM crew set themselves the challenge to learn a TikTok dance, specifically Blinded by the Lights by the Weeknd. 

    Are YOU up for the challenge? You can check out the tutorial here.

    Although we are setting this challenge for the AFM club, we’d be really happy for anyone else to participate (especially the kidz club members!) whether you attend Plantation or not. You can share your clip with us via our facebook page or twitter @PlantationP.

    Pro Tip for Parents – The official age for for young people to have a TikTok account is 13. Check out helpful tips from the NSPCC about managing risks around app usage here

  5. AFM ONLINE: Video Game Character Design Challenge

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    Hi all,

    This week AFM have selected the challenge to create video game characters. You can design as many or as few characters as you like.
    You can draw the character using a simple but effective pen and paper, you could go for some cosplay and get some photos dressed up as the character, or if you’re feeling fancy/ technical you could draw them on an iPad or a laptop.

    Although we are setting this challenge for the AFM club, we’d be really happy for anyone else to participate, whether you attend Plantation or not. You can share your work with us via our facebook page or twitter @PlantationP.


    The main character: for this one you have complete freedom to unleash your imagination.

    The evil one: a thief, a monster or maybe a witch? You may want to think about their relationship to the main character. Are they enemies, if so, why? What threat do they pose to the character or the world that they are a part of? Make them as gruesome or perilous as you wish.

    The helper: whether a wizard with great wisdom, a trusty side-kick or a kind stranger, this character will lend your main character a helping hand.

    Tip #1: Create a moodboard of ideas from video games, films or books that you enjoy.

    Tip #2: Clothing and silhouette can be two of the most eye-catching and memorable components to your character.

    Useful Resources – blog post on creating video game characters – video on 10 principles of character illustration – character designs and what we learned from them – video game character design how to – character design step by step drawing how to – and finally for a bit of fun, buzzfeed quiz on which video game character you are

    AFM – Remember that we will be sharing our designs and ideas on Wednesday so get them to us BY TUESDAY via Telegram or email. We can’t wait to see what you come up with 🙂

  6. Right to Fight!

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    At a time of endless political turmoil and uncertainty we could all do with a bit of positivity in our lives….

    Cue AFM’s awesome Right to Fight video!

    It certainly makes us feel a bit more hopeful for the future seeing young people who are switched on about their rights, and aware of what is happening in the world around them.

    You can find out more about the project here, but for now enjoy a headphones moment with The Ambition for Media group’s ‘Right to Fight!’


  7. D.A.F.T Media – The Documentary!

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    We interviewed and followed our brilliant D.A.F.T Media group while rehearsing for their Wizard of Oz production which produced this short film showing their wonderfully creative personalities.

    D.A.F.T Media are already well into their next (and even more ambitious) theatre production, The Travelling Companion and we’re so excited to see how it turns out!





  8. King and Queen on Green

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    Final day of our D.A.F.T. Media Summer sessions.  Filming, acting and fun.  Thanks to our amazing Amanda for her brilliant workshops and planning.  A great time had by all.  Wishing everybody happy holidays, and look forward to seeing everyone when the clubs start back on Wednesday 15th August.



  9. How Now Brown Cow?

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    Fantastic final day of our Kidz Summer Club was spent seeing how many folk could squeeze into a glass box at Kelvingrove Museum and Art Galleries….. as you do!

  10. The Kidz Spark a Fire!

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    The weans were oot on another summer day trip yesterday to Moogety Garden learning how to make a fire and cooking fresh food! We learned how to spark a fire using steel & stone, discovered wild animals & smelt lovely flowers in the garden.

    Thank you so much to Roisin & Moogety for hosting a beautiful day!



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    Treat your ears to a wee listen to BBC Radio 4 at 1655pm this Friday, 6th July.  “The Listening Project” will broadcast the first of 6 conversations between the young people from D.A.F.T. Media, and their parents. (Repeated Sunday 8th July at 2.45pm).  First up is Faith and her Mum, Funmi.



  12. Scotland, Our New Home

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    To celebrate Refugee Week we’d like to share a piece of work we recently had the opportunity to develop with a fantastic group of young people who all arrived in Glasgow as young unaccompanied Asylum Seekers. We were able to run this pilot with the support of the Gannochy Trust.

    Click the link to check out Scotland Our New Home, a magazine for Glasgow’s New Arrivals. It was created by the New Young Peers Scotland; a group of young people from all over the world who have been learning together how to make Glasgow a better home for them, and for other young people. The group are supported by Ypeople, Glasgow City Health & Social Care Partnership,and Anniesland Clyde College.

    Within the project the group also developed the map below, with invaluable help from Nahom at Freedom From Torture.

