iPads and Strawberry Tarts?

Seniors + Intergen

Week 7 of learning how to use IPads for our seniors group looked more like a scene from the Great British Bake Off as they tucked into a platter of strawberry tarts for Roberts birthday!  The mood was buoyant, so it was a great opportunity to have a creative session, brainstorming ideas for a music video to accompany the groups self-penned song, “the Govan Town Rag”.

Their creative ideas were flowing just as quick as the cups of tea with enough great suggestions for the music videos, this group really know their stuff!  Looking at the history of Govan through the power of google opens up access to a plethora of images and historical detail on the area which fits perfectly with the song.  Everyone is looking forward to the next stage where they will be learning how to put together the various elements of a music video using, of course, the ipads.


By Bethany Miller

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