Well Said is Cookin Now!

Skills + Training

So… update on the Well said project. This Tuesday the group formed a cast and crew for two productions. The first was the incredibly talented Govan based actor Andrew McIntosh with his gripping portrayal of Mick from Harold Pinter’s “The Caretaker”. Not only did Andy perform the piece with a certain playful menace, the group took the production roles of Camera Operating, Directing, and Sound Recording.

Then we moved onto Gino and his Cooking on a budget show where he showed us how to make three different kinds of omelettes. Gino’s larger than life and engaging personality provided a comic tone to this show, showing us how to cook delicious meals on a low budget. The crew again, switching roles took to their given tasks like industry professions, and as a treat… got to tuck into Gino’s delicious cooking.

Well done guys. DC

By DC Barclay

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