    This project is just one of the many amazing achievements this group have made, and are continuing to do so, having just began to support a whole new group of young people who will certainly benefit from their collective skills, knowledge and experience.

    We look forward to seeing what they achieve next!



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    What an achievement for our 5-10 year olds last week when, after just 7 weeks of rehearsals, set design, singing and acting lessons, they performed “The Winter King and The Summer Queen” drama to their friends and families.  Thanks to the brilliant Claudie Layden for pulling this together in such a short space of time.  Lots of happy faces.


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    So proud of our young D.A.F.T. Media members and their parents for taking part in Audio Recordings for the BBC “Own It” website and Radio 4’s “Listening Project”.  They all did so well,and can look forward to their conversations being aired in the next few months.  

  15. The Frieze is on at Kidz Club

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    It may be freezing outside, but this beautiful Spring Frieze, created by our talented Kidz Club members, will surely bring a wee ray of warmth and sunshine to brighten your day.  Happy Easter everyone!


  16. Childline -v- Ninja Warriors

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    Loving that Friday feeling at Kidz Club following last week’s visit from Childline, and this week’s brilliant Ninja Warrior puppet making.  Great job guys!


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    Could not be more proud of our D.A.F.T. Media Club members last Tuesday night.  They wowed their friends and family with a fantastic (self-designed set and) performance of     “The Wizard of Oz”.  First stage performance of many we hope.                                                   Well done guys and   Merry Christmas everybody!



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    What a week … no less than TWO Kidz Club Christmas Parties … and guess what … Santa visited us TWICE.   How that guy gets the time at this time of year, we will never know.  Thanks Santa!

  19. D.A.F.T Media Christmas Production – ONE DAY TO GO!

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    D.A.F.T Media’s production of The Wizard of Oz is finally here! We’ve spent weeks rehearsing songs, creating costumes, sewing sheets together. The weans have worked incredibly hard and learned all their lines, we’re all very excited. They’ll be performing their play in front of friends and family tomorrow evening.


  20. Follow The Yellow Brick Road!

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    It’s finally December so you know what that means?! PANTO/PLAY/THEATRICAL PERFORMANCE SEASON!

    The D.A.F.T Media group have been rehearsing their Christmas play The Wizard of Oz for the last few weeks and lovely Louise has been helping them learn their songs on the Pudsey piano.

    We’ve been filming the process of the production and the group’s experience of it which will be put out on our website in the New Year! Warning: The documentary might contain very cheeky comments!


  21. BBC Trip – D.A.F.T Media Group

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    The D.A.F.T Media Group were invited to the BBC and were treated to a buffet of food and drinks. They spent the evening brainstorming creative ideas and learning how they can be involved in content in future. We had an amazing time, thanks to BBC Scotland for having us!

  22. Kidz Club & The Magical Mystery Museum

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    Huge welcome to all our new Kidz Club members this session.  Delighted to have Vickie Beesley back and leading the adventure to create Plantation’s very own Magical Mystery Museum (of Magnificent Makes)….. Watch this space!



  23. Charming The Worms (and hopefully the locals) of Govan!

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    Huge thanks to Joanne Dempster, from the Glasgow Science Centre, who took us all ‘Worm Charming’ in Elder Park today.   And to finish off our brilliant 2017 Kidz Summer Club, check out the charming “Welcome To Govan” display in The Portal window the next time you’re passing.  Happy Holidays!


  24. Curious Kidz @ Kelvingrove

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    Questions galore as the Kidz’Summer Club visited Kelvingrove Park, Museum & Art Galleries today. Picnic in the Park was followed by a colossal culture trip, prompting the burning question of the day …
    “When can we get an ice cream?”

  25. Kidz Club explore the New Govan Pathway

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    Under stormy skies, today’s Kidz Club ventured to the celebrity opening of the fantastic new Govan Pathway and Family Fun Day in Govan Old Parish Church.  A big treat to see Sir Alex Ferguson … and meet Merlin the wizard!


  26. New Job Post!

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    An exciting opportunity has come up for someone new to join our team!

    A one year contract for the position of Production Assistant is available, which will involve undertaking a range of supported project learning creative media skills for production and acting as general admin assistant to the team. This will include general administration/office duties, setting up for groups/activities, assisting with all elements of creative media projects, research, interviewing, facilitation, film production/editing, communications, social media, marketing, project development, content generation, digital production and community development work.  A chance for additional training opportunities will also be possible with this role.

    Closing date for applications is Friday the 21st of July. You must be between 16 and 29 years old, and must currently be unemployed. For full details on the position click here, if you are interested please contact your local jobcentre and ask them for an application form.

  27. Life is Sweet…and Savoury

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    Over the last 2 months the Create Crew have been taking a break from their hectic filming schedule to learn to make some seriously delicious (and healthy) food!

