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The seniors group internet adventure continues, this week travelling the world using google maps.  We looked at satellite images of where we are now then expanding it to destinations further afield like Liverpool and India.  After zooming into street view, we used google to calculate the distance to travel using a variety on methods including how far it would be to walk it!

Always an important thing to know when in Scotland is, “what will the weather be like today?” so our intrepid seniors used the BBC weather app to plan their activities for the week ahead.

Introducing the google app to the groups was a real eye opener for them and some time was spent finding out about things they had always wanted to now but, didn’t know how to go about it.  There was a real “wow” moment when they realised that literally anything, they wanted to know about was “online” and accessible at the touch of a button well, several buttons!

After refuelling on tea and biscuits, they looked for images of hobbies or things that interested them.  The group were then tasked with searching for specific images relating to a song that the group had previously written called “The Govan Town Rag”  which is about the diverse Govan community e.g. kids playing, the people who live here, what they do, what the area is like.  One of the group found a picture of herself as a young child at primary school, you can imagine her delight!

There is no stopping them now, roll on next week…..

By Bethany Miller

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