Seniors – iPad

Seniors + Intergen

Plantation Productions senior group are only on week 5 of learning how to use Ipads for everyday things and we are struggling to keep up with them!

After recapping on what they learnt last week, this week they picked up the pace and learned how to take photos, make an album and how to move photos to different locations.  They’ve learnt some tricks too like spotlight search and using photo booth which is a photograph filter app.

The room fell silent at points due to the intense concentration of the group only to be interjected by the tutors instructions and some members egging each other on by saying “have you done that yet, I’m onto this bit”,  all meant in good faith!

Not forgetting a friend who has off through illness for a few weeks, the group wrote a heartfelt message on a flipchart board and took a photograph to send their best wishes all using their ipads.


Cant wait to see what they do next week

By Bethany Miller

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