    They’ve been taking part in the Get Cooking Get shopping course, which is a short practical cooking course which aims to put cooking back on everyone’s agenda. This opportunity was provided by Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership.

    Under the guidance of Chef Charlie Cameron, they prepared a whole host of delectable delights; stir fries, burgers, soups, curries, fajitas, pasta dishes, cheese cake, chocolate mousse, and more.  The Create Crewers received some cooking equipment, an apron, recipe book, and certificates for completing 6 weeks of mouth-watering hard work in our makeshift kitchen.

    We’ll miss the Friday night feasts!




  28. D.A.F.T. Media Hits The Floor!

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    Great fun had by all at D.A.F.T. (Drama, Arts, Film & TV) Media session last night.  Our new club runs for 10-14 year olds on Wednesdays from 6.30-8.30pm at The Portal.  All welcome.

  29. It’s good to be D.A.F.T. sometimes ….

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    Welcome to Wednesday nights at Plantation and our new D.A.F.T. Media Club.  Named by our fantastic group of 10-14 year olds who can’t wait to express their creativity through Drama, Arts, Film & Television (D.A.F.T).  The club runs 6.30-8.30pm at The Portal.  All welcome.


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    Merry Christmas fun for young and old at the Plantation Christmas Parties last week. Wishing all our members a very Happy Christmas and all good wishes for 2017.








  31. For Science!

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    With the help of Professor Bob Hoskins (aka Professor Smurfy) our Kidz Club have been busy conducting their own science experiments, learning about buoyancy, surface tension, non- Newtonian fluids, etc.

    We thought it would be a good idea for the children to document the experiments (and other silliness) with the use of the i-pad’s slow-motion video camera.

    Cause everything is much cooler at a 120 frames per second.

  32. Create Crew attend ceremony @ BAFTA

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    Three members of Plantation’s fantastic “Create Crew” represented the group at a prestigious awards ceremony at BAFTA, London, on Thursday night.

    Their investigative documentary, “Poverty: Our Hidden Shame?”, was nominated for the ‘Inspiration Award’ at this year’s Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Research in Film Awards. The ceremony celebrated short films that have been made about the arts and humanities and their influence on communities.

    Unfortunately we didn’t win the category, but we did have great fun trying! Many congratulations to everyone in the Create Crew for their brilliant work on the film and for being nominated.




  33. Good Luck Create Crew!


    As some of you may know, the Create Crew’s investigative documentary, Poverty: Our Hidden Shame?, is up for the Inspiration Award at this year’s Arts and Humanities Research Council’s 2016 Research in Film Awards at BAFTA in London.The ceremony celebrate short films that have been made about the arts and humanities and their influence on communities.

    The big day is tomorrow and a couple of us are packing our suitcases for a trip down South to attend, a few of the Create Crew themselves will be in attendance. Will keep you all posted.

    Fingers crossed!

  34. Brand New Drama Project for Teenagers

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    Poster by CC member Lise.

             Poster by CC member Lise.



    Do you enjoy theatre, performing and/or production? Not sure – but you’d like to give it a try?  Then this is the project for you!

    Mark Traynor will be leading this 12 week Create Crew drama & performance project, which begins TONIGHT, the 14th October, in the Portal (978 Govan Road).

    There will be a variety of roles and tasks from being centre stage to drawing the curtains. You will have the chance to gain new skills and develop the ones that you already have. Aside of that you will also have the chance to expand your social circle by meeting new people, in a fun and welcoming atmosphere – SO COME ON DOWN!

    For more details call Plantation on 0141 445 1666.

    This post was written by CC member Nicole.

  35. Poverty: Our Hidden Shame? Screening

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    Plantation Productions and the GalGael Trust are proud to present a free screening of Poverty: Our Hidden Shame?, a research documentary developed by the very talented Create Crew.

    Since September last year, the Create Crew have been busy developing an investigative piece on the impact that austerity measures have on people around Glasgow. The documentary was commissioned by NHS Scotland and Ofxam Scotland.

    The screening will take place 1pm, Friday the 17th of June at the GoGlasgow Urban Hotel on Paisley Road West. More details can be found at our Eventbrite page.

    Below are some images taken from the crew’s private screening for friends and family. A great night was had by all and we look forward to our next screening on the 17th.



  36. A Handy Idea for a TV Show!

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    A brand new film by the Portal Kidz Club!

    Last week the Portal Kidz Club held the world premiere of their amazing new film. You can see how excited they were to share this achievement with their families!

    They really enjoyed watching the end result of many weeks of hard (and fun) work, and you will too. So grab some popcorn, dim the lights, and prepare yourself for 6 minutes of thrills, spills, magic and mayhem in ‘A Handy Idea for A T.V Show’!

