Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week

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In honour of Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week as a part of Mental Health Awareness Month, we wanted to reach out to the mothers of our Youth Groups’ kids (as well as any other mums who might be stopping by).

We wanted to say that we recognise what an extraordinary job you are doing through this difficult time, even on the days when you don’t have the energy to do everything as perfectly or even as averagely as you wish you could. We know how much strain you are under to keep things ‘normal’ and safe-feeling for everyone else, and how easy it is to forget your own needs in that. We hope that you have people who you find it safe and easy to talk to about how you are feeling when you are facing struggles. Nobody should feel like they have to face them alone. Don’t forget that organisations like the Samaritans were set up so that everybody would have someone safe to talk to.

We have heard from some mums that the Action for Happiness calendar is a great tool for finding small manageable moments for happier and kinder days, even with a busy schedule, so we have attached the May calendar below. The theme for this month is ‘Meaningful May’ – why not try it for the month and see if you reap any benefits? We’ve included a few other links below incase they are useful to you.

Stay safe & be kind (to yourself!)


My Mum’s Sari by Scottish poet and mother Bashabi Fraser

I love my mother’s sari on the washing line
Flapping like a giant flag, which I pretend is mine.

I love its silky softness when it’s folded to a square
Which I can roll into a ball and pretend it isn’t there.

I love to hold its free bit that swings over mum’s back
And wrap it round my shoulders, like a potato in a sack.

I love the pleats that fall in shape and spread out like a fan
Where my kid brother crouches and says ‘catch me if you can.’

I love to wash my dirty hands at the kitchen sink
And wipe them on mum’s sari before she can even blink.

But when she takes her anchal and ties it round her waist
I know it’s time for battle and a quick escape is best!



(Click the picture for a bigger version that you can download)


Govan Ward Mutual Aid group on Facebook
Scottish Women’s Aid
Action For Happiness
Maternal Mental Health Scotland
Perinatal Mental Health in the time of COVID-19

We will be sharing more resources and content for Mental Health Awareness month later in the month, so keep your eyes peeled.

By Lorna Spada

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