  37. That’s the Way to Do it!

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    Coming soon to a video-hosting website near you….

    It’s the Kidz Club Puppet Show!

    The young puppet-masters recently spent time performing scenes featuring their hand-made, one-of-a-kind, amazing glove puppets. Filming their scenes in front of a green screen…or rather a blue screen.. means that all sorts of backgrounds can be added, and they really used their imaginations choosing these, so expect some weird and wonderful locations in the film.

    This week they will be doing some voice-acting to really make their characters come to life. We’re sure they will bring the drama, and we can’t wait to present their final film! Spoiler alert: It’s going to be awesome!

  38. Regenerating Govan Through Film Screening

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    As part of this year’s Radical Film Network Festival, we are presenting a showcase of our work over the years. Films on Govan’s past and present, told from the people who live here. We are pleased to welcome guest speaker, filmmaker Dr Kirsten McLeod who will discuss her previous work in Govan alongside some of our local filmmakers.

    The screening will be on Monday the 2nd of May, from 1pm to 3pm, and will be held here at Plantation Productions.

    Regenerate Govan Final


  39. Much Ado About Govan Screening at The Glasgow Youth Arts Festival

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    We are happy to announce that Much Ado About Govan, produced by our very own Create Crew, will be screened at this year’s Glasgow Youth Arts Festival as part of their “Celebration of Creativity” event.

    The free screening will take place at 11.00am on Saturday 16th April at St. Luke’s Music & Arts Venue, 17 Bain Street, Glasgow, G40 2JZ. (Next door to Barrowlands).

  40. Clydeside Story: NOW ONLINE

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    No, really! We can’t believe it’s two years since we braved the cold at the Harland & Wolff shed for the stunning performance of Clydeside Story. Two years, since we watched in awe as the Kidz Club, the Create Crew, Arden Chillout, SWAMP, Vivace and Brightnight International took to the 3 stages under a fantastic light and laser show.   The project was filmed throughout and we premiered the film at the BBC Quay Festival during the 2014 Commonwealth Games.   Last year, to celebrate the 1st anniversay, we screened the film at the Pearce Institute.

    Now – two years on – take a seat, sit back and enjoy Clydeside Story: The Movie.


  41. The puppets take shape

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    So this week our Wednesday and Friday Kidz Clubs took to designing their puppets. They decided on colour, shape and more importantly naming their puppets and deciding it’s personality. Don’t want to give too much away but we have a dog that’s super power is farts that make him fly and a frog that can leap into the sky. Some great ideas so far. I for one cannot wait to see these designs come to life…. Kidz Club Style!

  42. Meet The Puppet Masters

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    On Friday our Portal Kidz Club got started on their brand new project, Puppet Making led by Chani and boy did they get involved. By the end of the first session not only had everyone completed a finger puppet of their own but we also got a little show. Have a look at some of the pictures of them at work.

  43. Create Crew Meet The First Minister

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    The Create Crew returned to the Scottish Parliament last Thursday. This time they had the opportunity to interview First Minister Nicola Sturgeon as part of their investigative documentary about the impact of austerity measures on young people around Glasgow. Various topics were discussed during the 45-minute meeting, including age discrimination, mental health issues, food banks and benefit sanctions. The crew certainly rose to the occasion and the First Minister was impressed by their confidence and their questions. A successful day overall, even had enough time for a few selfies.

  44. Move over New York Fashion Week! The Portal Kidz Club are hot on your heels.

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    Over the past 6 weeks our incredibly talented Portal Kidz Club have been working alongside artist Sarah on designing their own T-Shirts. We did not expect to find ourselves green with envy at not having our very own tailor made design. Check out what these smart fashionistas have come up with!

  45. Betweeners Turn Forensic at Govan Police Station

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    Our Betweeners had a brilliant visit to Govan Police Station on Tuesday night. Huge thanks to PCs Andy and Erin who made us so welcome and shared some ‘behind the scenes’ police secrets with the group. Check out Kieran looking for clues.

  46. Creating A Voice

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    Carrying on from the momentum of Much Ado About Govan, the Create Crew are busy producing their next project. They are taking the helm of a research documentary, investigating how austerity cuts affect young people in the Greater Govan area. The team have been reaching out to numerous individuals and organisations for interviews, looking to address the social issues and barriers that young people face on a daily basis.

    The team have already secured interviews with staff at Bellahouston Academy, Inspector John Haynes at the Govan Police Office and travelled to the Scottish Parliament to interview SNP minister Humza Yousaf, where they also had the opportunity to meet with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and former First Minster Alex Salmond.

    The crew are taking a well deserved break for the holidays and will return to the project in the new year. Be sure to check back for more updates.







  47. Spreading a little Xmas cheer, Betweener Style

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    On Tuesday our Betweener’s group decided to spread a little Xmas cheer at the Florence House Nursing Home. The boys asked if they could visit some residents and play a game of cards and take them some chocolates. We then ventured out for a meal afterwards were we stuffed our faces with the biggest plate of food imaginable. Well done boys, you reminded us what Xmas is really about.

  48. Look Mum, I’m on the Telly!!!!!

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    So last night was an exciting time for 2 of our Cre8 Crew members. They were invited onto the Riverside Show to talk about their movie ‘Much Ado about Govan’. Chanelle and Robert were fantastic and showed no sign of nerves when being asked to talk about the project. Everyone at Plantation Productions is very proud of our young people and are so excited that after all their hard work, finally get recognition. We can now focus on the viewing of the whole film at this Friday’s Southside Film festival at Kinning Park Complex from 7.30pm. Good job guys, next stop…….. Hollywood!!!!!

    For more info on the Festival and directions to get there, please follow the link; Much Ado About Govan

  49. Four, Four, Two?

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    So tonight’s Drop-In was a success, after 2 weeks off, the boys are back and needed no ‘extra time’ coming up with a new project idea, and if you haven’t figured it out by now, they are planning to start their own football team. It was fantastic to be a part of their vision and watch as they each assigned their roles, from manager to positions and who will seek out sponsors. Plantation Productions will be documenting the whole process, so stay tuned for updates on their progress.

  50. On yer bike guys

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    For the past 6 weeks our Betweener’s group have been involved in a bike workshop with our lovely friends at The Coming Home Centre at the Pearce Institute. The boys each got to choose a bike that they would then fix up, clean up and ride it home to keep as their own. It was lovely to watch the young boys really take charge (some who liked to delegate) and be able to cycle away on their bikes that they worked so hard on. We cannot thank enough, the very kind and patient volunteers who put all they had into making the project a success.



  51. The Create Crew are Into Film

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    As part of ‘Into Film‘ the Create Crew have spent the last few days devising, scripting, casting, crewing-up, designing and building sets, and much, much more for their fantastic short film on Anti-Bullying. All their hard work and focus has paid off and today they are ready to film!

    Check back here for updates on the Create Crew’s tremendous film with a modern take on Anti-Bullying.

    Supported by the BFI, and a range of other funders, Into Film is building on the work of two former film education charities, FILMCLUB and First Light, to deliver film-based programmes to children and young people across the UK.


  52. “Much Ado About Govan” – Cast & Crew Screening

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    We still have a few tickets left for the preview screening of the Create Crew’s spectacular production of
    “Much Ado About Govan”
    taking place from 7.30pm this Friday (26th June) at the Kinning Park Complex, 40 Cornwall Street, Glasgow G41 1AQ.

    If you would like to join us for the screening, followed by entertainment from Brightnight International Circus and a “School’s Out” disco, then just get in touch using the form below. Nibbles, treats and refreshments provided!

  53. Much Ado About Govan! 1 WEEK TO GO!!!

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    Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.

    Well… in my book, these guys are all of the above! Our Much Ado about Govan gang have been working incredibly hard getting ready for their shoot which starts this  coming Monday!! Aaaaaargh! Where did the time go? Here they are rehearsing, organising costumes and art and generally working their little cotton socks off.



  54. With Tuppence for Paper and String!

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    Well actually… it was about Twenty quid for plastic bags, bamboo canes, tape and string…but the boys from our Betweeners group did make their own set of wings and had tremendous fun in the process, all ready for the spring time winds. (Look out Lyndsey, you may get blown away!)

    You can see them here, with their fists holding tight… to the strings of their kites.

    All together now “Oh Oh Oh, Lets Go Fly a Kite, Up to the Highest Heights!”



  55. Much Ado about Govan

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    “To be a well-favoured man is the gift of fortune; but to write and read comes by nature.”
    ― William ShakespeareMuch Ado About Nothing

    These kids know this all too well and can write and read their adaptation of Much Ado as well as any man. This is the gang hard at it, rehearsing, and getting ready to crew.

    Our very own Lyndsey Logue took these magnificent pictures.

  56. 3D Music and Art

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    Great session with our talented Kidz Club tonight as the budding artists created 3D sculptures of their favourite musical instruments … before an inspiring songwriting session with Bryan Tolland.

  57. With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility!!

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    Being a super hero fan, I often think on the lessons that these men in tights teach. Spiderman’s lesson is one of my favourites. This young kid who as the song says…”Can do anything that a spider can” always states…”With great power, come great responsibility.” For tutors, youth workers, parents, and anyone else who works with young people, that power is great. So great, that it can change the course of a young person’s life. These young and very talented artists are among those, and I hope that we hold up our responsibility to show them the heroes they truly can be.  DC


    Jack is working on the skyline, he's

    Jack is working on the skyline, he’s



  58. The Kidz Club are some real Characters of Govan

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    The Kidz Club had fun giving Govan’s Hidden Histories new card game ‘Govan Trumps’ a try, and learned about some pretty impressive Characters of Govan.  There was plenty of weird and wonderful facts to learn about some great Govanites, though perhaps the most surprising thing they learned about was gallusness** – which most of them had never heard of.

    They also made some cards featuring the most gallus Characters of Govan around; themselves!


    **chiefly Scottish – Bold, cheeky, or flashy.

  59. The Sound of Music – Kidz Club Style

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    Noisy, fun, and full of musical expression! The Kidz club Music Project started with a bang, toot, rattle, jingle, and clang. Bryan Tolland led the band in their first session of a project which which will result in them writing, performing and recording their own song/CD!

     There are still a few spaces left in the Wednesday Club if your child would like to get involved.  Please contact Jayne Henry on 0141-445-1666 or pop in to see us at Plantation Productions, 978 Govan Road, G51 3AJ.

  60. Community Ceramic Tile Project – Exhibition

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    Gallery 966 last Thursday evening saw participants from the Community Ceramics Project gather together to enjoy the beautiful finished ceramic work from the project, which has been running in the Portal AIR Space this year. The exhibition displayed ceramic tiles designed and created by pupils from Govan High School (S2), The Portal AIR Space Art class and The Portal Seniors Film Club.
    During the project, the use of architectural ceramics in traditional buildings in Govan was explored and people had the opportunity to make some new ceramic tiles. Through local walks and visits to tenement ‘wally’ closes and public buildings around Govan, a variety of traditional architectural ceramics including decorative wall tiles and floor mosaics were seen and documented, and some of the typical design styles such as Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau and Art Deco were explored.
    The project has been implemented as part of the Govan Cross Townscape Heritage Initiative, and aims to raise awareness of the importance and special character of Govan’s listed buildings alongside the wider conservation and regeneration work currently being carried out in the Central Govan area.
    For more see :


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    As the festive season fast approaches our youth projects are working hard towards their pantomime performance of Peter Pan.  The Kidz Club will be performing and the Create Crew are designing and creating the stage set and costumes.  The big event is Friday 12th December at 7pm in the Pearce Institute.  Watch this space for ticket info.
  62. Feevents Fabulous Friday

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    Great time had by all at Feevents fantastic gig last Friday at The Portal.
    The Create Crew, families and friends were treated to a brilliant line up
    of talented young people, including two of our “Clydeside Story” performers,
    Andrew and Aeryn. Congratulations to them on their first ever singing gig
    and thanks to Fee McKenzie for all her organisation.

    Fee Aeryn Andrew pic 050914

    Fee event crowd 050914

  63. Create Crew meet Sir Chris Hoy!

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    Our Brilliant Create Crew had a day to remember on Monday 28th July when they went filming at Pacific Quay as part of their ‘BBC Lab’ training project. Not only did they learn some interview and film making techniques, they got to meet and interview the lovely Sir Chris Hoy. Happy days!

  64. Clydeside Story Premier Screening!

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    Since the summer of 2013 volunteer film crew Redstone TV have been filming the Clydeside Story groups through their trials and tribulations as they learn new skills and discover new talent as they work towards their one big night. This film ‘Clydeside Story’ will have it’s premier screening at the opening night of the BBC at the Quay pop-up festival, part of the Commonwealth Games celebrations. Reserve your tickets by emailing

    Where: BBC Scotland, Pacific Quay

    When: 5:30 – 8pm on Friday 18th July 2014

    Contact: Moya Crowley, Plantation Productions: 0141 445 1666

  65. Clydeside Story – the final chapter?

    1 Comment

    It’s over a week since the curtain went down on the final performance of Clydeside Story, but we’re all still buzzing from the feedback from the show. All of the children and young people put their heart and souls into making it a day to remember, despite it being just a wee bit chilly in the big shed! CONGRATULATIONS to every one of you – you should be very, very proud of yourselves!

    Moya, Jayne and everyone at Plantation would like to say THE BIGGEST THANK YOU to all the partners, staff and crew who made the day possible – and of course to the wonderful, supportive audience who came along on the day.

    With so much going on across the 3 stages and screens we realise that some of you may have missed some of the action, but not to worry – we have been filming the “Making Of Clydeside Story” and the final performance, which will be available later in the year after the premiere screening at the BBC Neighbours Night., as part of the Commonwealth Festival, on 18th July. Watch this space for further details.

  66. It WILL be Alright on the Night (Clydeside Story)

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    We’d like to say a big huge thanks to all the Crew who have done a magic job transforming a big, dusty, industrial shed into a funky multimedia stage for Clydeside Story tomorrow. It’s looking and sounding amazing, and after a preview of rehearsals we CAN’T WAIT to see the full performances from the children and young people from The Portal, SWAMP, Arden, Bright Night International and Vivace Theatre School. Everyone has worked so hard on this show, with each group bringing their own chapter of the ‘Clydeside Story’ to life through dance, drama, film, music, circus skills and physical theatre.

    The stage is set, now all we need is YOU – see you there!

    Performances – 2pm & 6pm (45 mins approx)
    Thursday 3rd April 2014
    The Govan Shed, 23 Clydebrae Street, Glasgow G51 2AJ.

  67. Clydeside Story – 10 days to go!


    Have you checked out the promo film for Clydeside Story yet?… Take a sneak preview of what we’ve got lined up for the show, then spread the word!
    Let’s do the kids proud and fill that big shed.

    Clydeside Story Promo Film

    Thursday 3rd April – 2pm and 6pm
    The Govan Shed, 23 Clydebrae Street, Glasgow G51 2AJ.

  68. Clydeside Story: let the countdown commence!

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    There’s a real buzz in the air this week, as months of planning and rehearsals on the CLYDESIDE STORY project comes into focus for the exciting multimedia performance taking place at the Harland and Wolff Shed on THURSDAY 3rd APRIL 2014.

    Using dance, drama, music, animation, circus and physical theatre, over 100 young people from across the South West will come together to show us their side of life on the Clyde. It’s gonna be AMAZING so make sure you head for The Shed on 3rd April.

    Performance times – 2pm and 6pm
    The Govan Shed – 23 Clydebrae Street (next to Riverside Hall), Govan G51 2AJ
    Free Entry – Tickets available on the door.

  69. Happy New Kidz Clubs – Sign up now!

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    Happy New Year everybody. Great things are planned for the Portal Kidz Club in 2014, so if your child would like to be involved, please don’t miss our Club Registration Night this Friday, 17th January, from 4-6pm at The Portal (978 Govan Road G513AJ).

    The Portal Kidz Club is a fun and creative club aimed at 5-11 year olds. From mid-January the sessions will be twice a week on a Wednesday (4-6pm) AND a Friday (4-6pm). Due to high demand for places, each child will be entitled to a place at one OR other of the groups.

    (For the first 8 weeks), we will be teaching guitar lessons at the Wednesday sessions, and drama lessons at the Friday sessions, all working towards our Clydeside Story performance event in April.

    The Clubs are free to attend and we anticipate the places will go quickly. Please arrive sharp for Registration between 4-6pm on Friday 17th January, to avoid disappointment.

    We look forward to seeing you then. :))

  70. Create Crew at “Cashback” publication launch

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    Earlier this month, Beth, Lauren and Chanelle travelled to Edinburgh to represent the Create Crew kids at the launch of the book – “Cashback – Making Crime Pay”.

    Sixteen projects from across Scotland contributed to the book, including our very own “Create Crew” which shows how the “Cashback” initiative takes money from criminals using the Proceeds of Crime Act and invests it back into communities.

    The book was formally launched at Craigmillar Library in Edinburgh by the Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Kenny MacAskill MSP. The event brought to life the pages of the book, showcasing some of the incredible projects that are giving a host of opportunities to young people and reducing anti-social behaviour as a result.

    Well done kids – you done us proud!

  71. Getting Creative for Clydeside Story

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    Fantastic night with Kidz Club and Create Crew both showcasing their hard work from the past 6 weeks with Drama Tutor, Vickie Brown from Vivace Theatre school. Great performances of some well known fairytales from the Kidz Club, while Create Crew excelled themselves with 2 short plays they’ve written about a modern day history of Govan. Keep up the good work guys and get your dancing shoes on for next week’s session!




  72. Halloween Unders Music Night

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    halloween portal poster copy

    Time to dust off the spooky glad rags again and get yourself along to the Halloween Party of the Year at Plantation Productions. Feevents has organised another brilliant ‘Unders Music Night’ with a Halloween twist on Friday 1st November (6.30-9pm) at The Portal. 6 brilliantly talented artists, fancy dress competition and party games… Be afraid, be very afraid … this party may contain nuts!

  73. Kidz Club gearing up for “Clydeside Story”

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    Our busy Friday Kidz Club is going from strength to strength with the brilliant Drama Workshops from Vickie from Versace Theatre School. The group are coming up with some great ideas and working hard towards “Clydeside Story”. Keep up the good work guys!

  74. Rapper Loki connects with Drop In

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    Great session at the Connect Zone Drop In last night when the Club were visited by Scottish rapper, Loki.
    After an amazing performance set, Loki did a Q&A with the group. Looking forward to the next 2 weeks when he’ll be running song writing workshops, mentoring the group to write and perform some great rap songs of their own. Who knows, some of them may appear in “Clydeside Story”. If you want to get involved, it’s 6-8pm, Thursday evenings, at The Portal.

  75. Create Crew meets Bright Night

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    SONY DSCAs our “Clydeside Story” Project gathers pace, our Create Crew had their first taste of Beatboxing and Hip Hop dance on Monday night. Bright Night International invited us to SWG3 Studio Warehouse for some fantastic workshops followed by an amazing performance of a live beatboxing and hiphop dance duet. We discovered some natural dancers in our wee group and Megan shone in hear beatboxing debut with big Taj. Thanks guys!

  76. WOT A DAY Screening

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    We were delighted to have the long awaited screening of “WOT A DAY” on Monday the 23rd of September. Written, Acted, Directed, by a group of young people through Quarriers Opt In Project, from three different school, Lourdes Secondary, Ross Hall Academy and Bellahouston Academy.

    The ten minute film tackles the often overlooked problem of Transition. Moving from Primary School up to High School. It follows a young girl as she lives through her first day of high school, realizing all her fears. However, the story takes a twist, when the girl gets the chance to “REWIND” the day, and live it the way she wants. Sad Lucy Happy Lucy

    Headed up by Colin Simpson, the Opt In team have worked with young people in this area for many years, and recognize the use of film as part of the overall learning package.

    Deciding to have the young people themselves who have had their own difficulties, to make the film allowed for a real look at the issues, whist giving the young people themselves a chance to deal with their own issues, make new friends, learn some new skills and hopefully have fun at the same time.

    Plantation has always been delighted to be part of Quarries Opt In Project’s ongoing work.



  77. Back To School ‘Unders’ Musical Showcase

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    Summer school holidays may be over, but there’s plenty
    to look forward to at Plantation Productions’ Youth Projects.

    We’re kicking off our ‘Back to School’ season with a fantastic
    Under 18s Musical Showcase this Friday (30th August).

    Bring your pals and join us at The Portal from 6.30-9pm.
    There’ll be cool music performed by local young musicians,
    a bit of banter and free drinks and nibbles.

    Poster 1

  78. Week 4 Creative Summer Camp

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    Creative Summer Camp is going like a train … week 4 was a blast as the group interviewed and filmed each other, sang, danced, acted, explored wildlife in the ParkSONY DSC









    SONY DSC and created some beautiful artwork. There was hardly any time to eat all the delicious crispy cakes we made! Yum Yum.

  79. Creative Summer Camp Week 3

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    It’s hard to believe we’re more than half way through Creative Summer Camp already … time flies when you’re having fun … and there’s certainly been a lot of fun in week 3. Maria’s guitar lessons have identified some fantastic natural talent which resulted in a jamming session. Lots of time was spent outdoors in the park, enjoying the warm weather and some stars emerged in the Drama session and funny face competition!SONY DSC



















  80. Week 2 Creative Summer Camp

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    Creative Summer Camp goes from strength to strength. From Drama to set building, film making, painting, yoga … and lots of monkeying around in the Park. The pictures speak for themselves!SONY DSC



    DC's customised car... don't try this at home!

    DC’s customised car… don’t try this at home!


    Singing lessons.

    Singing lessons.

    DC monkeying around, as usual!

    DC monkeying around, as usual!

    Fun in the Park.

    Fun in the Park.

    Model of 'Clydeside Story' set is looking great.

    Model of ‘Clydeside Story’ set is looking great.


    Artist at work!

    Artist at work!

    Monday morning film-making.

    Monday morning film-making.

  81. Creative Summer Camp Week 1

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    A busy first week of Creative Summer Camp is nearly over and everyone has had a ball.   The group have been singing, dancing, acting, filming, designing sets .. and even fitted in a Boxercise class.  Great trip to Riverside Museum today and looking forward to ‘Stage Combat’ workshop on Friday.  Bring it on!





  82. Creative Summer Camp for 11 to 16 year olds

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    Summer Camp poster

    Calling all 11-16 YEAR OLDS!! Be sure to sign up for our Creative Summer Camp, running at Elder Park Library the first three weeks of July! (Monday – Friday, 10.30am – 3.30pm)

    Activities include Drama, Filmmaking, Dance, Music, Arts, Set Building, Performance and a Big Day Out to round it all off.


  83. Planting at Plantation

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    Was lovely to see the kids getting in to a wee bit of gardening with Tam – WE LOVE OUR NEW PLANTER – and going by the comments from passers by, so do all the folk on Howat Street.. Thanks to all the guys on the Men’s Den project and to Galgael for use of their workshop.


    The final product